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  1. Good on you and hope that really is warmer weather coming soon for you. Yesterday did weights and less walks, about 10K steps.
  2. Anyone know how many air fresheners it takes to get the dead body smell out of a basement? Just asking for a friend.
  3. Shameless, current season and episode. It's a nice break from watching the impeachment trial. As screwed up as that family and all the other people on that show are... they don't hild a candle to the present reality...
  4. Stop using Chrome browser. Install Mozilla Firefox and use it instead. Also add the Facebook Container addon to block Facebook from tracking you when you're not on Facebook. It's not complete but it's free and disconnects you from Google and Facebook. For even better removal of tracking get VPN software and surf much more anonymously.
  5. Yesterday went climbing for 1.5 hours. Felt good. Took dog for a bunch of walks. 18,576 steps. Next 5 days are supossed to be rain and more rain and cold. Not so much walking...
  6. Now we're getting crazy weather. Had rain on and off for a few days. Mostly cold and windy. Today was supposed to be rain. Mother Nature, in all her humor, decided to throw a curve ball. Sunny and 65 late afternoon. Go figure....
  7. @Nightjar + @sober4life = workout buddies. I got you kids covered but I do expect you to cover for me too. That doesn't mean I think you'll quit. I have faith in both of you. It would be nice to get more people on here with us, but, we just keep trying and moving on. So just for fun I pulled up some stats from using my Polar activity tracker. This is less of a step counter and more about activity (movement in general and exercise). Their reporting has some really nice info. To share last week and some numbers, here goes. Week of Feb 1-7. Active time: 68 hours Total steps: 101,354 steps Total distance: 38.59 miles Total calories burned: 22,117 kcals Total training hours: 6.5 Total activity over 7 days: 1,450% Daily average acticity: 207% For the month of January I averaged 25-30 miles/week. This past week was killer and I actually broke the 100K step mark!!! That's probably my max I want to see. Even walking gets hard on the knees at this level so I'm backing off that.
  8. Like everything else, exercise is part of life, and it has ups and downs. You're at a hectic time right now with life changing work. So get in what you can when you can. Just keep in mind that your yoga helps you physically and mentally so it is also an important part of you. Get some short walks in as you can. Just some fresh air, getting out of the house for a few minutes, is also good stress management.
  9. The Chiefs played their worst game of the year. The Bucs on the other hand did the opposite. As much as I wanted to see Tom win this was a full team effort, not the Tom Brady show. The offense played really good. Brady hits his favorite target of old, but Founette showed his running game like when he was in college. The defense and their coach were awesome. They had a great plan and smothered Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce. I seriously expected a close game like the analysts expected, not a blowout. What Brady brought to that team wasn't his arm and passing. It was experience, confidence, and accountability. They already had a really good team that was not performing as well as it should. Oh, and Belichick, I guess we know who needed who now...
  10. Yeah most of the sports talking heads are giving either team 3 points in the spread. I'm not sure if it will be that tight or not. Hoping it is not a complete blowout. The final game of any sport should be an - on the edge of your seat - thing. Suspense until the end. In this case it seems to come back to whch QB has the ball in the last 2 minutes and clock management. After listening to all these numbers makers I have to say Cynthia Freelund is very impressive and not hard on the eyes...
  11. @jkd_sd - Exactly. You and @JD4010 hit the nail on the head. This is a seriously big life event and change. Bouncing ideas, trying to destress, asking for input is all fine. Different members go through different struggles and needs. That's part of being a member. The regulars will lean on each other for support at different times. Right now you need the help with a big issue. It all comes and goes around. So don't add to your list of anxiety about posting. That should be help you let go off some.
  12. Walk dog. Several times. Shopping at the warehouse grocery store (BJs). It's like Costco and Sams Club. Great prices on meats, cheeses, and general house and personal needs stuff. Shopping at the vitamin store. Needed protein, pre-workout, joint support, and vitamins. Worked on a Valentines project. I can always use extra points... Put air in the tires on the cars. Resorted the freezer in the garage that holds the bulk stuff and extras. Watched a little TV. No news today it's getting me down again.
