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  1. A number of the anti-depressants are also emotionally numbing. I think it depends on how you react to the meds though. I tried Trintellix and found it was emotionally numbing, but not full out. A good friend went on Lexapro for a few months. They became emotionally numb period. They could have watched a train run someone over and been of little interest... You won't know which until you try it. Though some meds commonly cause what you are looking for. Research some of the different meds and peoples feedback on here you'll see commonalities.
  2. Exactly! My gal and I decided on just that. No fad diet or gimmick exercise plan. Something tried and true then we adjust from there. You mention diet and needs in your posts but no exercise. They go hand in hand. Develop an exercise plan to go along with the diet plan. There are plenty of workouts around and plenty that are free. You don't need a gym or fancy equipment. I started with nothing more than a mat and dumbbells. You don't even need the dumbbells if you go body weight routine. I can recommend plenty of approaches if you're interested. Yeah you can get protein from what you mention. I'm not interested in Vegan or Paleo as I believe they are too limiting and confining. Life is about balance. Throwing out either just because makes no sense to me. If you had say, a gluten allergy, then I could see dumping as much breads etc.. Peanut allergies are all too common today so for some nuts is not a good answer. IF you have no food allergies then throwing a whole class of foods out the window seems like a bad idea to me. I eat a mix of everything. Too each his/her own. As for protein. That very much depends on your goals. I try and consume my bodyweight, in grams, of protein daily. It is a basic building block. I get mine mostly from dairy then meat and fish secondary. Amino acids are important building block of life. So skimping on protein I consider as not acceptable. Fats I try and balance out most days. If I do weights then the next day I eat more fats in recovery. Carbs are carbs. I try and watch sugar intake but don't wig out over it. I try and get 30g of fiber everyday but miss on most days. The rest are dead carbs from other sources. I consider carbs as nothing more than fuel for workouts. Fats are a necessary thing. Proteins rebuild. Starting working out hard and try living Vegan., It'll take some serious effort. Since my diet is wide open I don't have to deal with that. Not trying to preach here, I just believe a balance is most important to me and that is a mix in my diet and doing exercise. Good luck with your change regardless.
  3. Went indoor rock climbing for 3+ hours last night. Doing harder climbs and working on new techniques. Sore and tired. But happy.
  4. There are plenty of people who praise Vegan as the answer. It is for some people and others not. There is no fixed answer. I've read plenty from people who went Paleo and swear it is the be all of diets. It's worth a try. Besides B and D vitamins I'd suggest you also pay attention to proteins. No dairy and meat and you drop protein fast. Most substitute proteins aren't very good, especially vegetable based ones. I would also suggest you log your meals with Myfitnesspal. I would recommend that to anyone but especially people changing diets. At the end of the day you need to balance your macros. Carbs, proteins, fats. While you're changing your diet I'd also suggest a lifestyle change. Exercise. At least 3 x 30 minute workouts a week, preferably 5 x 30. I'd mix cardio with weights or at least body weight workouts. You remove too much protein and start dropping fat your body will also scavenge muscle as an energy source. That is the last thing you want to see happen. Be careful and balance what you do. Crash diets have all proven to do one thing, crash!
  5. That's a very interesting situation you have and clearly shows that doctors still have a long way to go in understanding the human body. You would need a very open minded pdoc who would get you to someone who would run those tests. Since most wouldn't be convinced that you are possibly right. I've never heard of this before and find it interesting. Personally speaking prednisone is something i hate taking. When I have it is for allergy and sinus infection. My regular doc has also given me shots of kenelog(sp) too. That is a "depot" drug. A steroid that takes a long time to break down. When I have sinus infection and feel beat up that shot has me back and rolling in 2-3 days and feeling really good. Where prednisone would have me bouncing of walls and not sleeping. For me prednisone would be like speed. I just wind up until i crash. Look up Kenelog. It's been around a long time. I believe it is listed as a corticostoid.
