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  1. I still don't see the "eww" factor. He liked the gifts, so why is it a problem?
  2. What's wrong with sending a gift or two? I don't understand why this would be something to be ashamed about, unless a gift was somehow inappropriate.
  3. @anxiousE, It sounds like the girl poisoned the guys against you, (especially the guy she is involved with). They all talk to each other, so they are probably influenced by all the gossip. Who knows what they were saying about you? A lot of it may be just made up stuff, and nothing to do with what you actually did. That's the problem when people all know each other in a group. If one person becomes an 'enemy', chances are that the other members will also become hostile because of the gossip they hear. Whatever she told him, he believes her, and he takes her word over yours, (because she's his girlfriend). It's too bad that this has to happen. Why can't people just be mature and love everybody and not take sides? Sigh.
  4. @anxiousE, Actually, if you're both adults, then a ten year age difference is nothing, lol! 😄 I've noticed my CO only reacts to the comments he happens to see, which tend to be the first ones. So if you want your CO to react, you've got to jump in there and be one of the first. 😄 I don't think he's ignoring you. He just doesn't see any but the first few comments, or if he happens to see some comments when he logs in. I tend to NOT comment on my CO's page because I know that I will worry if he doesn't 'like' my comment.
  5. Why can't you find another fan group? I don't see why you should have to "give him up" just because people are saying nasty things on a website. It sounds like there are jealous people there who don't want him to be involved in a relationship, so they make nasty comments about his girlfriends and significant others. If you're mature enough to see through the nastiness and not like it, then good for you. It's all just jealousy, imo.
  6. The CO issue is a separate thing from the friend problems. I thought you were talking about the CO, and I wondered why you would be surprised that someone would have CO problems since that's what this thread is about. I'm sick too, so maybe I misunderstood what you said. I hope you don't feel like you have to go away from the board just because I wanted some clarification on what you said.
  7. @ Starbucksjunkee , Hello....this is the CO forum. We all have celebrity obsessions to some degree or another and admit it. That's the whole point of this group. "CO" stands for "Celebrity Obsession" so what is the point you're trying to make? That someone has a celebrity obsession, lol? 😄 I think we are all pretty much in the same boat, right?
  8. Hi anxiousE, Sorry you're feeling anxious. I know how that feels, since it takes one to know one. Since this IS the 'celebrity obsession' thread, you might not get the response you need about your online friends here. Since you asked for advice and input, I'll give you my two cents. I don't know the details of your situation, but I would advise you to either try reaching out to the message board people and try to 'make up' with them, or give up and move on. Do one or the other, but don't have one foot in and one foot out because that will drive you crazy. Pick a path and choose your action. Befriend them again or walk away. How is lurking on their social media helping you? Doing that will only prolong your grief and anxiety. It sounds like your 'enemies' influenced the main person against you behind your back, so he stopped speaking to you too. If you cannot somehow change their attitude toward you with your side of the story, then I think it's time to move on and find a new group or focus. If you don't mind answering a personal question, was he just a friend or something more? Feel free to stop by and talk more about your CO if you need support in that area of your life. I don't think you're a "terrible person" for being relieved that your CO and his girlfriend broke up. (I would feel relieved too if my CO suddenly became free and single, although I would be dreading him meeting someone else, which would happen soon because he is very attractive to women.) As for your feelings, the actions you do are what count. You can have all your feelings and then take the right actions in spite of your feelings. In this case, the best action to take would be NOT to let your CO know how you feel about him breaking up with his girlfriend. Hope you feel better about this soon. try not to worry because new friends will come along. But in order for that to happen, you need to let go of the old ones, if you can't reconcile. Sometimes friends just leave your life, and it doesn't mean you're bad. Just hang in there and you'll find new friends.
  9. @Varga, I think it's really wonderful that you have turned to some of the older celebrities. I love the classic, older movies and music as well, so I know who all those people are that you're talking about. Could it be the era you're into, as well as just the specific personalities? There's really nothing wrong with that, and I personally feel that the talent from those days is by far better than most of the so-called "talent" we see today. When you found out those things about Marlene Dietrich, I think what you experienced was disillusionment because you admire her. Isn't it awful when someone you like has clay feet? it's happened to me a lot, so I understand how that feels.
