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  1. What's wrong with me?

    Take your time to think better, put your mind in blank and thing what you need to do, with calm, thats the best way, calm.
  2. What World is This?

    Hi, couldnt read the whole message, just some parts. I know how bad a person can be, and its a day-day thing to carry on, hope you find a way to feel ok and this forum maybe can give you some support, try to do what you can, maybe some online chatrooms.
  3. Confused

    Just 1 thing, take your time to be off from tasks, but if you have the stress of have your parents pushing you its hard, maybe you can talk this with them, you need a time off, time for yourself, reclude yourself could be very helpful, tell them that your therapist told you need a time off from tasks...
  4. Depressed? Obsessed?

    Try to dont over think this too much. Theres not much to do, find intersts... and... keep living. Try to find online sites to talk with people and... good luck.
  5. I can't even bring myself to practice basic hygiene

    Dont like to spread much thins information, and i was thinkng making a topic about this too, about how depression affect you at the basic habits-tasks, like self cleaning, eating, sleeping, Im a mess with this 3. With shower its hard, sometimes im just really low to even have the energy to move to take a shower, im talking about have to move your arms to clean up, move your hands to wash the hair, thats how low i am, dont have the energy in the arms to do it. Some time ago, and still now, i started using shower like therapy, hot water to relax the muscles, its really really good and helped me a really lot. Sometimes i just take a bath to warm my muscles, had to turn more power to cause im so much time in the shower than i need more hot water. Sometimes i finish just half cleaning up, its too much work, this sounds bizarre, but really take me energy. Advices ? Dont have any. I have just 1 general advice for life and things in general: if you have to do it, do it, as you can. Good luck with this.
  6. I am gonna die alone

    Yes... Lonelines is really hard, and meet new people can be very hard too...
  7. good luck with all of that,, sorry cant tell you more than that, just want you to give you some feedback. i read a bit what you wrote. I always say the same, try to relax and really rest your mind,, dont know whats stressing you, and i read that "you barely understand it", maybe would be good take some therapy sessions, if you can affort it, find support here in forums and online sites is a good idea, but sometimes is hard to find the people to talk about the things, and people with the time, or the knowledge, with a therapist you know you are going to really treat what you are having. And, talk with your husband, if you have someone to talk, try it. As i said, try to rest well is really important, try to dont much many things in your mind. Well, good luck.
  8. Hello; introducing myself

    Hi, i truely under what you are talking. I used (and Iam) to Really need people to talk, to talk closely, real talks, you know, talk about the problems, but not all people undertands this, and when you dont have people to talk and you are needing it its a really stress and head pain. Dont know what to tell you, do what you can, try to dont loose your mind due to this things, good luck.
  9. What do you follow?

    I follow any, just knowledge about things, at least to me now life is just life, i follow life.
  10. why

    " I hate feeling anything at all. " I think i see one thing i want you saying. Its like you are not workinf for yoo. You have to do things that you enjoy and feel gratitude. Maybe you need time for yourself. And base your life in you, and not in other people. Try to star to do things just for yourself.
  11. Hello everyone

    Hi and good luck, things can really get out of control, you have to find a way to have things under even if your situation is heavily stressing, if you know you are with bad days try to planify things your mind, give an effort to complete your tasks, and give you time to feel bad, dont go out, the time you need to relax, maybe this sounds bit robotic, but works for me, its like "ok, from monday to friday I have all this to do, so saturday im not going to do any, im just going to relax and dont do another thing else than that", works a lot. Dont let the bad thoughts get into you, you are doing what you can, as you can, do what you can, as you can.
  12. Need help

    Therapy could be good (don know if counseling its like the same), find a way to... whatever you need to do to feel ok again. Sometimes when im down, i try to stay down, but not so much to like let myself go to nowhere,, i mean, like you said with food, try to eat better good could be good, when someone is down can think "im going to eat whatever i find", the same "down state of mind" makes you dont control your choices, but you have to realize that you are feeling bad, and you can make bad choices, so, you have to think your decisions even though you are feeling bad. And, about food, junk food doesnt help at all (at least for me), eat good food (vegetables, fruit) helps a lot to get out of the down mood, an advice. Sometimes "trying to feel ok" is good to feel ok and get out of the down mood.
  13. Mental Illness robbed me of everything

    I have the same issues, other people have this too, we are not the majority, this kind of mind problems is something that you dont expect, but you finished having them,,, only way, try to find a bit ok, and try to do the best you can,, take a time, try to feel ok, and take good choices. good luck.
  14. I feel like my whole life has been wasted

    I know its hard, but you have to look to the past and see what you have to do now, in your present and for your future, new life, as you can. good luck.
  15. Ditching The Therapist

    "I do not feel like my Co-Dependency is getting addressed" Try to tell him this, say that you dont feel any progress, and you want to treat that, specifically. And "how to quit a therapist ?", dont know "this is not working for me, im going to stop to come, dont make me an appoint for the next session", simple.