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  1. I don't think so. I beleive Biden told the Pentagon if they want anymore bombs and stuff to go hold a bake sale like the Girl Scouts do... Lol.... Trump gave them more than enough money.
  2. Got a sinus infection and rundown for a couple of weeks. It's over now. Started working out and climbing. Got the bikes just about ready for riding so we can get back into our routine. Our climbing gym also has a very nice selection of weights and a smith rack so I can go start lifting a bit more than I can safely at home.
  3. Thanks NJ. I'm limiting time on several things that are not helping. Doesn't mean I'm disappearing though. I know I have some friends here and that's good. I just need to find a way to not just use this site to comisserate and complain about depression. There has to be a better answer. I'm tired of the one I've been using the past several years. I got some very hard reminders of what's important several times the past couple of years. The one that keeps coming back simply comes down to this. Get on with living or get on with dying, but stop sitting in limbo. I may not unfuk my brain but I have to get up and unstuck myself.
  4. Free education and training packs. Download them to your PC. Mostly lecture stuff in video format with lecture screens in PDF format. Some have labs and the software they help with can be found for free also. At least what I'm looking at. Only very product specific stuff for big ticket hardware and software is at cost and that cost is ridiculous. The training courses for free are decent and cover the whole gammit of things out there so they are worth looking into. There is FreeCourseWeb, Udemy, Lynda (30 days free). Many of those course can also be found on bittorrent sites for free. Many colleges now offer quite a few free courses. In my case I'm looking at some of the "Cloud" training and associated tests. I have more complete courses, exam prep material, and mock exams, than I can do the rest of the year. I've been collecting them for a while. Now it's time to start them. If anyone needs help finding any kind of training stuff let me know and I'll help out.
  5. I'm cutting down my time on here. I find most posts are all just more depression piled on top of my own depression. It isn't positive or helpful in many cases. Instead I'm starting to take free courses online and maybe find a different solution to dealing with depression.
  6. @APFSDS - Bummer on the derailleur. Stuff happens. I'm tuning up our mtb bikes and getting them ready to ride this weekend. I already found out the hard way last season that bleeding disc brakes on a bike can be as much of a pain as doing it with cars. I got a bleed kit with all the bits, new fluid, and pads. Once I got it ironed out the braking was awesome. So hopefully this season is just a few minor adjustments.
  7. YoutubeTV also keeps your account but they don't harass you to come back. We tried FuboTV for a while and the DVR cloud recordings get all screwed up. The basic system allows 30hrs without an upcharge. So we went back to YoutubeTV and they had all my settings saved and it took all of a few minutes to get going. Fubo was sending me we love you and miss you email. I did Unsubscribe to all email and I no longer get any. I setup filters to just throw some companies or domains in the trash so I don't even deal with them. I use a Roku for streaming and their Roku channel (the free part) is pretty darned good. Especially if you like old series. They have lots and all seasons of them.
  8. Got really busy this past weekend. 20K steps each day and climbed about 3hrs one day and 2 hours next day. Today is rest day. Get lots of protein and aminos. Muscles very sore.
  9. Got my 2nd covid shot on the 7th. Pfizer. No ill affects at all. Keep on trucking.
  10. Many online/streaming services are like that. The cable company is worse because you can't realistically cancel your service online. You have to call a number get sales pitched to death. Cancelling Spectrum was a royal pita. FuboTv is a pain also. I like Netflix and think it's well worth their price. We watch that more than regular Tv. The streaming service regular Tv channels has become a cluster f#$k now too. The more I leave the Tv off the more I'm enjoying it...
  11. And there is part of your dilemna that you face. You keep a phone they can call or text. They shame and harass you. When you lived at home harassig you was much more convenient. So you moved and not much has changed. Unfortunately and sadly your options are very limited. I think, actually I know that you know what you really need to do. You keep saying you can't cut the cord on this because of how sad you get, yet they make you sad now on an even bigger basis. When you move it shouldn't just be adding some physical distance but continuing this sick relationship. It's your chance to move on and let the rest of the awesome Nightjar gal come out.
  12. Been averaging over 10K steps the past week. A little cardio every couple of days. Went climbing for a few hours this past Saturday, as usual. That was a 20K step day! Rest of my workouts has been repairing cars for neighbors and hauling stuff off to the dump for them. Made some decent money just fixing cars. Considering what the dealers and some local mechanics are charging they're thrilled. I have a few people sending me a list of what they want me to do.
  13. My partner takes 150XL, but for a time went to 300XL. We got her back down to 150XL because on 300XL she went emotionally numb and would arbitrarily breakdown for no apparent reason. So upping it for her was not helpful at all. I tried 150XL and got really agitated. Raised my BP about 20 points. None of the supposed good things ever happened beyond the first couple of weeks. I take a 75SR now mixed with a 20ML Cymbalta and that combo works ok. Both of those meds cause raised BP for me but the lower doses keep it manageable. I only take the 75SR to offset the side effects of Cymbalta. The short release Wellbutrin works much better for me than extended release.
