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  1. Having your jaw tight or grinding teeth seems to happen for me with several AD meds. I catch myself doing it and just relax my jaw and do some simple stretching of my jaw like trying to open your mouth really wide then close. Sounds simple and maybe silly but it works for me. I never had this issue before getting on AD meds.
  2. Pizza. Double crust. Goat cheese, basil, olives, and prosciutto.
  3. Fortunately, I think, I'm not OCD about a clean house. I won't let it turn into a pig sty, but some dust, few dishes, some laundry, little dirty floors, WTH, I'll get to it. It all gets done so some days the house looks great. I don't have any parents left so no meddling in my house or what I do. The worst part of moving is packing and loading up the trucks. I moved a lot of our stuff in my pickup truck 3 times now. We've since cut down on excess. Learned to ask the question. If it's stored away and you haven't opened the box in a couple of years. Why are you keeping it? Other than heirloom kinda stuff it can't really be needed. That and dropping our sq/ft of living space by almost half... you need to cut out stuff. I've donated more things than I remember at this point. Good luck with your moving! It's stressful, I know.
  4. @watalife - Ooooohhhh cake! What kind? Oh and good job on the walking. Keep it up. But if you're eating in all that cake and not sharing with us, you'll need to walk 10 miles. So to help save you from yourself. I think you should send us some. @sober4life - I'd be walking fast around the cemetery track... I can understand it could be depressing. Stick with that farm and the cows and deer. And yes on the burpees. I would not even try to do a 100 in a row. I do 5-10 reps and maybe 3 sets in a couple of our workouts. I most certainly don't do them as fast as the people in the workout videos. They're half my age! Forget that.
  5. @sober4life - Burpees are what they're called today. We used to call them squat thrusts when I was younger. The ones we were doing are 3 parts. Drop to a squat, then hands down and thrusts legs back to get into a plank, then jump legs forward to get into a frog position, jump straight up, and land on your feet. That's 1 rep. Yahoo... Good full body exercise. It will burn calories in a hurry. Day was weight day. It went well. Got in an hour. Did the last routine in the set we have. There are about 20 routines so we're now repeating back from the start. @Nightjar - If your using a fitness tracker they're reasonable accurate. You can set custom stride lengths with many of them. If you're getting over 7500 steps you're doing well. Keep on trucking!
  6. Yesterday we did an old school workout. Lots of run in place with high knees, then sprint, then jumping jacks, lateral drills, speed skaters, and of course..... burpees... Who doesn't love burpees???
  7. Doing our usual weights, hiit cardio, low cardio, cycle. Yesterday we went out to a new set of mountain bike trails for us. They're behind a very large company that their employees manage. A bunch of my neighbors and friends work there so I got a verbal that we can go ride it. Very long and twisty and bunch of very technical areas. They also made lots of jumps. Some small and merely a hop over a rut. We do those. The rest are serious X Games style crazy jumps. I want to see some people doing those. They also built a practice track that has lots of elements that are close to the ground so you can work balance and other things without a big risk. It was a lot of fun. We spent 2 hours out there. Got our workout and then some.
  8. We're about 6 weeks into carb cycling. It's really tough to get down to the right amount of carbs/fats on the low days. The high days get tricky consuming so much carbs while managing fats. Funny thing is trying to hit the total carloies for hte day is tricky because of the carb/fat balancing act. Protein is easy as long as you drink shakes to augment the food. She's dropped a couple of pounds and so have I. It works slowly but it appears we are moving in the right direction. We'll continue for another 6 weeks then adjust. The nice thing is we eat less sugary stuff and cleaning up our diet a bit more.
  9. These little guys are sugar bombs as it is. Adding sugar makes them even crazier. Watch your carb intake if you're trying to get your pants to fit.
