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  1. If your ONLY mental condition is a very mild case of OCD in the form of perfectionism which is a non-issue in most cases but can be an annoyance "occasionally", would starting Paxil and then later (say after 3-4 months) getting off it make you go through the withdrawal symptoms frequently talked about? If you had none of those withdrawal symptoms prior to starting Paxil, will they be "created" during the withdrawal period?
  2. Ahh that's a loaded question. Short answer would be, she will cause a lot of damage. She will snap out of it when it’s all said and done. I just can’t go through the destruction. That’s one scenario, the other would be…yes she might **** herself, if not intentionally, then unintentionally. Ask me how I know. She's raging and looking for a release, as far as i can tell. Doing what she's demanding is the only release she sees right now. Another release would be taking the pills, of course. But she doesn’t want to do that because that will calm her down and that in turn will - i'm guessing – cause her to feel guilty and manipulated because she didn’t have it her way but now can’t do anything about it because the med will be suppressing her anger. She is trying to get me to do what she wants as she feels I am always controlling her. The thing is, I do let her do things her way, but a lot of times it would end up in disaster and I come in to fix things. She wants me to just leave it broken because fixing it is being controlling. When it is something that will not have a major impact on our lives, I let it slide. But something major like calling the doctor when she couldn’t get out of bed or barely respond because of taking medicine she wasn’t supposed to…well, naturally, I got to put my foot down. The part that I think ive figured out is that this is her way of gaining control. She wants me to yield to her demands as doing so will prove to her that she does have control of her life. If the demand was something reasonable, I understand. But it’s usually something almost impossible and irrational
  3. Appreciate your input. I can see what you're saying working on someone who is "normal" and just acting up. This case however makes it different because something that would work on someone that's normal, would not work on her. It will actually have the opposite affect.
  4. She was prescribed Zoloft on her first visit to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist prescribed her Zoloft and asked her to go back in a week. She never went back, it's been 7 months. Zoloft cleared her thoughts and made her act normal – she didn’t see why she had to go back. So she hasn't been properly diagnosed. When she's not on Zoloft she becomes EXTEREMLY irrational, full of rage, runs away from home for days at the slightest disagreement, impossible to have a serious conversation with (doesn’t accept any criticism, no matter how it is framed). She would become violent – picking up sharp objects and threaten to **** herself, screaming at the top of her lungs – in the middle of a discussion. Every single time there is any disagreement, the first thing she does is pack her things and leave the house (the above being between the packing and the exit), then i have to go search for her a day or two later, sometimes longer. Zoloft took all that away and made her much more calm and rational and pleasant. Everything is nice and calm while she is on it. But she has gotten off two times so far because she "wanted things to get done" or "she wants something to happen". From what i can understand, she feels if she is not happy with something and wants something she wants to happen, she needs to be in that crazy state in order for it to happen. She feels Zolft holds her back. When she gets off, it becomes completely impossible to rationalize with her because she becomes this raging bull that is scary to be around. You can see her sizzling with utter rage. It's easy to spot that she is off because she becomes extremely irritable from the moment she wakes up; looking for a fight and if you keep your distance and not give her any excuse, the rage would just keep on building. Any comment to or attempt to comfort is considered an excuse to explode. If you must speak, you should pretend like you don’t notice anything wrong and it should be about something very far from what’s going on with her. But of course, she will eventually find an excuse by making an unreasonable demand, if she doesn’t get it, all hell breaks loose and it becomes dangerous. She has an extreme case of social anxiety, and therefore has absolutely no social skills. She cannot get the simplest things done on her own when it comes to having to deal with people. To give you an example, she can't peruse a job by herself. I will have to set up the job by talking to the hiring person, sending in her resume, credentials, and sort out the interview part. All she has to do now is show up for work. Even at the supermarket, she will stand in the corner of the deli forever until someone approaches her and offers help...she basically can't say "excuse me, Can i get..." At home, she is a raging bull, but outside, around other people, she is a hamster – quiet and very soft spoken Now I’m away on business, we talk on the phone. She got mad at me on my recent visit so when i got back, she got off Zoloft. She is now in EXTREME rage and wants me to do something unreasonable and is threatening to do all sorts of things if i don't do it. I can't talk with her on the phone for even a minute because every time i open my mouth, she will either scream really hard until the neighbors come or she will shout a lot of things and hang up. I literally cannot get a word in. Tried listening to her, being comforting, loving...nothing i do works. It's like trying to rationalize in an empty locked room with someone who is deaf and blind and with a machete, hell bent on chickening you. From my expereince, doing what she is demanding will get her back on her meds. My question is, how can i get her to take Zoloft without having to succumb to her demands. Mind you, i am not with her so i can only operate from distance. Friends, family is not an option since we are far from home and neither of those are available. Not much of those back home anyway. Also profession help is not an option because of where we are. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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