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  1. thisismylife77

    What did you drink last?

  2. thisismylife77

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    Stayed in bed until about noon. Cleaned the house a bit. Went out and ate a burger for dinner with a friend. I’m now on my 3rd movie for the day. Maybe 4th..
  3. thisismylife77

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    @Steveab63 Me too. It's not a fun way to exist. @Extremebeginner Yeah you are right. I really do care. A lot. I need to figure out how to balance it out. I need to figure out how not to care about trivial things and how to not make the big things some worse than they really are.
  4. thisismylife77

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    @Epictetus Thanks for your post. I really liked what you said about self worth being something that you cannot lose. I wish I thought of it that way.
  5. thisismylife77

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    @Floor2017 That's some good advice
  6. thisismylife77

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    I am definitely a people pleaser. Learning to say "no" more often would be great. And I'm realizing it does not make me selfish to say "no". I am allowed to say no. @sober4life It seriously is a prison. I don't know how I became this person that cares so much about what everyone thinks about me. I need to give zero effs. Let's both not give an eff. @Atra This though. I'm a people pleaser and I care too much about what other people think. Some day I feel like I won't have enough care left for myself. It is good to care, but like you said, not more than caring for yourself.
  7. thisismylife77

    I am doing so much better

    It seems like you're doing really well! I'm glad you were able to overcome the difficulties of the year before and find what really works for you. Good luck with your job searching! I hope you have the job you want by February
  8. thisismylife77

    I need to stop giving an Eff

    I think my goal for the new year will be to not give an eff. If I really think about it, a lot of my issues have to do with caring too much. I care too much of what my family, friends, coworkers, the customer service person, the waiter, thinks about me. I change how I act and what I say depending on what I think they will think of me. Who really cares? I need to just be myself and not give an eff. The more I think about others thinking about me, the more anxious I feel. I obsess about it and it gets so bad I feel sick to my stomach. If I keep the mantra "don't give an eff don't give an eff don't give an eff" going through my head I feel better. If someone thinks I'm stupid or awkward or ugly or terrible at kickboxing, oh well. I just need to be the real me and not give an eff. Maybe everyone would be happier if they didn't give an eff. I wonder how long I can go trying to not giving an eff..
  9. thisismylife77

    Making myself known here

    Welcome to DF! I hope you can find what you need here. I'm sorry you suffer from depression, anxiety, and epilepsy. That certainly can't be easy. People on this forum really do try to help so I hope it helps you out. I look forward to seeing more posts from you...
  10. thisismylife77

    ejc's "What are you watching right now?" Thread, Part 2

    I just finished binge watching the first season of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon prime. Good stuff!
  11. thisismylife77

    feeling hopless

    I just read one of your other posts..what do you think about changing doctors?
  12. thisismylife77

    feeling hopless

    It's actually very common for people with depression to have messy houses and rooms. Our surroundings end up looking like how we feel inside. It's ok. It's going to make you feel worse, but having a messy house is not something you can really control at the moment and it's something you have to learn to accept at your current state. I'm sure your withdrawals aren't helping anything and make you feel pretty awful. Maybe have a true discussion with your doctor about it? I know the withdrawals can't be fun, but maybe it's necessary? Or perhaps you need to take something else instead? Defintely do inpatient somewhere you trust. You have to do what's good for you.
  13. thisismylife77

    The "what would you like to be doing" thread

    Playing board or card games. I like playing games.
  14. thisismylife77

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

  15. thisismylife77

    Loss of intrest

    Fake it* (not sure why I can't edit right now, but it's bothering me)