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  1. I find people that think "they got it all figured out" a bit off putting. Especially when they look down on others who are struggling. Clearly if you don't understand why some people struggle to function "normally" then you have almost nothing figured out. I really appreciate this forum and all its struggle, love, and insight.
  2. Someone concerned enough with whether or not the neighbor's kids are wearing shoes that they have to mention it has their own set of problems. To your other point...ignorance is bliss. I've always wondered if being smart makes people a high risk for disorders. Certainly the way you're viewed by your peers as a child can have an impact. I've never researched the connection, but I believe that if I had my personality traits without my intelligence, I'd be in prison or dead. I can't imagine what life would be if I had the smarts without the issues. I had the highest test scores my entire life, but social anxiety and college campus didn't work out. Personally I'd make a sport out of annoying that neighbor once I heard something like that. ?
  3. Marching Bands of Manhattan "Sorrow drips into your heart through a pin hole, Just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound, but while you debate half empty and half full, it slowly rises, your love is gonna drown." Death Cab for Cutie
  4. Reflective Just found out the origin of a song I've always loved and now it's multiplied its power. "Hear You Me"
  5. 59°F with a light rain...the harshest days of winter here.
  6. It happens all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I like songs because I relate, or if I assimilate to songs I like. Like which came first, Third Eye Blind songs being about me, or me being about Third Eye Blind?
  7. Panic attacks suck. I had my first one a few years ago. I just laid down on the floor at work like "Well...this is where I die." Now it's clear that someday I will die while telling myself it's just a panic attack.
  8. I'm definitely going to follow this. I don't know any science behind it, but I feel like I know exactly what you're talking about. For me it's like I can feel a hole in my brain sometimes.
  9. @hocico The anger is already there. The song makes me feel liberated from the anger in a way.
  10. I always end up finding people more attractive after I get to know them. Also, some people can't pick up signals whether they are subtle or not so much. In my case, with my own issues, if I found someone attractive, I couldn't believe they would be attracted to me. I just figured they were being friendly. Good luck!
  11. "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit does something to me. I don't know if it's goosebumps or not.
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