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  1. @ncc amen dude. Mila was made for me too. Just how the hell will she ever realize it? I need her lips on mine and to hear her say my name
  2. every time I look at Mila it just feels so wrong that we don't know each other. Just our kiss alone would move mountains. Somebody's gotta believe me!
  3. @NCC If you take out Reina and add Mila, I could have written your last post myself. Do you feel connected to her? I know I am connected to my sweet Mila.
  4. @urivgirl84 Doesn't writing that love note make you feel a little better? I just want you to know that the chance that your CO is reading this is completely 50/50. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope with everything in me that he sees your note. There's nothing wrong with doing that here.
  5. Hey everyone. I am just a random person here. My CO is Mila Kunis. I love her so much. I'm spending my new years eve alone at a bar cuz my girlfriend intentionally made plans without me so she can get her "space". After everything I've done to fix this! I should watch Mila tonight! What difference does it make? Nothing I do is good enough. I'm kinda drunk so I had it in me to look at the Jupiter ascending facebook page. GOOD GOD. Where is my romance in space with you baby? I would give everything I have and the clothes off my back to be noticed by her. Can somebody please PM me a picture of my sweet Jackie? My 32nd birthday was yesterday and it would be such a great present. Only her though! I dont even want to so much as see someone's hand! I will want to rip it off! Someone please PM me a picture of Jackie, my mental high school sweetheart. PLEASE.
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