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    cheshire_chick reacted to Natasha1 in No one wants my pain.   
    You are wanted here either way. So worthy. People just dont know what to do with us when we are pulled into our cyclone. Others may be in their own. 
    You are loved and valued by many here.
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    cheshire_chick reacted to samadhiSheol in No one wants my pain.   
    We hear you. We care. We will listen to it all and accept you as you are. I know I will.

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    cheshire_chick reacted to Tux in Don't You (Forget about me)   
    @cheshire_chick It is scary and quite upsetting actually. I have seen this psychologist for years, so I am finding it almost like a grieving process. I do believe that if something ever goes very wrong again, there's help out there.
    DBT would take up a year, which will include a safety net. If you get the chance, go for it. It's upsetting, scary and sometimes quite useless. But it is also very good. You will take from it what you need. I ended up doing a lot of soul searching and that was pretty helpful.
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    cheshire_chick reacted to CricketBoots in Note to Self: Live   
    Thank you for the thought words and inspiration you have spoken.
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