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  1. SR is sustained release and XL is extended release. XL releases slower and longer.
  2. I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR 2 weeks ago. I think my anxiety has gotten worse as well as (possibly) my mood. It got so bad I saw my Psych a week early. I'm now going to start Prozac 20mg on top of the Wellbutrin. My psych suggested just sticking to one pill at a time, but I don't want to give up on Wellbutrin yet. I've read some people go through a ****ty honeymoon with Wellbutrin then it evens out after a month or so. Is that at all true? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Also, my new psych told me today if this doesn't work he is open to using MAOIs! Glad to know I have options.
  3. I'm so ****ing sick of this . I'm not getting any better. I feel ridiculously tired, cloudy, etc. I feel anxious and anger. None of these bulls*** medications help. SSRIs and total placebo sugar pill garbage. I did nothing wrong but this won't stop. I'm so tired of not having any recourse that actually helps at all. I don't want to die but I can't keep living like this,
  4. Hi! I'm been struggling with depression for around 3 years (I'm 16). I was originally treated as just having depression. I was perscribed Zoloft and eventually Effexor to no avail. My aunt is Bi Polar type 1 with psychosis and everything. I've never had that. For me, I'm either depressed or depressed and angry (especially in the morning). My doctor insists that my anger necessitates Tegretol (mood stabilizer) because my bouts of anger are mood swings. Part of me really thinks my anger is just that, anger. I get frustrated because of my depression. I don't ever really get a "high" or even increased energy. And if I ever do, it certainly doesn't last more than a couple hours. I'm not sure if I'm getting anything from taking Tegretol (it might be giving me less epsisodes of anger, but I don't know). I'm going to ask my doc about lamotrigine, because I heard it's better for the depressive side of Bi Polar. The anger usually doesn't last more than an hour or two, then I go back to just feeling fatigued and depressed. I find myself feeling better at night usually. I don't know if that means anything. I was just recently perscribed Vyvanse for ADHD and at the low dose of 30mg, it lifts my mood. I don't get euphoric, I just feel more mellow as opposed to depressed. That only lasted for the first couple days of taking it though. I'm assuming if I actually am Bi Polar, I'm type 2. I'm not asking for a diagnosis on the internet, however, has/was anyone else in the state of uncertainty and doubt I'm in about actually being Bi Polar?
  5. Could constant cravings for simple carbs be connected to anhedonia in some way? I'm not as well versed on the brain as some other people on this site, but I've read dopamine problems could have an effect with binge eating.
  6. I strongly suspect my anhedonia came upon because of stress/anxiety. I've tried many medications to no avail ( Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Tegretol,). Ive spent a lot of time researching about different medications and neurotransmitters (specifically dopamine). After reading through a lot of the no 1 anhedonia thread here I'm thinking my best bet is to try and do things I used to enjoy and stop obsessing about meds and neurotransmitters. Right now I'm on 400mg of tegretol and I've been on vyvanse 30mg for 5 days. I manipulated my psych into giving me a stimulant because I wanted to try it for my depression (was given it for concentration). Now I realize vyvanse could just make the problem worse in the long term. So, tomorrow I might stop all the meds and just start taking omega 3 fish oil and St. John's wort. It will be a struggle for me just to force myself to do things I once enjoyed and not obsess and worry. if anyone knows, am I right to be fearful of vyvanse? Will it hurt my dopamine in the long term?
  7. I've been depressed for about 3 years. I've tried many different medications. Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Effexor, and Strattera. My biggest problem has been anhedonia. I've been researching and trying different medications for awhile now hoping one would do the trick. I'm currently on 400mg of Tegretol (been on that for about 4 months as well as 30mg of Vyvanse (been on that for about 5 days). I haven't been officially diagnosed with ADHD, I wanted to try a stimulant (though I do have concentration problems). I had a bit of an epiphany and realized I'm probably never going to get anywhere waiting for a magic pill. I'm probably going anhedonic for awhile. I have to learn to accept that and find ways to cope and just try and be content. Eventually, if I actually try, maybe I'll get out of this numbness. I'm really hesitant to stop my medication though. Does anyone know if taking Vyvanse at that low of a dose for an extended period of time is neurotoxic to dopamine receptors? I suspect I'm already dopamine deficent because of my social anxiety, hunger, fatigue, and numbness.
  8. Third week on Strattera 40mg and I feel nothing different, good or bad. I was prescribed Strattera for depression not ADD, but I have bad concentration problems.
  9. For a breif moment, I felt an overwhelming desire to socialize and I felt okay. Then it went back to anxiety. It was like I was manic.
  10. I don't know if everyone gets this, but when I consume caffeine I get really bad anxiety and irritably. Anyone relate?
  11. I suppose I should mention I felt AMAZING when I abused my friend's Vyvanse. Even at relatively low doses I would feel great. I only did it once a week or so; maybe it would've stopped if I took it consistently. I've decided to stop abusing stuff btw.
  12. I've been on that combo for a good 5-6 weeks. I was on Zoloft for about a year, Seroquel for about a month, Effexor for about 6 weeks, and I took Gabapemtin as needed on the side. I felt nothing from any of it except possible mood swings from Effexor and I felt good on Gabapentin but that's because I abused it by taking any where from 1200-3000mg at a time (was prescribed 300).
  13. While not being a diagnosis on its own, some doctors will mark people with MDD under a subset called Atypical Depression. This is when you: Overeat instead of not eating enough sleep too much instead of too little are very sensitive socially and afraid of being judged have some moments of enjoyment instead of never enjoying anything Aytypical Depression may be better treated with MAOIs than SSRIs.
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