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  1. norac13

    Torn and scared

    I went back on it with the pills I had and called in a refill. I actually have been feeling a little better since. I realize it may be all in my mind. Still.have the Dr appt on the 27th. I just couldn't take feeling like I was going crazy anymore.
  2. norac13

    Torn and scared

    I did make a Dr appointment. Unfortunately they can't see me until the 27th . not sure what to do between now and then.
  3. norac13

    Torn and scared

    I have been on paxil for 12 years (20mg). Has always worked for me fine except I did have weight gain with it. About a month and a half ago I made the decision to take myself off of it. Didn't think I needed it and thought it may help in the weight loss. The Withdrawal symptoms have literally made me cry, scream, I never sleep anymore, and I have major anxiety and panic attacks. I still have pills left and after being up all night again tonight I thought, forget it. I will just go back on it. Now I do have to say I stopped cold turkey after taking it for 12 years. Not a good idea I see now. I am so torn on what to do. I really feel I can not make it through these symptoms much longer. I feel like a crazy zombie. Do I just go back on and leave it alone or not. I can't keep going through this. This last month has been literal hell and I can't even stand myself much anymore.