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  1. Hey, I don't understand why people, especially women, don't like me. I mean I keep well groomed and upkeep with m hygiene, and I treat everyone I meet kindly and with respect, like I'd want them to treat me. Yet I have few friends, especially women friends. I just don't understand. I am coming off of crystal meth, and have felt very depressed for the past month. I want to off myself so I won't have to live a shitty life. Does anyone know the best way that I could **** myself? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I just want to say that I have been depressed for 7 years. I am 29. I have never had a meaningful relationship or sex and I don't understand why. I am crying as I write this. Women usually just treat me like I don't even exist, and a lot of the time treat me like garbage or manipulate me. I have felt lonely since I was 19, and I feel like I never will be able to have a sexual connection with women in the future. For 10 years I have wondered why I have lots of male friends, and even lots of close ones, and not even one relationship. I feel so lonely, hopeless and depressed. I can't wait to commit suicide, and not have to suffer living this horrible life that I have lived for 10 years. Even drugs and alcohol don't help the pain in the long run. I just want to point a fully-loaded 45-caliber handgun at my head and pull the trigger, like I probably should have done long before this. **** my life.
  3. Lately I have been very depressed. Never had a girlfriend or sex and it really disappoints me. My own family doesn't love me. I always seem to fail at university in my courses. My plan is to get some opiates or barbiturates and swallow them with alcohol. Sorry if this sounds depressing.
  4. Hey, 27 year old male here. I've been having severe anxiety over the past several weeks. I've been going to several different doctors. None will prescribe me anything, either antidepressants or benzos. I can't get sleep at night because of the anxiety and am very uncomfortable when leaving my house. I've been contemplating suicide every day for these last few weeks, and planning to **** myself with barbiturates and alcohol. I don't know why they won't even prescribe me a sedating antidepressant like mirtazapine. I am feeling pretty p***** off with doctors right now. Any advice?
  5. Hey there, I can't seem to get a date. I've asked around 50 women out, and no one wants to go out with me, not even for a coffee. I have pretty good hygiene and am a pretty interesting guy. I don't come on too strong either, as far as I know. I have a pretty lean body. I am fairly attractive, though not a model. I have a decent amount of friends, and several hobbies. I am pretty ambitious, and plan to be a web developer or programmer on day. Any tips on how I could do better with women. Sometimes, I feel suicidal mostly because I feel lonely. I also suffer from depression. I have barbiturates and alcohol, but do not know if I will **** myself or not yet.
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