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  1. Long workout day yesterday. 1 hour of intense cardio (Hiit). Got max heart rate of 173 and average of 132. It told me great job but you can get a higher average heart rate. I told it that I can also run it over with my car. It stopped giving me feedback now. Including several walks with the dog and the workout. 17,625 steps.
  2. Keep your cool as much as possible. Remember, it's only temporary now. You're MOVING.
  3. My new to me pooch has not had rabbits around her much in her previous life. Our area is full of them. She thinks they are super fun to search for then chase. We don't get too far into the chase because I can't run that fast. It's still entertaining to watch her though. She dislikes squirrels, they cheat, climb trees and hangout. She does try to sneak up on them though.
  4. @Nightjar. Going forward. Your phone and computer should have the lock password set. It should also be a word that no one that knows you would ever guess. If you can't trust that your family won't get after your personal info then anything left in the house should be in a lock box. Just for safe keeping and prying eyes... Hopefully you're not going 5 minutes further away. An hour or more away from where you are will make it much more painful for them to "visit".
  5. Who me? Tell you to get a dog because it'll be good for both of you? Why I would never do that... Sounds awesome buddy!!! I know you'll be fine and enjoy the companionship.
  6. We're getting too much rain and walking the dog in the rain when it gets really cold suks. Normally I wouldn't care. I'm glad you can knock out 5 miles at a time. That's seriously good stuff. Since adding the dog into the family my step count daily average went from 10k to 15k.
  7. Cosmic Crisp. It's been out for a little while. I love Honey Crisps but this new variant rocks.
  8. I smiled then laughed so hard I almost peed myself. The Trump statue at CPAC. Hands down beats the Bernie mittens...
  9. We have dropped a lot of cardio lately and swapped it over to walks with the dog. We're all getting lots of steps. 10K/day no problem. Not helping out physical and mental health enough. We're going back to more cardio and have added stretching back in. Not full on dedicated yoga routines. More upper/lower body stretch routines that are mostly yoga based. Time to start upping our cardio endurance. Doing really well on climbing endurance. With nice weather coming we want to bike and hike.
  10. Exactly. You take any type of diet approach and adapt it to you, via trial and error. The most important part of all these discussions on "diet" and "dieting" is lifestyle change. People who go on the 30, 60, 90 day diets usually get in trouble later. A healthier lifestyle change in what and how you eat and exercise is the best diet. I went on my "diet" 15 years ago. I've modified it and will continue to do so for life. My gal was pre-diabetic when we met. After some discussions about her style, likes, dislikes around food and exercise we started working on a plan. The plan wasn't simply to loose pounds. It was to get her healthier and in better shape. She knew a lot of good choices but had lost focus and drive. As partners it made it easier because we hold each other accountable. It took a year ot so to get her weight down and stable, and more importantly, get her A1C number below pre-diabetic. She's in the high normal range and has stayed there for 5 years now! Her body has issues with carbs and doesn't process them well. Plain and simple. So we work around that. It means less sugar and sweets for me too. My sugar numbers are typically half what they used to be. You can't force your body to be something your genetics won't deliver but you most certainly can optimize it and get the most out of it.
  11. @sober4life - Awesome!!! Glad you got out for a walk and visit the farm. Got in a good cardio workout yesterday and some new stretching. Will be repeating the stretching tonight. Went climbing this morning for 1.5hrs. Taking the dog for a nice stroll now and another one later. It's supposed to be in the mid-60s this afternoon. Then Fri-Sun we're back to crappy and more crappy...ie, rain and cold...
  12. The hardware in my back. Screws and rods that should have been removed after the fusion. Now they just dig into my bones and annoy the f#$k out of me...
  13. Oh yeah! I love that song. Another one I really like that goes with it. Save a horse, ride a cowboy...
  14. Good luck with the snow buddy. I think you've shoveled more than your fair share. And if you can go walking next week wear whatever hat you want, you deserve it!
