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  1. Good luck with the Melatonin. I tried that before for insomnia in the past and had to stop. The dreams I started having were full color, head on, in your face, and weird. I woke up several times literally scared to death because I was dreaming about some seriously messed up stuff. It didn't happen at the start of taking it. Started after a while and progressed.
  2. This appears to be an issue without a lot of research. I found an article on PubMed that you can start with. That site is typically good for finding things you might not find on other medical sites. Take a look at the following: *https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16788327/* Just remove the * so the link works.
  3. Absolutely. Yesterday was 14,556 steps, 6.1 miles. Including workout. Aren't these activity tracking watches fun.
  4. Went climbing Saturday and did some walking. Sunday was a short cardio burst followed by some stretching. Definetely needed the stretch. Pulled my left shoulder/arm climbing. Old injury that won't go away fired back up. It would appear that I can do push ups until I'm blue in the face, but pullups not so much. Will be back to using KT tape before climbing and Advil...
  5. Trump will go after PA and GA as they hold the win for Biden. AZ and NV are nice to have, but the other 2 he needs 1 win and Trump needs both. That will be in legal circles. I'm hoping state court settles it quick after a recount and the supreme court says no way, not touching it... No need for cameras in the future. They had them in the ballot counting area in all the major cities at minimum. Along with a dem and rep person involved in every questionable ballot. So it's all recorded. Most states had live feeds so you can see for yourself. The big cities all got covered on the news. They already knew this would be a pissing contest before it ever started. Given Covid issues no one is going to mandate in person voting. Not to mention there are many people who for other health reasons, military assignments, etc can't go in person. They still have a right to vote.
  6. King Trump, as he believes he is, has no intention of leaving office. Every state that he loses in he is bad mouthing, especially PA. Yapping away mass corruption and blah, blah, blah.... Funny how he had no problem with the voting/ballot system in 2016. I want 1 new law in place immediately after the election is declared. The president, vice-president, congress and senate, are NOT allowed to have Twitter accounts or any other social media account where they talk about the state of the nation in any manner whatsoever, period! You don't run the country via Twitter!
  7. @sober4life : For birds, glass windows are worse than invisible. By reflecting foliage or sky, they look like inviting places to fly into. And because the sheer number of windows is so great, their toll on birds is huge. Up to about 1 billion birds die from window strikes in the U.S. each year... from allaboutbirds.org.
  8. Sadly it has been picking the one you dislike less than the other. Most of their commercials are about how bad the other person is, not how good a job they can do and how they'l do it. Then the debate becomes nothing more than a comedy central roast, all insults, little actual information. Our political system has turned into a complete circus. And we're not alone... Look at many other countries and how their government works.
  9. Our weather is perfect walking weather now. Low-mid 70s during the day. Cooler evenings but not bad. Just throw on a sweatshirt and good to go. We'll walk right into winter. We also don't get snow so it's just a matter of throwing on warmer clothes.
  10. We worked out over the weekend but more walking than anything. Funny how some days you get in a mile or so and think it's a lot and the next day you get five miles and don't think much of it. We had a new cardio routine to try that was fun. Yesterday weights. I hit my highest heart number yet doing clean and press sets with little rest between. Higher than my Hiit training workout. Kind of funny how my body jacks my heart rate doing weights while hers slows down. Today is walk and stretch day. Gentle yoga, no ninja stuff...
  11. OMG, you're a Hallmark girl !!!
  12. It's a takeoff, like a lot of them, from the earlier Last House on the Left movie. That was a sick psycho thiller.
  13. Let me guess. Is that in the BBCseries, Oxymorons and other Morons ??? In all seriousness. I like a lot of their series. They do some really good documentary stuff. And anything with David Attenborough narrating just rocks! Animal and planet series he does has some amazing photography and camera work.
  14. I live with someone who also thinks that's the bomb! I think it is a horrible thing to do to a good cup of coffee...
  15. The caffeine will get you away from your hot chocolate. Not sure about appetite suppression. It's not the best thing for doing that. It'll pump you up a little. If you want something like that to get pumped up then consider a "pre-workout" formula. You can find it at whatever your vitamin store is called over there. Store would be like GNC in the US. First weight loss tool you need is free. Get MyFitnessPal and start logging your food, all of it, especially any snacks between meals. If it goes in your mouth it gets logged. That way you know exactly how many calories you consume. It will also help you setup a diet plan on how many calories per day, with the balance of protein, fat, carbs. If you want to try it and have any questions you can PM me about it. I've used it for years and it works well. Download it to your phone. I know you love your yoga, but, it really isn't good for burning calories. You need weight/resistance training and some cardio. You can find tons of free cardio workouts on youtube. Get some resistance bands, they're cheap. If you want to use some weight but can't afford dumbells then use old milk jugs full of water. Combination of weight training, cardio and your yoga.
