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  1. I have terrible anxiety and depression and it keeps getting worse as I grow up. I enjoy solitude so much it's insane I'm majoring in marketing in a business school that can't be any more social than that! People often mistake me for an extrovert, I just know how to talk to people but that's because life is about survival of the fittest, you gotta do what you gotta do, I just know how to play my cards right. But regardless at the end of every day of my life, I can't wait to get home asap and just be in the comfort of my own space and mind. I avoid relationships like no other because nobody will ever understand me. If anyone ever falls for me or likes me... I end up avoiding them like the plague... even if I might possibly like them back... why? Because I'm an INTJ. I told myself this semester I'm going to change and give people a chance... try to open myself up more... so that's what I'm doing and I'm very impressed at how far I've been able to put myself out there... but now I'm breaking and wanting to run. How do I tell this extrovert person who has a crush on me that I need space, that I might not be the person who he thinks I am, and that his attempts to constantly want to hang out with me make me dread life more and more every day while at the same time flatter me. What do I do? How do people handle this? Is anyone as psychotic as me? Am I alone? I don't want to hurt him? Why can't we just be friends? Or how can I make him understand that if he wants anything to do with me he'll have to be okay with me acting like humans don't exist for weeks at a time and then do for a little while until they don't again?
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