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  1. @Nightjar - It's a balance of risk and reward. Right now risk is very high. Give it a little time until risk gets more inline with reward. In the meantime spend that time ironing out that plan you speak of. Review it several times to make sure its sound. Then let your country girl spirit loose.
  2. The Punisher series on Netflix. Season 1 was ok, season 2 is slow. Not really worth the watch.
  3. The last slice of bread... I ate it really slow. Ummmmmmm.
  4. Last night was an interesting mix. Tabata for 20 minutes. I don't like Tabata much at all but it does burn up calories quick. Then a nice 20 minute stretch. All upper body. Loosen up tight muscles in neck, shoulders, upper back. Felt really good. I looked in the mirror and saw Nightjar waving at me and Sober patting a cow. . I need a med change, soon...
  5. Sports are back in full swing. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, racing, and so on. They're doing it all for the fans because we need it. Has nothing to do with big $$$. Nope, just for the fans. Funny, it doesn't make me feel any better. Must just be me. I doubt it'll cause more Covid issues. Everyone will behave properly and wear masks and social distance. It appears that pigs have grown wings and fly now too...
  6. So Hurricane Sally is going to lash out on the Gulf Coast. Chances of 30 inches of rain, that they don't need. What a shame we can't pick her up and drop her over on the West coast. Soak it down good for a month or more worth of rain. Sure would calm down the wildfires for a while. Mother Nature is truly a sad form of irony...
  7. I feel for you folks out west. We're seeing plenty of it on the news and it's just sad. Hope it gets better soon. We're slowly leaving hot and humid to more temperate weather. Evenings are starting to cool down and day is supposed to start cooling down. Lower humidity is always welcome.
  8. Update: Carb Cycling experiment. We are now intrenched in this diet and finding a good balance. Will be make modifications again this week to up our calories but manage carbs. So it appears if you go keto you calculate net carbs. Meaning you take fiber and eriythrotol and subtract them as your body doesn't actually process them like regular carbs. Fiber just passes through. Eriythrotol acts like sugar without the glycemic index hit (stuff diabetics can't handle). We've also changed all our snacks to a set of L-M-H carb groups depending on what we need. We're eating really clean with little junk food. We allow chocolate. Since taking chocolate away from women is a way to make them really grumpy, I'm all in with this idea... Lol... She's lost 3-4 pounds and I've lost about 5 pounds. The good news is also that we have increased muscle percentage by a few points. So we are burning fats at a decent pace without going full on keto. Which we don't want to do. A couple more pounds and we start cycling the total calories up since we feel hungry still and we're making progress. The goal is not to feel hungry a lot and keep weight level. If our weight increases then it needs to be mostly in muscle. This program will work. So the idea of being too old, male/female, menopause, depression, etc doesn't stop it. To me that is good news for many of us here. Depression should not stop you from getting a handle on your weight. Even if the med you take tends to make you put on weight. You can adjust what you eat and exercise to get it around it. It beats seats on the couch and giving up folks, really, it does.
  9. Last 2 days were cardio. 1 day of traditoonal medium intensity and 1 day of MMA workout. Today is weights. Moving along. We went walking and found our little bunny hanging out on our porch when we got back. He really likes one of our flowers and munches on the leaves. So far not hurting the flowers. We've been feeding him lettuce and zuccini and he seems to like it. There are lots or rabiits in our area now.
  10. @sober4life - What she said! ( @jkd_sd ). I felt that guilt horrible 2 years ago when I put mom in the nursing home. It is the begging of the end. I knew that. I also knew that I COULD NOT care for her 24/7 like they can. This is the right thing and you did GOOD. Stop blaming yourself. This is not what you did. This is life. As jkd_sd said, go visit her often, put a smile on her face, show her you love her. That is what you can do and that speaks volumes.
  11. The knock me out pill for me is Trazadone. Fall asleep and stay that way most of the night. I'm back on Cymbalta and have added low dose Wellbutrin to augement the side effects of Cymbalta. Has been a week or so. The Wellbutrin does help with motivation and focus.
  12. @Atra - Good for you! Just yelling at them accomplishes nothing and they feel like you are just trouble. Letting them know how you are doing and what are the obstacles in the way is a professinal approach. They might not appreciate it or care but it shows character in you. I worked for this company for 20 years. A new VP we got didn't like me and didn't like the input I gave on this big project that was his pet cause. He decided it was just easier to move the problems out the door and hire people who did what they were told. A dozen or so of us were given options to take early retirement or else. Half of my team left the company, some of the remaining moved to other teams, the few left and have just trudged along with the mess created. Not that it makes a difference but that new VP lasted 2 years and was removed after his ideas blew up on him and the company. That seems to be the attitude of these larger companies today. The old school job for life and job security is gone. It's all about the money and what have you done for me lately.
  13. I'll look for it, sounds good. This pumpkin bread loaf doesn't look big but it's dense. Weighs 2lbs. It's also carb dense...
