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  1. That's a bummer man. No matter keep at it. I think there is some feeling of accomplishment in there that is fighting to get out. I go through what you are dealing with in phases. Right now I'm doing way more walking and less workouts. That will change really soon. Weather is starting to get better and I'm going to prep our mountain bikes soon so they are ready to go.
  2. So far so good on skunk. Haven't seen one in 4 years. Fingers crossed... Yeah when we looked at getting a dog from a rescue group they have applications and interveiws and other particulars. They're over protective in some cases. We got lucky in that the lady we got the dog from does fostering but this dog she had kept. It just turned out she is really a one dog in the family type. She is fully trained and well mannered. I hear you on the puppy idea. Lots of work to do training but also lets the dog grow with you. Depends on how much patience you're willing to put out. The standard SPCA shelters will not harass you since they really don't want to **** the animal but they are all on timers that will expire. Much more humane to hope the new owner is decent than just put them down.
  3. High in upper 60s along with tornado coming this afternoon...
  4. Me too! I didn't even feel the stick when the nurse did it. Quick and easy. Like you, and many others, arm got sore and the next day it tones down. I knew from previous experience that right after the shot I rubbed that area several times that night and put small ice pack on it several times. It helps with the reaction and swelling. Also taking a small weight and doing some simple arm curls to make the muscle work helps. So far no bad reaction or other symptoms. I was told to see how I feel after 1-2 days. Beyond that there should be no other effects. I got signed up for shot #2 while I as in the wait to go home area. So 3 weeks from now I get that. It is a funny kind of euphoric thing that you feel like your body is fighting off the evil!
  5. Strawberry & Rhubarb cake. Home made. With some fancy coffee.
  6. Got my shot. Good to go. Next one in 3 weeks. Super efficient system they have over there. Spent more time in the park and wait after shot than I did validating registration and getting shot. The shot did not hurt for those of you afraid of needles.
  7. Good for you. Taking a walk seems to help in general. If nothing more than getting out of the house and getting some fresh air and some movement. Seeing some farm animals for you is a good thing. I see nieghbors and their dogs. Not so bad. Plus we chase -> and some . She wouldn't actually hurt one. She just likes the chase.
  8. I get my 1st shot this afternoon! Drive through service in the local arena parking lot. Several neighbors have already done it. No fuss, no muss. Get your shot, please. We need to get this crap out of our lives and go back to our normal crazy instead of the current one.
  9. Be careful with handwipes or solution that contains ethanol and are manufactured in Mexico. There is an ongoing warning from the FDA about it. Since last summer. A good chunk of it coming from there has methanol in it. You don't want to absorb that through your skin on a regular basis. You can look on the FDA website for the brands in question. They have an extensive list. I make my own hand sanitizer with isopropryl alcohol, aloe, and scented oil. Costs pennies to make and can use it as often as needed. 91% isopropryl alcohol if you can find it. You can also just pore some of that on a paper towel and wipe surfaces with it.
  10. 30 minutes of cardio and about 14K steps yesterday. Today is rest day so no workout but will still hit 10K steps today from dog walks and grocery shopping.
  11. Sadly one of the drawbacks about our culture is that companies dictate too much of our lives and family is second. While many advertise "family first", few actually follow through. The last company I worked for valued family very highly for a long time. That slowly dwindled as the CEO decided making more money was more important than family. They offered bonuses more as a bribe to not complain about working ridiculous hours. Depending on the division you worked in dictated whether you had a nice straight 40 hour week vs you work 60 hours or more. Company cell phone and laptop to keep you tethered for instant response, regardless of what you were doing. Employees were simply commodities that can be shuffled and replaced on a whim.
  12. My dog crying while looking out the window at the neighbors dog. Time to go for a walk.
  13. @Nightjar - Yeah the sports version doesn't push breathing so much as the position and where you feel it. I do breath better on some moves because it actually makes sense to me without thinking about it. Like cat/camel. You are a yoga ninja. You get the full benefit of it and that is great. My brain doesn't sit still long enough to meditate. Tried it many times and failed. I do better just trying to reflect. That is about as calm as I get. I'm sure you feel a much deeper calm that helps you balance. I find my balance when I push hard at climbing or when I used to road race. Being out on the edge. I think adrenaline junkies feel closer to nirvahna as they approach the edge. And you go too galfriend.
  14. @sober4life - I know if all I ate was cake I would be. The sugar high and resulting crash. I'd probably puke...
  15. You hit the nail right on the head girl! To me it is stretching to get my muscles and joints ready to do more activities. I need flexibility and pain relief. That is what I do it for. No meditation. I try breathing deeper but it's not as controlled or focused. I have tried to remember not to push so much but patience is not my virtue...
  16. We're getting 70s and mostly sunny through Saturday. Then 10-20 degreee drop and rain. We're way over our water needs right now so more rain isn't required. The ground is still really soft. My dog even leaves paw marks in some of it.
  17. Did groceries and several dog walks. We went to the lake and saw lots of geese. Was a nice day for walking. Got in about 10.6k steps. No actual workout. NJ, no matter what yoga I do or what poses. I don't get that whole calm thing out of it. Just stretched out, some parts feel better, some parts feel sore. It simply gives me a good stretch. I'm glad you get more out of it.
  18. @sober4life - Unfortunately many of the big brick and mortar stores are closing. They can't compete with online shopping. Some are sizing down and adjusting so they have a limited stock and move to a smaller building. The rest are closing up and going online online or going out of business. Like Sears, Macy's, JC Penny, etc... They were all the anchor stores for many large malls. Once they close their doors the malls slowly deteriorate down to nothing and close up completely. We have a number of them that way or heading that way. I swore I'd never buy a damn thing off Amazon. Well... so much for that...
  19. Turkey and Swiss samich on pita bread. Honey mustard potato chips. Protein shake.
  20. Netflix - Blown Away. Just watched Season 2. These people made some awesome glass pieces. I think I've found my newest favorite pieces of art. Watching Season 1 soon. Doesn't matter what order you watch it in as far as season goes. They are hopefully getting funded to make Season 3 this year sometime.
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