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  1. I'm doing ketamine treatment right now. Which bt the way is working. Well I only did one infusion. But I plan to do multiple. After that I plan to go fasting. Anyone had experience with this?
  2. I'm doing ketamine treatment right now. Which bt the way is working. Well I only did one infusion. But I plan to do multiple. After that I plan to go fasting. Anyone had experience with this?
  3. I Had two sessions last week after about a two week break. We are currently working on an all new protocol specialized for my brain. With these two new sessions I believe I have had 19 in total so far and have definetly starting to see some real results. The first few sessions were slow but now my brain is really starting to get better. For the first time in about a year I was able to cry to the songs I used to listen to and feel them connecting to me on a soul level. Tapping into emotions has become much easier. However I feel a normal healthy person always has emotions as part of his everyday life. I plan to do a few more sessions. Maybe three but will then stop because it is getting too expensive. Which is a big con about neuro feedback unfortunately. Another thing that has helped me was bpc 157 a healing peptide. I highly recommend you guys look into this for healing. I'm trying to buy ketamine as well right now to see what all the hype is about. But from my experience so far if a person has tried a bunch of things and is in a chronic state I would define try look into neuro feedback for training the brain. My advice is to try to avoid surface and go for full cap. Make sure your provide news what they are doing since this is a long complicated expensive route to go in. Good luck.
  4. Finished another week. The therapy ws definetly beneficial to some extent. My phsycAL sysmtops are still there but my visual cortex, mood and hippocampal regions show a lot of inprovement. I feel the inprovement. Unfortunately I can't the ell if it did too much for the physical sysmtoms. I think it may have done something because I feel some improvement but I still have a lot to work on. I will continue working on it but am taking a break for 2 weekes. When I start again I will be looking into doing it only twice a week with a specialized protocol. Until then I will be taking mitazapine and possibly attend a ketamine clinic to see if it can do anything for me. I will also be looking into acupuncture as well. So far I would recommend neuro feedback for anyone who has the money and who can find a good practitioner who does full cap neuro feedback. It's gonna take a lot of time and a lot of money. So far I only had 17 sessions and am still not fully recovered since I'm in a very chronic position. So if you do chose to go this route be sure to go to someone who knows what they are doing and try to are void surface training. Surface training can also be effective but I know patients who had to go to over 300 sessions to fully recover. It is simply not as powerful. Neuro feedback in general is a very long term process and at this point still very expensive. I still can't say that this is a cure all but it does help. I'll keep you guys in touch as I go through future sessions. Let me know if you have any questions. And please let me know if you have valuable information you can tell me. Don't give up. Peace.
  5. I'm guessing you had depression much longer. Did you feel something like shut off in you brain? That's what I felt. This is a scary illness.
  6. I have only had it for like 3 years. And I already feel the negative effects on my heart. You guys know anyway to help the physical syptoms of this illness?
  7. I've had it for 1 or 2 years now. How bought you?
  8. Also anyone used garlic? I heard it works as an maoi..
  9. I also plan to start microdosing psylocibin as well. An d possibly go on an maoi.
  10. Finished another week. This time around we have been using a much stronger protocol. And I defiently noticed some benefits to mood. And am experience more intervals of emotion again but still feel anhedonia most of the time. Anotherthing that I noticed was my visual cortex has been improved as well as my vision believe it or not. So There does seem to be potential in this but it is a very slow expensive process. Now that we are using a more powerful protocol I hope to see even more results quicker. I start today and have 4 sessions this week. I'll continue to keep you guys posted.
  11. Finished three sessions this week. Am definetly noticing improvements to mood but the other symptoms are not quite going away yet. My emotions are still blunted but I do experience intervals of sadness. Unfortunately, I feel like this might be a long process but I'll keep you guys updated. I do still have some faith in this stuff though. I know that my feedback provider is seeing several opiate addicts there who have shown improvment. I also finally got some lsd. So I'll be micro dosing that stuff as well. Will let you know what my progress is for next week.
  12. Second day was last friday. Which isn't ideal because my first day was Wednesday and it should be done on consecutive days. However my second session was 5 minutes longer and I definently noticed a mood uplift afterwords. But this is all still the begining. I have 3 consecutive sessions next week that should last longer and be more powerful. My neuro feedback says that it creep up on you eventually. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Just had my first session today. I think I felt something. Maybe a slight mood lift. But nothing drastic yet. It could have been placebo. The guy said that it may take a couple sessions. I go again tomorrow so hopefully their will start to be some improvment.
  14. Since this drug is not out on the market yet and seems to be our best hope so far in defeating this illness, lets have a place where we can discuss everything about this drug. So far what I know about this drug: It is a white powder with a very bitter taste. Takes around a month to be effective. So far I hear of no side effects although brain tumor and brain cancer seem to be a big concern for others. What I'm curious about is if this drug is able to relieve the physical parts of depression as well. Such as blocked chakras. Please write down anything else you may know about the drug or if you have any questions someone can answer. Peace.
  15. Anyone had experience with this? I'm about to go into this therapy soon but wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this stuff. It seems to be a very powerful tool. I even heard people with autism were able to fund treatment with this stuff. Unfortunately not many people know about it and it's very expensive. But I think if you suffering with ahnedonea it could be worth it. I'm also looking into psylocibin and nsi 189. I'll let you guys know how all this stuff goes. Don't lose hope, we can beat this. Take care.
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