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  1. Keto cream cheese brownies. Not as good as the loaded with sugar ones but work well for our carb cycling. Made with almond flour instead of regular flour. First time we bake with that. It's not hard to work with and makes things fluffier.
  2. Went out on the trails with bikes yesterday. A bit muddy in some spots and some small ravines were loaded with water. So we got a bit wet and dirty. It was fun. Got in 2 hours or riding. My back is seriously pissed off today. Oh well. Thought about you @sober4life when I came to a crossing. 2 butterflies flew in front of my bike and wouldn't leave. They guided me through a twisty section that has lots of rocks and gets a bit crazy. As soon as I crossed it then took off. I figured you sent them to keep me out of trouble. Thanks!
  3. See my post above. Sweating never went away. I never felt cold on Cmybalta. Sweating, HBP, and tingling. I had forgotten about that. My pdoc thought it was the blood pressure med doing it. My primary care doc thought it was the Cymbalta. It was both. I had tingling in my extremeties, fingers and toes, regularly. Since being off the Cymbalta the tingling has about gone. I still have some side effects left from it that I've been told may take several more months to go away or possibly never. Some things about this drug and its family of SNRIs cause permanent changes.
  4. Carb Cycling - Oh what fun it is. So I talked about it a bit earlier and over in the Exercise thread. We've got a month in now and let me tell you... It ain't easy kids. When you're used to a diet with lots of carbs then going to some standard carb cycle formulas is downright painful. I've modified ours to be a bit more realistic. So to give you an example, not exact numbers. I'm 6' and 160lbs. My default calorie intake should be around 2000 calories. In this system that is my High carb day number. On my Low card day the number is about 1800 calories. So that 200 calories is really no big deal. Here is where the pain comes in. On the High carb day my fat number drops to about 60 grams and my carb number goes up to 200. On the Low carb day my fat number goes up to 80 grams and carbs drops to 70 grams. I do a High-Low-Low cycle. That 200 grams of carbs on that day takes effort as it needs to be clean. So lots of fruits and bread or pasta stuff. I'm actually getting carb spikes now on the High days and tired on the Low days. The trick is getting your body to learn to burn Fat on your Low days and Carbs only on your High days. This isn't a Keto diet per say, but it approaches it in several aspects. After living off 150 grams of carbs/day on average, the High day wasn't bad until after I got through several cycles of Low days. Then the carbs hit you. We will do this Carb Cycling for 2 more months and reevaluate after 90 days. So why would I do this to myself you may ask? Well, because my partners body has refused to shed some pounds (read fat) that is driving her crazy. We've tried a number of techniques that worked in the past. We've exercised regularly for years. Cleaned up our diet over that time quite a bit. She menopause. This is an evil little monster that attacks women and makes them, err, let's go with somewhat difficult to live with, yeah, that's my safe answer. Well we have actually caused a change. Her body is still being stubborn and resisting but it's starting to adapt. Got her to drop a couple of pounds and we're moving in the right direction. It's caused us to cut out a bunch of things that were not helping her at this point. This is much better than some crash diet that will just yo-yo the weight back on. But it takes real effort. Note: A number of people on here and several places I've read are all taking about their "Covid Fat" and want to loose 10 or 20 pounds. I get it. And you're right, it would be a good thing. You don't need a gym membership, tons of equipment, special dietitian, or any expensive stuff. You need you, a few basic exercise bits, and some diet changes. If you can start with real basics you can do it. I wouldn't even try Carb Cycling unless you are fine with regular exercise and eat clean already. Just eat better and move more and add some simple cardio and resistance training. All of which you can find free on the internet. I can list several places you can try but most I think you already know.
  5. When someone says, you should just take a chill pill. I wanted to say, and the next pill you take, I hope you choke on...
  6. @Atra - I agree, very sad. Since it is volunteer telling one of them to go eff themselves isn't that bad. If they're bullying you or talking down to you then they deserve it. It's to the point where even small neighborhood groups have power players running them. It's the only way for them to feel important. I helped out with a few groups before I just said enough. Now I don't bother with any of it. Some people really do just need a smack up the side of the head as a wake up call.
  7. Turns out for us the hurricane was a drive by. Bunch of rain, some wind, gone. People on the coast, as usual, got bashed. I'll live inland thanks.
  8. @sober4life - Kanye West, what a joke. That arrogant idiot will just mess up the election, along with any other idiots that think there is any chance they can win. This is Trump vs Biden and any noise from people like KW will just distract votes from Biden. And Biden needs all the help he can get...
  9. HiiT for 45 min then stretch for 5 min. Several walks so we got in 10K steps altogether. Not a bad day.
  10. Ya know that old saying about you can be sure of 2 things in life. Death and Taxes. Well that isn't accurate. There are several things. Another one is that not everyone will like you and that is ok. It may not even be about you. Some people are simply turned off by other people. Doesn't make them or you good or bad. You volunteer on a suicide hotline buddy, you are most certainly NOT a piece of crap.