  10. I'm in the mid-atlantic area and you can see Jupiter most nights now. Saturn also if you look close on a clear night. It's much smaller and dimmer. Jupiter stands out. Also look for the ISS. We watched it fly by several times a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Our climbing gym has been closed since March and will remain closed most likely through September. Even if it opens in October we're not sure we want to go. Too many people in close proximity and all touching the same stuff. Doesn't seem worth the risk. We're going to try outdoor climbing in a couple of months when it is cooler. Too hot and muggy right now for that. At the rate we are going at in this state we're not getting out of Phase 2 anytime soon. Gyms are Phase 3 and will be brought in slowly. Honestly don't expect to see gyms open this year. The kids are back at the colleges and already within a week there are 4 different clusters with Covid breakouts.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Do some of your favorite yoga. You know it makes you feel better after even when it doesn't seem like it before hand. Some fresh air maybe? A walk helps clear my head more often than not.
  13. Ozark - Netflix A financial advisor drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.
  14. @Tymothi - Yeah it comes back to you fairly quick. Getting used to being in the saddle again is the harder part. Your sit bones and glutes have to get used to it again. Once I got back into it though it's just fun. We ride dirt trails and old tobacco trails for hours now. It's great to get outdoors and do workouts where you don't really have to worry about Covid or anything else. Just ride, try not to hit stuff...
  15. A trifecta. Awesome! I don't necessarily feel better today from resting but I'm sure my muscles are happy about it.
  16. Rest Day. Haven't done one of these for a while. No workouts, no stretching, just chill and go walking in spurts. Feels weird not working out at all.
  17. Bacon and Avocado salad. I hate rabbit food but at least it's got bacon!
  18. You can split the Trazadone. I do it all the time. So if you have 25mgs then split one. You'll get to 37.5mg. See if that works and how much it helps the groggy morning. That seems to be the only drawback to Trazadone for me. Too much and you feel hung over. I was on Lamictal years ago as one of the first AD meds I took. All it did was make me want to sleep and numbed my emotions badly. It is said to be horrible to get off but I had no issues. My pdoc titrates all patients off all meds. That should be a standard practice. Sadly I've seen enough posts on here of people just stopping. Most crash. I don't consider it an AD med issue. Any med you take for any length of time will cause you problems if you just stop. Btw, If you do try Lamictal and you get a rash you need to call your doc immediately. It is one of those that a rash can be a fatal issue. Your doc should warn you about that.
  19. Hmmm.... have you kids been trading meds again? I thought we talked about this... No butterflies here today. Did get bit by a couple of mosquitos though!
  20. Hawaiian Kona. The good stuff. Only make it from time to time so the bad lasts me a year.
  21. Well today was weights and I upped the squat, lunge, clean and press weights. Not by much but enough that I hit failure limit and had to rest once in each of the groups. Actuallly don't feel bad right now. We'll see if I can say the same tomorrow... My shoulders and upper back must be changing or all my shirts are spending too much time in the dryer. They all fit more snug.
  22. After going through several SSRIs and finding that none are good for me I know that feeling of no more experiments... I've had Trazadone as my sleeping aid for 5+ years now and it rarely ever fails to work. I only take it when I go through rough periods and have never felt addicted to it. The only drawback you can expect is feeling a little hungover in the morning. Get up and move. If you don't it'll let you sit around and be lazy. Btw, you mentioned taking Gabapentin and that you have heart issues. Be careful with Gaba. Primary negative with it is weight gain. Quite a lot for some people who can't remain very active. It makes you hungry all the time. Any of the family members of anti-consultants (nerve damage, epilepsy, etc) all have that effect. I've been on Cymbalta for the past 2 years and it's not as bad as the others for weight gain, but I also work out a lot.
  23. Many pdocs give Trazadone as a sleeping aid. It's a very old school SSRI that never worked that great for depression, unless you consider falling asleep constantly a cure... That's why today it's given as a sleeping aid. For me it kills the racing thoughts and spinning, real quick. I take half a pill, as needed. So you don't need to take it every night. It is not addictive.
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