  16. Plenty of instruction and videos out there. My favorite by far for bikes is Art's Cyclery. They have a website with all the info and videos and have them posted on Youtube. Also the ParkTool company has really good instruction on their website and youtube. They'll show you how to setup all aspects of a bike and do repairs. Most common are replace; tires, inner tubes, chains, brake pads and adjust brakes and gear shifting. It's not hard, just a bit time consuming for adjusting. Especially on older bikes with lots of wear and tear. Just google those 2 names and you'll find what you need.
  17. The back wheel of my mountain bike spinning. It's making me dizzy... Disassembled the deuralliers and cleaned them all up. Now setting up the shifting. It's a bit off and some gears aren't engaging very clean. So I'm staring at the back wheel while I keep adjusting to get all the gear shifts right. Long overdue for a tuneup.
  18. Yesterday was a walk and climb day. Did a bit over an hour climbing and 11,590 steps walking. We went all through the neighborhood last night looking at the Halloween decorations so we got lots of steps. Today is low intensity cardio day. Some basic steady state workout to get in some calorie burn. We ate too much chocolate last night...
  19. @sober4life - Yeah, it definetely gives you a sore arm. I sometimes feel a little off for a day after. It seems to work. I haven't had a cold in years since I started getting it. So I'm going to keep on doing it. @Nightjar - Interesting. In the US I believe it is recommended for everyone. I never used to get it but my primary doc chewed me out enough times I started doing it just to shut him up. It did cut colds/flu so I have to believe it does help. I don't notice any side effects from it. And yes, we do see fitness in a similar manner.
  20. Good weekend. Got several K steps each day. Went climbing again for a couple of hours Saturday. Weights on Sunday and more walking. Lots of housework chores.
  21. A small house in the country. Single story ranch style with a large garage or barn structure so I can rebuild old cars. Close enough to the city to make commuting reasonable.
  22. Homemade pizza. Fathead pizza dough, low carb sauce, mozarella cheese and pepperoni. Very dense crust, yet thin, heavy on the fat side and good amount of protein with almost carbs. Interesting. We're on a low carb day and wanted to try it. Won't do it that often but was curious. I'd give it a 6 out of 10 rating. We make much better ones with regular dough. The upside is low carb so I got room for bourbon and cider. Yay me.
  23. Weight is something that cycles naturally based on many things. So going up and down several pounds is fine. It's when several becomes several more and so on and you get in trouble. My weight cycles within about 5-10lb window. I'm also a lean build with a good metabolism so it is very manageable. I'm with you sober, holidays is time to eat all the "good stuff". I'm going to try harder this year on the sugars though. Since flipping my diet around some fats are actually less of an issue and carbs more. Getting away from plain sugar helps a lot but sure takes a while to get your body regulated to less of it. Nj, if everyone went with your approach to weight trying to stay within 10lbs or so of "normal" we'd have a lot healthier society. Not sure how bad it is in the UK, but here, obesity is a seriously big problem. I also firmly believe a lot of other health issues people are having stem from that basic issue. Covid has lots of easy targets to attack since their bodies are easy targets. If ever there was a time to literally get off your a$$ and move this would be a good time. Ok, enough soap box... You gals get your flu shots? Especially you sober. Midwest winter is coming. It's an even bigger deal now to do it. Want you guys helathy and sticking around. We're getting ours next week as soon as I finish the last of this steroid regiment.
  24. Weight day. Went well. No real issues. Got in several short walks so picked up about 8K steps too. Good day all in all. Tomorrow is easy workout day but will try and make sure we get in 10K steps. We went indoor climbing Wednesday. First time since March when all hell broke loose... Minimum occupancy, all doors and windows open, AC still running and fans. They're trying to circulate air like crazy. Minimum distance is 10ft, not 6. We went in the morning and there were 2 other couple climbing. We had a whole section to ourselves so didn't encounter anyone. We're adjust work schedule to climb in the mornings or early afternoon. It's a risk but a small risk all things conidered. There are bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere and we are cleaning hands before and after every climb. Masks are worn full time! Boy it is hard to get used to climbing and breathing through the mask. It's that or none so we are adapting.
  25. @Nightjar - Good for you. I make some weird noises stretching too. It goes with the flow, sorta speak. I keep my windows closed though so the neighbors don't hear me... Although I'm in agreement with eff-them if they don't like it. I figure most of those really uptight ones probably need a good stretch and then some to get that stick out and relax.
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