  6. I'd be curious what the percentage is for male and female in increased libido and orgasm. It seems to me that more women getting big libido bumps and better orgasm taking Wellbutrin. It also appears that many who say their libido increased are also on other meds that **** libido. The Wellbutrin is only added to get that back and maybe add the uplifting affect. I've been switched to 150mg XL as a test just taking old school meds. I'm in the 3rd week. None of the newer ones are tolerated wiithout bad side effects. So I'm taking only Wellbutrin and it is the name brand, no generic. We're looking at going to 300mg once I settle in to this. So far it has helped in some respects but the weird thing is libido is going backwards...
  7. I've been on about 6 different meds trying to find the right one. Never had a problem with cats and dogs. Did find one interesting aside with animals and meds though. Normally in summer mosquitoes will tear me up. My scent or whatever is like crack for the little buggers. I hate them. When I went on Viibryd all of a sudden mosquitoes have no interest in me per say. Maybe 3 bites in a week. Whereas before it would be 3 bites just trying to take the trash out the dumpster. Very strange. I told my doc and she gave me that Twilight Zone look... I have been told that your scent does change based on your diet, which includes vitamins, minerals, and medication. Some animals react to that.
  8. I went from Lamotrigine to Trintellix quickly and never felt a backlash. The Lamotrigine made me lazy and lost it's affect after a year. The itching, as I noted in my other response to Knurseingstudent, is a pain in the behind.... I have allergy issues, more so to chemical things than outdoor pollens. For example I can only wash my clothes in All free and clear and dryer sheets can't have perfumes. I itch like crazy if not. Certain colognes will make me itch, others I'm fine and I smell good for my gal ;-) I hope you can get over the itching. I took Allegra and Zyrtec to fend off the itching and it helps but I don't want to take antihistamines daily if I can avoid it. For me it was also my scalp and forehead started drying out and becoming raw. My feet were also drying out very fast. I couldn't keep my head from itching and getting raw no matter what shampoo or creams I tried. Which really sucks. As for energy. It does help and for me has no interference with sleeping. I wake up in the middle of the night a fair bit but I always have. You could actually go without coffee and you'll still be perked up, so to speak. I drink it anyway because I love me some java :-) Now on Wellbutrin as a test. Trying old school. Compared to Trintellix it ain't that good. And the popular side effect of increased libido and all that. Not for me, it's chickening it. Trintellix, no problem. Not bad for depression but not great. Best thing is I actually don't feel like I'm taking drugs when I take it. Just doesn't feel like it like the others I've tried that have a very noticeable affect.
  9. I'm glad to hear that. I was only taking 5mg and getting a good result, except the damned hives! Ugghhh... It seems that, for me, turning off depression also results in emotional numbing. So my partner told me that for as much as my mood was better I was also less concerned about much of anything. So it's good and bad. If I could remove the hives I'd learn how to adjust to the other as the positives for this med was better than any I have taken so far. You and most others who take it have stomach issues. Hopefully you can sleep through it. I tried it at night and it didn't last all day. So I'd rather a drug wear off while I'm sleeping. Considering how sensitive my stomach is I'm surprised it had no affect. I tried Vibryd and it's like a higher dose version of this drug but kills my stomach and intestines. My doc decided that the hives/rash is not so good and has moved me to Wellbutrin on a low dose. Going old school. If this doesn't work I'm going back to Trintellix. I'm getting an appointment with an allergy specialist. We think it is the buffers used in the pill and not the drug itself. So if I can get my allergic reaction to things down then maybe it would be ok. So far the Wellbutrin is blah...
