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  1. Failed to **** myself again because I'm a naive *****. Today I'll just leave my phone behind.
  2. Why do I always let myself fall for such bulls***
  3. Only my cat will care when I'm dead.
  4. I've been in this state of needing urgent help for so long. There's nobody to talk to, nowhere to go. I can call some hotline but what are they gonna do? They can't fix my life over the phone. I can't enjoy things I used to use to dissociate anymore. I don't even know how or why I'm here writing this. My whole existence is a scream. And it goes into the void and nobody can hear it and those who can see it in the sky pretend like it's not there.
  5. @KidSurvivor2011 no you shouldn't shut up, you should let it out, you should scream, maybe one day they will hear us
  6. daww ; v : Thank you so mcuh @Dolphin2013 <3
  7. I took a shower and even washed my hair for my birthday even though I hate my birthday.
  8. Oh my, I have to admit, I haven't gotten through the whole post at first. I agree with @Bubblehead Is it the !!!!!! in movies taking toll on your relashionship, or is it your reaction to it? (Still, this topic has nothing to do with depression.)
  9. All this depends on the way they present the !!!!!!... but more importantly. That's what's making you depressed? I'm sorry, but I'm very triggered to see the word thrown around on this forum of all places. Don't watch. There you go! Depression fixed!!
  10. @Wisteria thank you! You're the first person to mention me since I came back here recently, I was starting to wonder if I'm a ghost I'm sorry you're alone too. This is new for me... I guess it appeared in the absence of everything else.. and also just kind of, day by day, year by year, I come to realize even deeper just how stranded this illness is making me. Again, ridiculous. @Nisemono That is hilarious, please do it. The world will be a better place. Also, Also. Guys. Do we not give the like/approval points anymore? The button was gone when I came back, and I'm missing the quick way to nod people like, I like the way you're thinking:3 I'd thought it was my phone.
  11. Hi! You're in the right place for sure. Everyone on here is so supportive. I'm sorry about your situation... I can relate... big hugs xoxo
  12. So I just went into the articles section and the most recent one reads in a huge bold font: "Depression is a common mental illness that can easily be treated" Excuse me, EASILY TREATABLE? Finding depression easily treatable, anybody? Because if I'm missing something..... There was no comment or reply section. The rest of the article isn't particularily bad. I'm concerned when I see things like this though, because let's say someone's family member has depression and they're trying to find some information on it for the first time... They come here, and the first article up on depression says in a 50p font that it is easily treatable. In my experience and I'm sure, many people's on here, it is incredibly difficult just to get people to CONSIDER depression as a real issue. I get what this person was trying to say (encourage people to seek help), but the word "easy" is a word I would never use in any context associated with depression. Simply, nothing about depression is easy. Please, please, don't reinforce people's ignorance. They will see and hear those articles, lines, words that fit their dismissive attitude, and ignore the rest.
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