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  1. I have been in many homeless shelters--some good and some bad. It is true--it is a hard deal to get a job,make some money and try to turn your life around. I am an older,disabled female but I did it with the help of the people in the shelters and my own grit. My family wants nothing to do with me anymore. I was able to get on SSI and Medicaid and that helped a lot. My home was my shelter, I didn't like it but it was better than nothing. There is help out there.Call Social Services or a hospital in your area--they might be able to help you. Keep trying.
  2. Yes, there is free or reduced cost meds and counseling,esp. if you apply for SSI and/or Medicaid. You can download an app.online to apply.In Texas there is a Mental Health Mental Retardation Association that is available,or check with your state's Mental health services. Quick,before the new president gets his hands in things. Hope this helps---I have been where you are at.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I did not know it was for arthritis and musculoskeletal pain too. I will look it up and read more--thanks for the info.
  4. Hope that you have a Happy New Year as well!!
  5. You sound so uncannily like my 32 y.o. daughter. She is currently trying to slowly drink and drug herself to death. I know that she had a very hard,sad life growing up--with a drinking,depressed,absent mother and a verbally,emotionally abusive father,who also was a totally emotionally unavailable father and husband. She has told me she feels so totally alone and abandoned.She says that she believes in God and angels,but feels like they have abandoned her too. I don't know what to say to her anymore--to prove to her that she is loved and worthy esp.in God's eyes. She is on Paxil,but says that she does not have enough money to go to another dr. She defeats herself before she even tries. Unfortunately,her father has totally brainwashed her to his negative ways of thinking and she believes him. I have done nothing but try to understand her and love and support her,and pray for her. What to do except hug her and tell her I love her--I have quit drinking,smoking and being absent many years ago to prove this to her. I know what it feels like to be in a room full of people and still feel so lonely. You are not alone.
  6. My pdoc told me that Cymbalta is a great antidepressant and is effective for pain relief too. Yes, it is for neuropathy, diabetic pain, not for musculoskeletal arthritic pain like I have. He knows that I have a very compromised liver from drinking , he knows what my pain is all about,yet still recommends it!! I can't believe it. People definitely need to educate themselves about any drug they are on--not rely just on their Drs. I also appreciate the administrators on this forum for keeping up on these things and educating us. Thank you.
  7. My experience with Latuda 120mgs at bedtime, is weight gain,high BP,high chol,high trig, and yes sedation.My pdoc had me on Seroquel 300 at bedtime.That worked fine for the bedtime drowsiness,but upped wt,trig,chol,bp. He said that Latuda would not make me gain wt. but it did. Not much of an improvement. What were your experiences?
  8. yankeelady1952

    My Story

    Sometimes I feel like that too.Just brief minutes,sometimes seconds of positivity. What is Tiapneptine? Never heard of it. I can't seem to shake it off this blueness. It helps so much to be able to talk to other people who understand this pervasive melancholy. I believe in God,and that is what gets me through too.
  9. Been a member since a few weeks ago.

  10. Well, I have learned over my many years of  painful experience, that what others think,say, or do concerning myself is SO unimportant.The only thing that really matters is what I,and my higher power think of me. I like myself today and that feels good. It takes lots of practice and positive self talk to come to this point, but it is worth it.

    1. womanofthelight


      I am mourning the loss of my brother and friend, who turned away from me without explanation -- as I've seen him do to others all of his life.  I've always thought, and still do, that unless you're my family, my friend or signing my paycheck, I don't[ have to care what you think of me.  The loss of a loved one, however, doesn't seem to have much to do with how I feel about myself.  I'm glad you've reached a place of peace.

    2. yankeelady1952


      `I am sorry that you are mourning the  loss of your relationship with your brother. I know that it hurts in the beginning,but as I said for me--noone and nothing is more important to me than  the relationship that I have with myself  and my higher power whom I choose to call God.  These, two beings I know I can rely on, and loving them will always make me happy.

  11. Chris, Sorry to hear the Paxil is not working that well for you. Maybe more time is needed. Meds work differently on people--so individualized. Maybe try the klonopin--it does work for anxiety,and stays in your system a longer time. Give the meds sometime--I did, and they eventually worked. Keep on trying, and the best of luck to you.
  12. Yes, the Biotene does work, for the dry mouth. I have used it. Yes, I am still on Paxil--lower dose though--20 mgs. Working for me now,so I will stay on it. Depression still haunts me though at times. I have to work very hard keeping busy to not slip into a very sad mood. I am glad that Paxil is working for you. I used to take Effexor and Prozac--did nothing for me. I also take Trazodone at bedtime when needed--it makes you drowsy.
  13. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems with Paxil. I also had the dry, cotton mouth side effect,and constipation. It took a good month for nausea to go away,but the dry mouth etc. lasted forever. It worked fine though,for the anxiety and mood.
  14. Chris, Sorry to hear of your problems with Paxil. I know that it takes time(for me at least1 mon) for the med to kick in fully. It's hard for me to stay on it, because I get so much nausea. So my Doc said to lower my dose to 20mgs a day. I wil try that. Good luck.
  15. Hi ciliback, Yes, I am a real yankee--born in Conn.,lived there for 25 yrs.,then moved to Texas in '77 and have been here ever since.I still consider myself a yankee at heart! Always will be. Thanks for asking. Some depression from being a transplanted yankee too--I miss New England so much.
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