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  1. I'm not obsessed with it but I really do like having a watch that works well with the exercises I do and counts my steps and watches my heart rate. I actually take it off most nights so I don't get the sleep stats and don't really care. This one is also supported by MyFitnessPal so workouts and steps get uploaded. I have to say after using Fitbit and Garmin and Polar I am now a big fan of Polar. Their watch is pretty accurate for heart rate and has some features that fit well with our workout programs. Garmin was nice but the ones we had didn't do well at all with HiiT cardio. Fitbit did pretty decent. The Polar manages the heart rate numbers for all workouts we do and in general. It also has the option to sync with a chest strap for more accuracy. I used to use a Polar fitness watch that worked with a chest strap. No data upload to smartphone or anything. Just good for tracking each workout accurately. You would write down your numbers and track them over time yourself. We've tried 3 different Fitbits, 2 types of Garmins, and never got consistent data from them. Their units require to buy the real expensive ones to get accuracy. Thankfully Polar has accuracy even in the lower end models. Their phone and web apps are nice and took no time to get used to.
  2. We switched over trackers again... a few months back. That's a whole story by itself I think I'll make a post about. So I ran a report for November and pulled the averages for major categories: Daily activity goal in % is 187. Steps is 10,450. Calories burned is 3038. So the numbers are really good but what is more important is I feel good physically and mentally more days than not. So all of this is worth it in my opinion. You keep right on trucking Nj and sober. It helps, even if a little bit, and even if it isn't every day. Good job on going after 10K steps Nj.
  3. I know you were kidding, sorry I forgot to put a smiley on my response. I can well imagine you are beat up after that. Took a long lunch break and went to the climbing gym for a solid hour of hard climbs. Thank God for KT Tape!!! My left bicep tendon up into the shoulder is not a fan of climbing or push presses doing weights...
  4. @sober4life - No we won't yell at you. Just don't want you throwing out your back and being laid up. Snow shoveling is serious work. The back brace just helps support the posture until you get back into it. I agree. It's a good workout. Rotate between left and right handed. Light snow is not bad. The wet stuff, ya gotta be careful. You know the difference. I bet your calorie burn for a few hours of that is through the roof!
  5. That's some serious work there sober! Be careful on your back ok. Wear that brace maybe until you get used to it again. I grew up in the great white north so I know how shoveling goes. I don't miss it at all...
  6. Oh my awesome workout warrior, you say the sweetest things. I hope Santa brings me one of those. I'll wear it proudly! I think you're more than capable of 15K steps without major consequences. You just need to do it in chunks. If I did it in one session I'd get so tight even your full on ninja yoga session wouldn't loosen my hamstrings. I used to hike a fair bit and would knock out a 5-10 mile hike. Haven't done that in years. Ha, ha, almost. Maybe a 5-pack. I'm cutting now since I went back to weight training every 3rd day.
  7. Yes it helps your mental and physical state a LOT. More than many realize. There's only a few of us left in this section. Come on girl, join in with the fun, you'll feel better for it! Just get started, 10 steps, 100, 1,000, you can do it. Let us know how it's going.
  8. Agree 100% on first part. Suffering is part of life, but it can't be the only part. I was given this example a long time ago. You can't have happy without sad. No good without bad. And so on. Those opposites are why each exist. What is happy? Happy is a state that is defined in levels we all choose based on the situation we're viewing. Sad is the same, but opposite. If you don't experience both then neither can exist. You can't be only sad because it means nothing if you don't know what happy is and have experienced it. So when and what made you happy? Maybe we backtrack to things that made us happy. Write it down so you can look at it, stare at it, let it digest. Maybe those are small building blocks to fight against sad? We don't need a perfect balance, we just need to move that balance a little more away from sad. I'm not so sure anymore what my answer to this is. I hear the arguments that you can't throw religion under the bus, or you can't that arrogant you think the universe was built for just us, and so on. I was brought up initially Protestant then Catholic. I gave up on the church and I guess religion as a teenager. I tried again some years back and went to what was labelled non-denominational. It really was a Baptist minister and assistant. Their messages were inconsistent in my mind and I gave up after a year. I've gone back to the Catholic church from time to time but just can't stick with it. I truly don't know anymore what my answer is on this. Yet I'm told we need a balance in life and one of those things is religion.
  9. I'd rather be a "rescue dog" than one of those arrogant "pure breads" you family think they are. Remember when people say that crap. There is nothing more lovable than a mutt. At least when it comes to dogs.
  10. Past few days have felt lazy but then I look at my numbers and realize it's partly mental. Wednesday did lots of walks and some cardio. Got 15K+ step (almost 7 miles). Yesterday between eating and drinking lots we got in 12K steps walking. Today will be more cardio, less walking. We're starting to put up Xmas decorations and lights. So between that we'll get in a quick workout, then stretching later. Definetely need some yoga love!
  11. @Nightjar & @sober4life . Ok kids, lighten up a bit Yes older people still do see beauty and attraction in others. I expect to stop seeing and enjoying women most likely after I stop breathing... Be more flattered and less freaked.
