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  1. Sophy

    Therapists: Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) or Social Worker (LSW)?

    Yeah, where I live there's often waiting lists of 3 to 6 months to even get an appt with a therapist for the first time. It sucks.
  2. Sophy

    Therapists: Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) or Social Worker (LSW)?

    Yeah, if you can find a place where they're all integrated in one place that's great - go for it! I just meant if you can't find a place like that, still go and get good care, just in different places.
  3. Sophy

    Therapists: Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) or Social Worker (LSW)?

    My 3 peeps are all in totally separate places but they all know and like and respect each other. I don't think they really swap notes/ info about me or anything tho, other than maybe diagnosis?
  4. Sophy

    Therapists: Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) or Social Worker (LSW)?

    I agree that this could be the case, but wanted to share that my experience of this has been reeeeally different My pdoc is the city's pdoc for: heroin addicts, meth addicts, homeless people, people with HIV and similar situations that other doctors find "too difficult". He is AMAZING. He's literally one of the best people I've ever met in my life - and I mean him as a human being, not as a pdoc. He's incredibly dedicated and a total inspiration. And he's got an incredible sense of humour. He actually LOVES having a few clients like me, that aren't homeless, addicted, in a DV situation, in jail, etc. He really needs a few patients that aren't worst-case-scenario type patients, just to kinda help keep him sane/ optimistic. Same goes for my social worker. She works mainly with people who have acute psychosis and who need major daily "care" to get through life. She too is sooooo grateful to have a few clients that she can talk to about things in a normal, adult way and who are "only" struggling with relatively minor crap. At the moment she's helping me sort out some disability claim stuff and helping me organise the paperwork so I can enrol in uni again. Sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn't be using up her time/ the resources of this outreach place, but usually I only see her a few times per year, so I'm taking up hardly any time/ resources. For 2019 we've agreed to do monthly appointments, to really get a lot of my paperwork sorted out, once and for all. For her too, having clients who struggle with "less awful stuff" is a godsend and gives her a breather and helps her stay dedicated and motivated with her more difficult clients. So that's *their* perspective. And mine is: I love these 2 people. They work with such intensely challenging clients, and they both have a heart of gold. They're both so dedicated and inspirational. Also, because I know they've both "seen it all" I feel much more comfortable sharing my crap with them and don't feel so stupid for struggling with basic life stuff, that I feel I shouldn't be struggling with. If I struggle with stuff they go "Hey Sophy, you're not homeless and you're not an addict - YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD!!!" It's kinda a good change in perspective, that yeah... I'm not homeless, I'm not an addict... You know what? Things aren't as shit as they sometimes feel/ seem... ((hug))
  5. Sophy

    Therapists: Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) or Social Worker (LSW)?

    Well, because I'm a special little snowflake, I have all 3: a pdoc, a talk therapist and a social worker. My pdoc obviously does meds, but also all the "Oy I'm a doctor so listen to what I say" stuff, if I need his help with things like disability claims, or whatever. As a pdoc, he has the clout that makes others shut up and listen, so I want/ need him on my team. Then I have my talk therapist, who's kinda "theoretical". That's good and bad. It sucks for the more "practical/ pragmatic/ down-to-earth" stuff, but I still really need him for thinking things through on an intellectual level, to see where I'm getting stuck in my thinking or to analyse stuff. And then there's my social worker who has a heart of gold and helps me with literally anything that I get my daft brain tied up in knots with. She even accompanies me to scary appointments, if I really need her to. She's got that wonderful down-to-earth "what help do you need?" thing. But, I also don't discuss the philosophical/ theoretical/ analytical stuff with her, the way I do with my T. My insurance covers my pdoc and my T. My social worker is from a community outreach kinda thing, which is funded through other sources and hence "free" for me to use.
  6. Sophy

    Today II

    Yah. Having friends who care sucks sometimes
  7. Sophy

    Today II

    Hmm, if Cymbalta is actually working for you, I'd really, really stick to it and pay the $90. Not having a med/ having meds that work poorly could impede your ability to function well at work in a way that is much, much bigger than $90 per month. I've searched high and low over the years to find meds that help, and when I've finally found one, I do not change it, unless there's suuuuper compelling reasons to do so. Just my 2 c...
  8. Sophy

    Today II

    Hey I will reply in detail later, but just a quick note on the "legal subjects" stuff... So two things I can think of, off the top of my head are: How does the American legal system work (from an outsider's perspective) cos it's obviously not the same as all other legal systems world-wide. So kinda a brief intro to "what is the American legal system" (if that makes sense). Torts. In non-common-law countries, there's no such thing as torts. And it's such a weird concept to get your head around. XXX
  9. Sophy

    Today II

    That is wonderful news. I know you're still struggling with stuff, but it's so good to see you headed in a good direction. Wonderful news about the apartment! So glad. So, so glad you're doing okay-ish and so much better than 6 or 12 months ago. Lots of love xxx
  10. Sophy

    Today II

    How you doing?
  11. Sophy

    Today II

    Well f*ck. And now those 2 posts above made me cry. You're a heart-breakingly good person @gandolfication Love you (hug) Gonna see if I can buy the book that foreword is from.
  12. Sophy

    Today II

    Hey there ((((((hug))))))) Shit, I just scared the living daylights out of myself when I saw the old thread "closed for further replies". I won't say what I thought was the reason, but let's just say my adrenaline is still racing 10 minutes later and f*ck I'm relieved that wasn't the reason. Holy f*ck. A million hugs (((hug)))
  13. Sophy

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    How you feeling today, River? While it's good to keep pushing yourself if it's just the usual "nerves", if you truly think the job is a bad fit and it's causing you grief, then there is no point ruining your health for it. Try and give yourself some time to work out which it is.
  14. Sophy

    Return to Zoloft?

    Hi Mark, Dunno if I've understood it entirely correctly, but here's my 2 cents, in case they help: Seeing as you decreased your Zoloft dose (to zero) by yourself, I think it's "okay" for you to increase it again by yourself too. What I would do however, to keep whoever is dealing with your meds informed, is let them know that you "tried reducing your Zoloft dose, but it seems not to have have the desired effect, so you're increasing it again". That's how I'd approach it, myself. Make sure you increase very slowly, and be aware that sometimes "going back" to an anti-depressant med doesn't work properly... Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't... So that's something to keep an eye out for... I don't really know why that is, but I've heard it several times...
  15. Sophy

    Who to see?

    I have found that by going to local self-help groups and mental health advisory places, you can get really good tips on which Dr's are excellent and which ones are best to be avoided. That helps take the hit-and-miss out of the equation a bit. The difference between a wonderful and a crap pdoc is huge, so that research is worth the effort, IMO.