  10. I agree with the posters who say that the real life person is not the same person you fantasize about. The fantasy in your mind is an idealized, parallel world version of him who is a good man. He's the person you're in love with. You're not bad for loving this "highest" version of him. It's important to separate them and distinguish the man you love from the real life person in this world. The only way to overcome this is to realize that the person you love doesn't exist, at least not in this world. You said you had other COs that didn't last as long. This proves that you can be attracted to other people. Why not focus on cultivating other attractions? Also, have you considered real life dating? (Just don't date a rapper, lol! 😄 )
  11. @Varga, It's nice of you to want to help somebody, especially if you don't like him personally. I guess whether to help him depends on what the consequences for YOU would be. Would helping him make him a better person? Would he latch onto you out of gratitude and you'd have trouble shaking him off? Could he start stalking you, lol? Just because he is obsessed with a CO now, that doesn't mean he couldn't change obsessions and start obsessing on you because you may be the only person who wants to help him, (if he's so awful, lol!) It might be better to just inform his ex, (since you and she already seem to know each other), about the CO issue, and how common it is, etc. On the other hand, maybe she was just being insulting because she is jealous of her ex's obsession with his CO. Maybe that's one reason they broke up, so naturally she would have a bad attitude about COs. That has nothing to do with you personally, but an issue in their (former) relationship. If she was wasted, she was probably just revealing her negativity about his CO problem, and forgetting that she was indirectly insulting you too. But it really has nothing to do with you at all. My advice is to stay away from creepy people, unless you have the skills to really be able to help them. If you are a therapist, or a social worker type, then maybe helping him (and maybe her too) would be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are just somebody (without the skills) who means well, it might be better not to involve yourself with a creepy guy because he might start latching onto you (stalking you). Unfortunately, when you are dealing with a "terrible" person, you don't know how he might be capable of ruining your life in the future, so maybe it's better to steer clear of him, but keep him in your prayers, (if you pray, and if you don't you can always just send good energy and thoughts his way). If you can find a way to help him that won't hurt YOU in the long run, then go for it. Maybe direct him (and her too) to this forum, but just keep in mind that if they become regulars here, they might cause trouble for all of us, lol! 😄
  12. Thank you for this excellent advice. Maybe you actually saved my life by saying this because I may think of this in the future when I am feeling like ending it all. Maybe if I can remember to find one thing to be thankful for, especially to find one thing every day, it might be just enough to keep me going. With your screen name, I thought you were addicted to coffee. 🙂
  13. In my case, my CO isn't that huge a celebrity and he might actually look at comments. But I think you're right that in most cases, the most one would have to worry about is militant fans, lol! Even then, I am sure they have worse things to be up in arms about. Starbucksjunkee's comments don't sound that bad to me. Still, if it would make Starbucks feel better, it might be a good idea to delete the comments.
  14. Are you worried that your CO saw your comments? Even if he did, it's probably not a big deal to him. He sees comments from hundreds of people every day, and even if he found some of your comments offensive, in his mind you're just one of many, many commentators he reads. I doubt that he would remember your name unless you're posting all over the internet about him and you have a real prominent web presence. Not only that, but if you delete your comments, he will forget all about it. If he ever met you in person, I don't think he would know that YOU are the same person who posted on YouTube, (if you don't tell him, lol!) That said, I made a few comments on YouTube and wondered if my CO ever saw them. It was embarrassing because I made comments about how cute he was, and stuff like that. Since he seems to be really sensitive about women having feelings toward him, I decided it would be better not to leave those particular comments there. I realized he might actually look at his videos (and read the comments) on YouTube, especially after he posted one of his YouTube videos on his own Facebook page. Yikes! I logged into my YouTube account and deleted all of my comments that I wouldn't want him to see. I don't worry about it now. Even if he saw them, I am sure it's not a big deal in his mind. (He's probably annoyed enough with me anyway, so I probably can't make it that much worse with my silly YouTube comments.)
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