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  1. Yup. After reading lots of books on psychiatry and self help and going through half a dozen therapists. I went back to my original one and just talked to him. He doesn't BS and doesn't cram you with xBT ideas. Just some good discussion and practical approaches to handling situations. Watching media presonalities play it up is just sad. It's not supposed to be a sales pitch. It's supposed to be reporting on the news and being as unbiased in how you do it. Nothing wrong with being on either side, just don't let it control how you report the info. There are a few I like and I watch their reports for a short while just to pull the info out. We agreed to limit news to short 30 minute bursts only a couple of times a day just to keep up with recent happenings since those are a big deal.
  2. Thanks dear, I missed you too, and sober. You are both on my mind often with hopes you're having a good day or at the very least not a crappy day. We had a good holidays for the most part. Both have some baggage that hits us during xmas so it's been rough but this year much better. Focusing on us and doing up xmas like it's our last one this year. Want to fire up our neighbors to do more to spread some cheer. Got several neighbors fired up (or embarassed) for doing nothing and they all decorated outside. Helped a few of them with ideas and setup. It was fun. Kids in the neighborhood really liked it. That's what counts. Hope you are both well and made it through unscathed!
  3. I don't even want to think about how much that equates to. It's a scary number, I'm sure. Sadly it is far from the dumbest idea I've ever had... LOL.
  4. Took a little time off from the forum. I think reading too much sadness every day isn't good. So I started watching the news everyday. Scanning the red and blue channels to see what they were name calling each other with all the drama of late. Got tired of that sadness in less than a week. It appears I'm much more tolerant of the crazy people who are depressed than the "supposed" sane people who are on and run the news... I went back to just watching sports and some Hallmark movies. Watching people doing luge, bobsled, skiing, etc was nice. Hallmark is just warm and fuzzy and you know they're not allowed to have a bad ending so it doesn't drop you at the end.
  5. Hey kids, I made it back. I did that same silly stunt with the coke syrup when I worked in a restaurant as a teen. The regular can of coke (12oz) is like 40-50 grams of sugar. That's about my limit for the whole day. I agree on the diet soda isn't healthy either. The fake sugar (aspartame) is bad for you. I found some brands that have Stevia as the sweetener and drink those from time to time. I'd love to stop drinking the diet crap too but I love the taste of coke. Yesterday I got in 13K steps. Working on making at least 10K/day. Still doing weights and climbing. I gained a solid 5lbs over the holidays that I still have to drop. I'll have that done in a month or so. I've eaten all the pie, fudge, and cookies we had. Time to cycle off the sugary junk.
  6. @sober4life - Agreed! Poor manager skills. Probably shouldn't be a manager in the first place. More than likely the next one in line to get the job, even though they shouldn't get it. They're also pawns just like you and me. Their job is to do the dirty work the higher level management don't want to deal with. You also have the issue of people threatening to sue the company if they get fired. So managers are really careful and usually afraid to fire someone without ridiculously large amounts of issues to back it up. It's easier for them to let the people who will work hard cover it. Sadly another example of how f'd up our society is... On a positive note. There are plenty of good managers out there who really do care and try but even their hands can be tied sometimes. I've had more good than bad, but it's close.
  7. Good job @sober4life . Definetely want to get some pads for that corn though. My response to @Nightjar was sucked up by the vacuum of space because I put an offsite link in it... So, without links or humor... Yesterday was ... Did an hour of weights and 6818 steps. Very boring walk, no choppers or Swat teams or zombies running through the fields. Just a grumpy neighbor and a few dogs. The dogs were nice.
  8. I surmised that it was the part that got you edited... but I appreciate the thought. Love ya too girl! Just keep being you. Did an hour of weights and 6818 steps. Very boring walk, no choppers or Swat teams or zombies running through the fields. Just a grumpy neighbor and a few dogs. The dogs were nice.
  9. I'm not sure if that rest day was a good idea or a bad idea. I responded to @Nightjar recommendation about rest in the wrong thread... At least it was what did you do today, so close... @Nightjar - Thanks buddy. That did feel good. But.. Today is weight day and tomorrow is climbing. Need to make sure I don't slip up on my quest for that BAMF wallet. It's almost Santa time and I don't want to miss out.
  10. Miss NJ, you crack me up. I tried it. Couldn't do all day. Did spending the morning watching Netflix. Then spent a couple of hours this afternoon working on a jigsaw puzzle. Got bored with sitting around and did some odds and ends. Went shopping tonight for a little bit. No exercise, no stretching, didn't get my steps. Now I'm going to watch football for a while then bed. A real relax day.
  11. Sounds like a plan to me! When people create diet plans they add "cheat" day/meal depending on how they build it. I prefer not to call it "cheat". It is a decision I choose to make to have something I really like even though it doesn't fit in my calory budget today. That doesn't make it bad. It just is. Any diet that feels like constant punishment is a diet that will fail sooner or later. Some days I log all the foods and don't care what it says when they're all in. What I do though is make sure that doesn't happen a lot. We've been carb cycling and have ups and downs and it goes with the game plan. We're not trying to go full on no carb or keto or whatever. Just rebalance our numbers for a while and see if it helps. Our weight has pretty much stabilized now and we eat a lot less sugar/carbs on a regular basis. We still eat pizza, drink wine and hard liquor, and swear some. I call that balance.