  13. Yesterday went Climbing for about 1.5 hrs. Took the dog on a much longer walk than expected. We went around the lake the long way and strolled through some neighborhoods we haven't seen before. She needed 1 rest break since she isn't used to that much walking in 1 go. By then end of the day I had 16,599 steps. Between climbing and grocery shopping I got quite a bit but the long walk was 3 miles or so. Her tail was still wagging when we got home so she seems to be liking her new family.
  14. That is hardcore. I couldn't do it. When mine gets cold now I throw it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and warm it back up.
  15. I use half and half in my coffee. It does improve the taste over just using milk. Even whole milk. I've never been able to enjoy it straight up black for some reason. I have 2 bags of Kona that I got as a Xmas present.
  16. High fiber pita wrap with mayo, turkey, gruyere. Whey protein shake.
  17. Yeah you folks in the midwest are getting your share. New England, especially NY/NJ area are getting slammed. We're geting no snow but it is really chilly. The wind is causing a lot of the pain. It just gets bitter walking or being out in it. Take away the wind and wind chill and it wouldn't be bad. Good luck!
  18. 3.5hrs? Not sure what you mean. But yeah, I guess it would take that long to do 17K steps. I didn't do them in 1 shot though. I'm not working so I walk the dog a lot during the day. Fun and helps with boredom. Dog seems to like walking a lot. Our back yard isn't big enough for her to get any exercise. The Body Combat and Body Attack workouts we do create lots of steps so I get a few thousand pretty easily doing 45-60 minute workout. I'm averaging between 10-15K steps/day right now. I'm also trying to drop about 5lbs of fat I put on.
  19. Yesterday. Bodycombat for an hour and lots of walking the dog. 17K steps and lots of calorie burn. Today is weight day and we have been skipping weights because climbing is very bodyweight intense. I'm getting back into weights regardless. Squats, deadlifts, and clean and press just seems to make me happy more so than cardio. Pullups are back on the menu too! I love pullups, not....
  20. Saturday. Rock climbing for 2.5 hours and 15K steps for the day. Sunday. Recovery and walking. About 7K steps for the day. Down into the mid-20s at night walking the dog. I actually went and found my old ski pants and parka so I wouldn't turn into a popsicle walking her. The dog, just as happy as can be, could care less about the weather. Gotta love it...
  21. It's great exercise if you take care of your back. The wet stuff just suks... I think I shoveled tons (literally) of snow in my 20s and 30s. I never bulked up doing it but I'm sure I burned a ton of calories. I'll stick with a mix or cardio and weights that I control now. Even worse was when you shoveled the yard so you could get at least one car out of the garage. Only to have the damned snow plow come down the street and leave a massive wall at the end of the driveway so you could shovel for another hour... ughhh.... Good luck my friend, I don't envy your workout. Remember what we talked about. Back brace, be careful.
  22. One can only hope. Of bigger concern than him is Xi Jinping. That problem has a greater effect to the rest of the world.
  23. Of all the pay-tv I've ever had Netflix has to be the best for what it has and cost. A lot of older stuff can be downloaded off torrent networks.
  24. @samadhiSheol + @JD4010 Ah, serious audio going on here. I love it. I have a pair of Klipsch Reference floor standing speakers and the matching subwoofer. A Pioneer professional series amp that will connect everything I can think of. They're all stored in their original plastic bags in their shipping boxes in my attic. I should have sold them but just can't seem to let go of them. The sound is super clear and powerful enough to drive sound in my old 18x30ft living room. Watching movies in surround sound with that system just rocked. Now I have a crappy little sound bar and small subwoofer you can hardly hear... I hate it... BUT, I now live in a townhouse and my whole downstairs is barely 18x30ft. Downsizing was nice for costs and maintenence but not for listening to music. I just use a small Bose single speaker box now for listening to Pandora. CDs I love. I hated 8-tracks and cassettes. My car is older and has a CD stacker, no bluetooth or usb. So all my CDs get used in the car.
  25. @sober4life - Ouch! I don't miss that at all. Grew up in it and it was fun as a kid. As an adult it was just a pita. I like to see it on Christmas Eve and Day. Then go away until next year. If we got 8 inches the town would close for the week. The grocery store would be raided before hand of milk, bread, and beer... Lol...
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