  14. Pumpkin Bread. (a bit early for it but we were at the farmers market and I couldn't resist).
  15. Cooler weather. Could actually breath and a little breeze. So off we went trail riding. Our favorite trails. Did the whole set of loops, twice! Got several miles out of it. I took a small fall. First time in a while. Small cut on 1 leg and bunch of rash on the other. Looks worse than it feels. Didn't stop me from finishing the second loop.
  16. I hear that. I grew up way up north. Driving in lots of snow regularly,on the interstate with all the truckers. Basically drving snow blind. It was no big deal back then you just got used to it. I wouldn't do it today. Where I am now we get snow a couple of times a year. The city closes when we get an inch of snow.
  17. @Nightjar - @sober4life - Yep save those bees. A good friend is a bee keeper. She actually goes out and rescues them from peoples homes and yards. She said they like many wildflowers. I know they like our lavender too. Also found out that there is some spray insecticide used for ******* mosquito's that is very bad for bees. It's a kind used by large companies that spray for them. I got some insecticide that mixes in a pump sprayer so I can just spray ground cover which usually keeps the mosquito level down and not bother bees at all. You're right on the fact that we need bees way more than people think.
  18. Yay you! Me too! Last night it cooled down and the humidity dropped enough. Opened all the windows and turned on all the fans to circulate some fresh air in here. Was very nice. Got up this morning and it was 61. The next week is mid 80s for the high with overnight temps of 70 !!! I'm digging that.Got some work to do in the garage and attic. Looks like I'll be getting up nice and early to take advantage of that.
  19. @Nightjar - Always trust your gut instinct when dealing with strangers. Like you said he was there to fix something not hangout with you and have dinner. It maybe his nature to be overly friendly but he doesn't seem to know how to read his customers. As Atra said, that's part of what he should know in his business. If you've had service people at the house before and not felt uneasy or scared then write this up as a victory for you. You stepped up and ended the questions and got him to move on.
  20. New mix workout with 3 different trainers and disciplines. First, medium cardio for 20 min. Second, medium strength and conditioning (body weight) for 20 mins. Third, stretching, adapted from yoga for 20 mins. Made a really interesting approach to a 60 minute workout. The stretch at the end felt really good.
  21. DAY #1 OF HOMESCHOOLING: 0800 - Opened school website to get assignments. 0900 - Found where assignments were hidden on the website. 0915 - Called school to have the website explained. 0930 - Called school again. 0945 - Had wife call school. 1030 - Started printing first assignment. 1031 - Ran out of printer ink. 1035 - Sent wife to buy more ink while I watched YouTube to learn how to do common core. 1039 - Had first cocktail. 1100 - Googled who the idiot was that came up with common core. 1102 - Second cocktail. 1115 - Called school to see if the virus was still an issue and if so, could I sign a waiver for my kids. 1116 - School asked me not to call back. 1120 - Realized my wife wasn't home yet. Called her to find out she was having a difficult time finding the right ink. Pretty sure, I heard someone in the background yell her name followed with "Venti vanilla latte!" Right before she hung up on me. 1130 - Started first assignment. 1145 - Lunch break 1230 - Restarted first assignment. 1235 - Read three chapters to help answer two questions. 1240 - Figured I'm either being played or they have been falsifying their report card. 1245 - Practicing disguising my voice so I can call the school again. 1300 - Didn't work. 1315 - Scraping "My kid is a TERRIFIC student" sticker off of all vehicles. 1400 - Beginning to think wife isn't coming home. 1415 - Decided to have an early release. 1430 - Walked to town in hopes of catching virus and being quarantined. 1600 - Arrested for egging school and drinking in public. 1615 - Released and given a ride home to maximize punishment. 1800 - Wife gets home. Couldn't find ink. Pretty sure her hair and nails are done. 2200 - Working on an excuse to get out of school tomorrow.
  22. Went to the DMV to get car registration done. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Excellent!
  23. Tour de France. I like the scenery much more than the race. French countryside is nice. Some of the old buildings and castles are awesome.
  24. Do you have a pet carrier or can you borrow one? If you don't maybe the local spca can loan you one? She'll moan and cry and hate it. I had to take my daughters cats to the vets office and they hated me for close to an hour or so after we got home. I've transported many ferile cats to the spca for spay/neuter as part of a program here to help manage ferile cats. It's out of hand in some areas. I've sheltered over 30 of them and only a couple tried to tear me up for moving them in a carrier. If you have a car just put her in it, in a carrier, with you. Face it backwards into the seat so she can't see much. Play the radio on low with some gentle music. They tend to be calmer. Then just keep talking to her when she cries. That's how I got most of the cats moved around and it wasn't so bad. You'll be ok, don't let her crying get you all bent out of frame. She's just scared but you know she's safe so it'll be fine.
  25. What if? I could go back 20 years and do it again. Would I be able to change anything, would it matter, would my life be better, worse, same? (I think it's a pointess question because the answers are all over the place).
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