  11. Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt Jr on Peacock TV. Interesting nostalgia if you're in to Nascar and its roots. Old tracks, moonshiners, home built hotrods, hardcore rednecks. Yee haw ya'll, watch this!!!
  12. No kidding! I've done it on and off for a few years now. I stick with the basic stuff. Downward dog, cat/camel, runners pose, warrior 1-2-3. My favorite is "the worlds greatest stretch". That just seems to cover most things in 1 stretch. I like figure 4 also. Any of the balance poses I need to be close to a wall to touch it. My balance is not good. Sadly core work has not helped that. We do lots of core exercise of all types. My hamstrings live in a state of really tight and ain't gonna relax...
  13. Interesting. I too studied Shotokan but as a very young man before I went in the military. Then in the Army I did Tae Kwon Do (with weapons). We did do a lot of stretching for warmup and cooldown. After I stopped doing it I also stopped stretching. Was a bad idea. I remember El Paso being 105 with 5% humidity. Here we get 90 with 60-80% humidity. It really sux, even for short walks.
  14. In The Dark - Netflix. It's fairly slow moving and not that exciting but there is something about the main character I like.
  15. So in taking my own advice I stretched today at lunchtime. 20 minutes of this Bodyflow (Yoga) exercise. It was all going well until we got to "frog pose". I got a little deeper in it than I expected and let me say this as carefully as I can. Men should never do frog pose. I have parts of my groin and stuff that still hurt a couple of hours later. And NJ, don't you dare giggle, not even a grin!!!
  16. I feel your pain. We're on a carb cycling diet now as a test. I can sum it up easily. Sucks! It's not just the sugar. It's the carbs, period. She's doing fine except chocolate. Me, I can't have my Oreos. I'm readjusting mine as the Low days restrict my carbs too much compared to the High days or what I would normally consume. After 2 weeks though I can tell you that she lost a bit and so did I. I'd suggest you not crash diet with the NO sugar idea and try scaled down in a graduated plan. Good luck. It's tough.
  17. Stretch my friend, stretch. We are, for the most part, horrible about maintaining our flexibility. We seem to treat it as that extra thing after exercise that just takes too much time. I am very guilty. We do a 5 minute warmup and 5 minute cooldown when we do cardio but it is dismal and barely cuts it. Once a week we do a 15-30 minute stretch routine. Not enough. We do have one, Ninja Yoga member, who I'm sure is more flexible than several of us put together. I'm sure that person could recommend some stretches. At least simple ones that don't require popping out ribs and stuff
  18. Today was weights. Did well, added more weight went a solid hour. That was after working outside in the garage for a few hours today. Another lovely hotter than hades and too damn humid day... Keeping hydrated is becoming a real chore.
  19. The Old Guard. Netflix original. Good movie, enjoyed it. I like Charlize Theron in pretty much anything she's done so I might be a bit baised.
  20. Who is in phase 3 trials right now? There are several companies all making hopeful candidates but I thought most were barely getting into phase 2. Supposedly we might see at least 1 that passes muster by next summer, at best. Usually phase 3 is brutal to get through. The one I know of being made right down the road from me just got out of phase 1, barely...
  21. Weight day and high carb day. So an hour of weights and I get pizza! Yeah, my favorite day of this dieting plan. This of course and some bourbon later. I don't log that. No one should count bourbon against my calorie deficit...
  22. Yes they are. We have them all over our neighborhood. I have a massive one in my backyard that should have been pruned down years ago. It's now so tall it goes past my 2nd floor window. The fuschia colored ones look the best to me.
  23. Does your state say masks anywhere and everywhere? For us you can pass on the mask if you're exercising outdoors as long as you can socially distance. We don't wear one to go walk and most of neighbors don't. So everyone adheres and just steps around each other to stay clear. It seems to work fine. I can go walk with a cotton mask and it doesn't suk. Anything with a heavier filter would be a bit tough. Keep doing what you're doing and keep walking. We're not letting you off the hook because of a mask. Loose fugitives might be a valid excuse but that's it. If you get chased by rabbits we're not letting that one slide. We're too busy laughing (with you of course).
  24. Took a small hiatus from the forum. I've still been working out. Outdoor activities came to a screaching halt about the time the heat index hit 100. That's enough of that nonesense. So riding trails has dropped. Walking has been real short walks during the day and longer at night. Still doing our new regime. Week is: Weights+Cardio+Yoga+Weights,Cardio,Cardio+Rest. Lather, rinse, repeat. We do some, but not enough stretching. We're also Carb Cycling with this. Ya know, getting old is not for sissies!
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