  10. Hey there. Been on Trintellix about 3 weeks now. Looking for comments from anyone else? So far the big negative for me is getting an allergic reaction like hives. I take an Allegra and it fends it off. I want to give this is try for at least a month or two. I'm on 5mg and we are talking about going to 10mg as long as the allergic reaction doesn't increase. Otherwise I go off it. I am not getting nausea or diarrhea or other lower GI / stomach issues that seem to be common. I am getting a bit of a headache now after two weeks that I attribute to this med. It's tolerable. So far no sexual side effects at all. No weird dreams or problems sleeping. I tried Viibryd before so I know about the torn up stomach, failure to orgasm, and crazy dreams. The depression and anxiety levels have improved a fair bit even on an initial dose. I'm also very sensitive to meds so we use very low doses. I seem to be getting upset/angry enough that I'm questioning the value of less depression but more angry. I was taking low dose of Lamotrigine and that works ok but not great. Upping the dose just made me want to go to sleep. Same problem I had with Zoloft, Prozac, Can't take those. Trying Trintellix because it is supposed to be more "awakening" and not drowsy. So far that is true for me. I also stopped taking Trazadone at bedtime since I sleep about the same without it now. This drug feels similar to Viibryd but a lightweight variation that improves on the side effects you get with Viibryd.
  11. Took Viibryd after no luck with several other meds that all made me drowsy. Fixed that problem. Viibryd made me wake up ready to roll. I could even skip coffee!!! Imagine that ;-) I also fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep. I got the crazy dreams. mostly disjointed stuff that made no sense and weird. I didn't get the brain jolts people talk about. What I did get was my GI torn up. Constantly having stomach growling and cramps and diarrhea. That didn't stop. I also got issues with getting angry and spinning on it and even scared myself. This was on 20mg. Even going down to 10mg wasn't enough to stop the stomach issues. I also had sexual side effects like some others. No orgasm. You feel like you're right there, then your brain stops, then you repeat, but never get there. Got really frustrating. It did have positive effects though. Get up and go, no real depression anymore, go to sleep quickly. The other side effects just were too much to deal with.
  12. I took Viibryd about a year ago. It killed my stomach, lower GI actually. It also got me too wound up in a bad way. It also had a weird sexual effect not being able to orgasm, but thinking you were going too. The good qualities were it made me highly motivated. I was getting all sorts of things done and in a good mood. Depression pretty much went away. But the anger fits would come on full tilt and hard to stop spinning. I did get very strange dreams that were not nightmares but too freaky. They were also random dreams jammed together that made no sense at all. Too weird. But I did actually sleep. Like within 5 minutes of putting my head on the pillow. And woke up immediately with the alarm and ready to go. Didn't even need coffee!!! The anger and ripping up my stomach did it in for me. It's the only med I've tried that doesn't make me feel tired.
  13. Just wanted to add some more feedback on Prozac. Nothing surprising based on the meds history. For me, simply put, it made me a zombie (except for the eating people) ;-) I basically shutdown. No real emotion, could have watched someone get hit by a train and been uninterested. Wanted to sleep all the time. Didn't make me sick or anything. Felt like taking pain killers. Just numb. At the time I had gone through a very traumatic experience and my doc wanted immediate results to calm me down while she figured out how to handle me. I was new to her and never took anti-depressants before that day. It did the job she wanted for a month. Then we set out on something different.
  14. I can't comment on mixing the meds as I have never done that. I've tried 1 at a time and currently on Trintellix alone. I can say that it worked well for about 2-3 weeks. Now in week 4 I'm reverting back to where I was. I wouldn't consider that a knockout punch since this is the silly season and I don't do well this time of year. I'm going to continue on it at my docs recommendation for another month. I had no side effects that are common. Only side effect is itching. My head and forehead are breaking out like with allergies. Doc says she thinks it is one of the buffer agents / fillers used in the pill and not the med itself. I'll deal with it for now just taking an Allegra which helps. No nausea or headaches at all. It's starting to show some sexual side effects. I'm changing from taking it in the morning to bedtime to see if it helps with the allergic reaction. Reason I commented also is I just came off Lamotrigine. Was on it for about a year. It makes me too slow and lazy/tired. Helps with depression but not enough. Almost no side effects at all for me. Just wasn't the right answer.
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