  12. Here is the rub I think... When a person who doesn't suffer from depression tells you to just get over it, think differently, stop whining, or being lazy, etc... They're looking at it from a different perspective and they're not helpful at all. They're just insulting. Like you I suffer from depression. So from one afflicted to another. We do have to do as @Atra says and work on changing the narrative. That work means not being mentally and physically lazy and falling back into the trap of just saying it won't get better so why bother. We have to resist and fight that. That is the work against the easy way out. The lazy self that says let's do nothing cause we aren't getting better anyway. BS!!! It can, but, we have to to start, and work on that narrative. Not seeing the end goal today or tomorrow is ok. Let's just get started. Brainstorming together as a team maybe we can find a common starting point narrative. Something we can all agree to work on and help move things along. We're all very good at depression. We know the signs and the excuses and fears and so on. So what about some basic positive ideas to get us going? What about a group effort to get better as a team? I'm just thinking outloud, not telling anyone what to do.
  13. @Atra - Excellent job of approaching depression. This has to be the best post I have ever read on this forum. It should be a "sticky" or "FAQ". While I didn't get here from there along the same path you did, the end result is very much the same. The current narrative that got me through the last 5+ years is BS. It is wrong, not acceptable, but most certainly not easy to change. I've already started working on it through several changes in my approach. It will take time to change and requires lots of reminding oneself that the narrative has to change and I have to stay the course. Making mistakes, falling off the horse, taking two steps back before one forward. are all part of the work. You have to commit that you will do the work. Part of depression and living with a BS narrative you get very lazy, mentally lazy, then physically lazy. You literally have to get off your physical and mental azz and start. So how do you start? Exactly. The big question that comes first. Start writing things down so you can review and change and adapt as you go. You need to see a path but you can build it in pieces. Maybe you start with the negativev and write down all the things you don't like about yourself and where you are. Then work on the other side. Just a few changes that you would like to make. Not grandiose things. Simple things but you must repeat them until they are muscle memory. You don't have to have the story even flow to get started. Piece it together as you go until you can see a picture, even a small one. It's building blocks. The constant negative talk, threatening to off yourself, and how you are not wrth it, and blah, blah, blah, is the rat hole you go down. The self feeding spiral that eats away at you. Many posts in here are just that. Lather, rinse, repeat. Change that part of the narrative. I do beleive that is the first step in gaining some traction and energy to focus on building yourself back up. Not constantly tearing yourself down. It's good to get an eye opener post on here that starts the conversation going in a better direction. How about this thread stays in that direction and the discussion stays about how and what to get there?
  14. Mambo Santa Mambo from the Latin Lounge. We got Christmas music out and this just makes us laugh.
  15. Yeah exactly! I get up and my back aches, lift weights or do plyo and my knees complain. Oh well. Put on a back brace for weights and biofreeze and achy parts. Keep on moving. If I slow down and stop I'll probably never get started again... You definetely want that yoga mat and some ideas from our ninja yoga buddy.
  16. Oh you evil girl you! Yesterday, 10694 steps + 1 hour of weight lifting. Good day.
  17. Me too! I miss having cows and donkeys across the road to go see and listen too. Your walks are not boring. I see the same houses over and over. When I'm lucky I see some of the neighbors dogs and they don't mind me petting them. It's a nice distraction. Makes me think of getting a dog. As for the black bull. Maybe the farmer keeps him penned up because if he leaves him out in the field he may get into lots of trouble chasing the other cows and the neighbors who walk by...
  18. There is nothing blown out of proportion with a pandemic. It's world wide, not a US thing. That statistic only covers this country and only for the time being. The level of escalation is moving rapidly and out of control. It has nothing to do with putting tracking devices in you. That's delusional...
  19. Rant On. So I'm at a large store, in line, waiting. I notice the gal in front of me is not wearing a mask and her kids aren't either. Now smaller kids I expect not. The mother on the other hand? So I ask her where her mask is since it is a state mandate from the governor. She says her kids can't wear a mask so she doesn't either. So I ask, and if you get sick, who watches your kids? I do she says, I've watched them before when I was sick. Oh, well then that works... Idiot... No one else in the store said a GD word during this conversation. Not people in line, employees, or manager. Half the people in line looked at me like I was a jerk. Some waved and smiled on their way out the door. One thanked me. Really? So you want this crap to go away, as long as you don't have to help or do anything? Yeah, that's a good formula. Let's all pretend it'll be ok... Rant Off.
  20. Past few days have been a mixup of Walk/Rest, combination of basic cardio with equal amount of stretch and we tried step aerobics again. Hate to say it but step is rather boring, steady state, but I burn as much calories as I do with HIIT, so it works. Still enjoying weight day more than cardio days. Today is climbing day. The gym is still open with very limited capacity and you must schedule time. Must wear at all times, even when climbing. Clean hands with sanitizer after every climb. Climbs are 10ft apart. We're comfortable with the risk even though the Covid numbers are on the rise again. This county seems more stable for the moment. We're getting our climb on because we expect another shutdown sooner than later. @Nightjar - Good job on the yoga girl! Mr Miagi is proud of you (me too). Wax on, wax off.
  21. Sugar Rush Christmas on Netflix 4 teams compete baking Christmas treats. A team gets dumped after each bake and one wins at the end of the current show. No season long drama or big back stories. Just fun baking with the theory of Christmas explodes in your mouth. We watched 2 shows. Pretty interesting bakes that are fun and would love to taste. It's a fun distraction with Christmas as the theme.
  22. Eh, what's a little shock therapy when you're getting your hair done. You know it's worth it...
  23. Looks like we are the 10K club! Yay sober and nj. Hope the new do for mama lion turns out awesome!
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