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  1. I'll have to strongly disagree with you on this one Jaiho. Since the end of August to beginning of september, my anhedonia has had such a great reduction to the point where my emotions are practically fully intact and the only noticeable thing now is the sexual anhedonia. If you look back at my old posts, I was in a similar situation as you all. I think going back to school and having my mind stimulated, and having a positive outlook has contributed to this. I stopped taking medications and supplements long ago, which in general did nothing for me.
  2. How're you doing with your anhedonia?
  3. @AMonsterCalls My story is so much like yours! Back toward the end of August I had drug induced psychosis due to some bad garden shrub and I was put on Risperdal in the hospital. I too man not sure whether the risperdal or the psychotic episode gave me the anhedonia but I've had it ever since and it's gotten slightly worse over the months in terms of libido and enjoying music. I'm currently on Prozac which is doing nothing and have been on wellbutrin which did nothing as well. I'm also currently on abilify. I hope that for both our sakes this anhedonia isn't permanent.
  4. @Alex Dolgov Wow man, it's great to hear that you're seeing some improvement so early into the program! Even though it may be a coincidence. I'd love to hear about how you're doing in a few weeks time since I know the program is like 15 weeks or something. Also has your anhedonia affected your sleep? For me feeling tired isn't the same as it used to be. And i haven't been able to take naps, its like slight insomnia.
  5. Has anyone tried the anhedonia support website? I did run into someone who is giving it a try(If you're that person seeing this please reply!). It apparently uses exercises based off of nueroplasticity to heal you. Reply if you have heard about this or have given it a try.
  6. I've had it for about 6 months. I've already tried wellbutrin and soon I'll try prozac
  7. How's your anhedonia now?

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      im pretty sure he did iboga

  8. So I got anhedonia from risperdal which i was put on after a drug induced psychosis and am currently on wellbutrin(which is not working). I keep reading everywhere that ssri's have given people anhedonia/made it worse. My psychiatrist may prescribe this for me next week and I'm scared. Should I just opt not to take it?
  9. sorry, im just doing this to get into the chat r
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