  14. One of my favorite channels is the Olympic Channel. They go a ways back, but not quite to Athenian and Spartan.
  15. They're doing just that, following the script... Good morning, welcome to the blue network, the red politicians are stoopid heads... Good afternoon, welcome to the red network, the blue politicians are morons... We all tell the troof, honest! +------------------------+ Got my 2nd shot this morning and my gal got her fitst shot. We'll see how it goes.
  16. A somewhat half baked disguise for peddling website links to sell a product. Only snake charmers can heal you in 3 weeks or less, everyone knows that...
  17. The last time I heard a plane making alarm sounds and firetrucks and ambulances on the runway... I was on a Boeing 757 going west to east coast. We took off from CA, hadn't hit altitude, 1 engine flames out, then backfires, they tried to restart it a few times and it wouldn't. Sh1t got real in a hurry. Passengers screaming, crying, praying. Since it's a 2 engine we are no longer redundant! Pilot says not a danm thing. We start coasting in a circle. Airport we just left is fogged in now and we can't go back. Starting to sound like a sci-fi yet? Pilot finally comes on. Says stay calm 757 can fly with 1 engine all day and land with no problems. Most passengers are saying sure buddy... I'm sitting near the wing of the engine that is working. It's running at low throttle and we're just cruising along, although listing a little sideways. We get cleared for emergency landing at nearby airport. We can't land yet because they need to clear ALL runways, setup emergency vehicles, and get ready at the catch fence. Lovely! We see the airport and we're listing as we start coming down so the plane is literally moving the nose left and right. Sounds like a recipe to flip this bad boy when it hits the deck. Sure enough we land fairly straight and smooth but that 1 engine is no wound up to the max trying to slow this thing down. Hard on the brakes almost dragging the tires into lockup. We stop reasonably short of the catch fence. In 20 years of business travel that was the most exciting plane ride ever! No bullsh1t, no one died, plane didn't get so much as a scratch. Considering I've done way more stupid things in my cars for 40+ years and never got hurt. I wrote this off to sh1t happens. Got on a plane the next morning for home. Oh, it was Christmas Eve. Santa, Miracles of Christmas, Not my day to die, who knows...
  18. We have decided to drop the carb cycling diet. Both of our weights have stabilized and seem perfectly happy where they are. I'm ok with it but she isn't. Her doctor told her she didn't like high carb day at all with her pre-diabetic issue. Her body just refuses to metabolize. Doc wants her back to low carb always but we can mix up the protein and fat numbers however we want. So I've run new numbers for her with low carb and equal fat to protein percentages. She's going to have to follow a more rigid almost-keto approach. Anything we have with sugar is getting checked. Diet soda is limited now and only sparkling water with flavoring. Going with erythrotol and monk fruit sweeteners as much as possible. Using almond flour when we can. We also found that weight lifting doesn't seem to help her like a number of articles suggest. So we're going back to mostly body weight and hiit. Some tabata. I'm going back to low rep heavy weight on my own plan then doing cardio with her. We'll try this for about 6 months and see what happens.
  19. Went climbing Saturday. 3hrs in the gym. Did lots of walking. 17,674 steps. 307% activity. Went walking around the lake. All the really nice houses back up to it. Beautiful views and yards full of flowers blooming. 11,711 steps. 147% activity. You would think with all this exercise I would be dropping tons of weight since I don't eat back all the calories. Nope. Weight is unchanged now. My body is happy right where it is. I got a 10lb weight vest and I'm starting to wear that when I walk the dog. Just to add a bit more resisitance.
  20. There is some info on this on reputable sites. On ehealthme site there is a Phase IV study that had 90,000 patients. Of them 186 people (0.22%) of that group had V*****l bleeding inbetween periods. 99% of the people who had this condition saw it during the first 6 months. Pubmed also has articles on this and wellbutrin/buproprion is actually lower. They see it more as gastrointenstinal bleeding from SSRI, SNRI, and NSAIDS. So it appears if you get this condition you are in the less than 1% group and it might last 6 months. The nominal ages were 20-40 year olds. There are also some in 10-19 and 40+. "https://www.ehealthme.com/ds/wellbutrin/V*****l-bleeding-between-periods/" "https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30081645/"
  21. @Nightjar to @sober4life ---> Ditto!!!
  22. Boulder, CO. This craziness just keeps escalating. And we're supposedly the ones that have mental problems. Yeah right. WTF is wrong with people. (It's a rhetorical question. I'm just venting.)
  23. Yesterday got in 45 minutes of MMA cardio. Lots of walking with the pooch. 14,641 steps. 218% activity. 1,000+ extra calories burned. So I ate a cheesecake frosted fudge brownie. . Umm,umm, good!
  24. Learning To Climb Indoors - Eric J. Horst (3rd edition). Excellent training manual on indoor rock climbing. Beginner to Advanced.
  25. Yes it is! Just sitting watching the tube and not doing anything else gets old quick. So like you, I just keep doing the workouts and indoor climbing. Mostly just reflex and not getting much joy out of it. You're right, it makes me sad too. I've been in a funk for a few weeks now. Time for a reset.
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