  15. You go girl! or is that cowgirl?
  16. I just saw bumble bee too! Oh wait, I was watching Transformers, you probably meant the other one...
  17. @APFSDS - Slow and steady is the best approach. 33lbs in a year is very good. You should be proud of your accomplishment. If it wasn't a struggle then you have a system that works for you. If you want to know what it looks like start logging it. MFP is a free app and it works very well. You'll be able to see foods by what they are and how often you eat them. Most importantly you can get your macro breakdown. At the end of the day its carbs, proteins, fats. How you blend them and what you typically do daily, weekly and so on. You can build reports on it so you can see what your formula looks like. Then adjust as you want. They offer a default formula that works in general but I have never agreed with it. They go carb heavy with lower fats and too low on proteins (my opinion). You can also track steps and exercise so you can see calories burned versus consumed. I wear a fitness watch so I can track my calories burned. I do try not to eat back what I burn. Since we are very active we would eat too much if we did that. We maintain weight very well with the system we have. Diet and exercise and some consistency. Basic formula that works. No crazy science, fad, crash, diets or programs. Steady as she goes!
  18. You all ready some pretty heady and/or serious stuff for fun. I'm not a big reader for fun. Most of what I read is either computer engineering for work stuff or automobile mechanical repair and racing stuff for fun. I have read a few vampire, werewolf, other, trashy series that were fun.
  19. @jkd_sd + @sober4life = Exactly! I lived in New England for 20 or so years. We learned that ice is not friendly to cars or trucks. Cars get 1 or 2 wheel drive and trucks get 2 or 4 wheel drive. Ice is the great equalizer. It just makes 1-4 wheels spin and go nowhere. I've done the drive with chains and/or studded snow tires. I'll definitely take the studded snow tires if I HAVE to drive on it. At the end of the day though the best way to travel on ice is with ice skates.... We actually have the sun peaking through the clouds today.
  20. @sober4life - "So many protein shakes and protein bars and dry tuna. " Yes those are staple foods for me. Keeping your protein levels as high as recommended on the diet we are using is difficult without it. I also add yogurt into that. Some notes on that. The packaged tuna makes a quick, easy, affordable, and clean snack. I buy them in bulk or on sale at the grocery store. That's about 20g of clean protein. Now on the shakes. I buy 2 types. The first is for post workout recovery. Whey protein isolate. It's super clean, almost no fat or carbs, and fast digesting. Also 20-25g. Then standard whey protein concentrate. Good for anytime 20g of protein that absorbs at a medium rate. Yogurt I use 10g minimum of protein and sugar must be less than 10g. I like the newer ones that have 15-20g of protein. If I need some carbs I add a spoonful of jam. Protein bars. We use them quite regulary, especially as late night snacks to keep from eating junk food snacks. You have to be really careful with these "healthy" bars. Most of them are not healthy and are slightly better than just eating a candy bar. Most of the ones we get replace sugar with erythritol, which really keeps net carbs down. They have 15-20g protein and less than 10g of fat. Those are slow digesting and great for evening or afternoon snack. All of those would also be suitable for pre-diabetic and possibly stage 1 or 2 diabetic since the carbs and sugars are low and cause a little glucose spike. We're working off a goal of close to 1-1 ratio of protein to body weight.
  21. Holy cr*p! You should consider moving to the North Pole. It's much warmer there. Global warming hasn't hit your neighborhood....
  22. We're still carb cycling and it does work. Not to mention it reduces sugar dependencies quite a bit. We haven't tried full on Keto or Atkins since it is too restrictive. If you're 90lbs over then you can lose the first 10-20 by cleaning up your diet. Log your food and watch your calories and carb/fat/protein mixes. If you are wheelchair bound then I'm not sure what exercises would help most. If you get on a cleaner diet with less carbs your body will have to use fat stores to get its fuel. Atkins will work but besides being very restrictive it's also marketed towards you buy "Atkins" qualified foods. You can make meals that meet that need for much less money. That is what we are doing. Download different recipies and only buy basic ingredients that lower carbs. Mainly lower sugar and dead carbs. You still should be getting fiber in your diet. Whatever you do please post it. I think many struggle with weight and more options for diet and exercise are always good.
  23. Frilled some Filet Mignon and Scallops for my honey for V-day. Had some nice red wine with it.
  24. Rock climbing indoors, about 2.5hrs. About 18K steps for the day. Today was rest day. Be lazy.
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