  12. Well yesterday was a rest day. We ended up walking a lot because plenty more neighbors put up or added more Christmas lights and stuff. Got in 13,000 steps, little over 5 miles. We need a new form of rest, maybe like actually resting... Lol...
  13. If it's muscle aches all over then try L-Glutamine. You can get it as powder and add to flavored water or pill form. I get powder and drink it at night after hard workouts. It speeds up muscle fatigue recovery. You can find it at any "vitamin store" you like. If it's bones aching at the joints then I go with a joint specific solution. I use something with UC-II Collagen and Hyaluronic acid. It's not a pain reliever like taking Advil. It's a way to get more lubrication in the joints to help keep them which in effect helps with pain. Or just take an Advil... Btw, I have some bulging veins too that was hereditary. I think they call it varicose veins. That seems to be more of an aesthetic thing than something that causes pain.
  14. Yep, you're not alone. We ordering from them twice, won' be a third time. Basically it shows up whenever they get around to it... We like the store and mainly buy clothes from them. We buy random houseware but only if it is in store. We only shop there when she gets the 30% off coupon with the extra Khols cash tied on. It does make it a good value.
  15. One of my favorite amusing Christmas songs. Along with the 12 Gifts of Christmas and I Saw Mommy Smoochin Santa Claus. All get those whinny azz, bleeding heart, save the, protect the, politically correct bent out of shape and bellowing on their favorite social media about the injustice of it all. What a boring life you must lead if your claim to fame is beating the drum over humerous Christmas songs as now being the downfall of mankind... Truly you need even better meds than us depressed people take!
  16. Went climbing yesterday morning for 1.5 hours. We were both tired so instead of tackling new challenges we practiced for lead climbing. Taking a refresher with one of the trainers just to make sure we are good to go. Then back to lead climbing if the governor doesn't shut it all down... Today is rest day, GD it! Some gentle walks to check out who has added Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Then gentle stretching after supper to help some aching muscles. My knees are pissed at me from weight day doing too many lunges and squats...
  17. I'm glad you're ok and got it under control but I do have to admit it made me chuckle for a minute or so too... It reminded me of my younger days working on my car, back when they had carburetors and distributors to tinker with. Well I was tinkering, caused a backfire through the carburetor, while I was leaned over the engine. Yup, singed the eyebrows off, most of my bangs, and amazingly didn't blow my dumbazz up...
  18. I hear ya! Thought about this quite a bit. Small motorhome, used, cheap, fix it up, and good to go. Looked at several of them. Then I started thinking about a decent pickup truck, 3/4 or 1 ton. Plenty of towing capacity. Get a pull along camper/home. Now I can park it in any of the KOA or other camps grounds. Disconnect truck and use it to go sightseeing. Driving a motorhome around an city or other venture would suck... Get the best of both worlds. Just another option.
  19. Interestingly I was watching NFL news of all things... and the Indianapolis Colts owners are getting into the My Cause, My Cleats program. Their program is "Kicking the Stigma". It's in support of educating people about mental illness and treating it as a real health issue. They're investing quite a bit into it. It may not be the solution but it's another group trying to get it to the forefront.
  20. My allergies would never let me do burning. I ended up grinding and mulching a lot. Sounds like you do a lot of bendng and stooping and your back is not impressed... Definetely get in a little yoga stretches. My lower back will get upset and I found some basic core work helped. In yoga they see core as not just abs but your lower back. So you work the middle to get more stable and it does help. Good luck. I got tired of eating Advils all the time and when I started stretching I reduced that to almost none. Somedays ya just need them cause getttng old isn't for sissies, it's tough.
  21. Yesterday was a busy day. An hour of cardio (which adds lots of steps) and several walks to get fresh air. 12,272 steps (5.7mi). Serious MMA style workout for the cardio that has me pretty sore today. Today is weight day and yoga afterwards. PS: I seriously want that BAMF wallet for Xmas
  22. A yoga mat for @sober4life and you took the wrapping off. That's a start. As @Nightjar said, go look on youtube for beginner sessions. They'll take you through the basic moves and their names. It'll help you out even with a few basic moves since they tend to stretch a lot of your body. Do it until you feel resistance but not big pain. A little pain isn't so bad. I notice when I'm really tight I feel some pain as I start into the stretch then it gets better as I go. And breath when you do it. Our buddy Miss LionMom can answer lots of questions on it to help.
  23. @Nightjar - Good you got some sunshine. That vitamin D and healthy and all that. Nice you felt the need to be around the humans instead of the animals in the meadow. Just remember now not to confuse them again. Repeat after me.... We do not growl at the humans.
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