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  1. the fact that you have some farm land to visit is very cool. some people do care. don't write off. when we moved to where we are now there was a nice farm across the street. cows, donkeys, somw horses, ducks, geese, nice little mix. we could walk across the road and visit with them since the barn was close to the road and the farmer was very cool and didn't mind us visiting. the animals get to know you after a while. now it's all gone another-damned-development built where it was. because we can never have enough new houses, townhouses and condos... why people won't buy or rent older ones is beyond me. ours is 20 years old. has some issues and has character. it's fine and the price is right. i'd take the farm back anyday over the crap they just built...
  2. So how about a compromise? Maybe walk 30 minutes less then do a gentle stretch. Not full on Yoga Master Gal session, just chill, breath, 4 or 5 favorite full body stretches. One of my favorites is dubbed World's Greatest Stretch. I believe you call it triangle pose. I do the left and right and do both inside and outside the forward leg. Seems to be a really good full body movement. I do 5-10 minutes of cooldown stretch after any workout. Not the best stretch but it helps and it points out any areas I should maybe add a bit more focus too. As for the poison ivy. Please don't find any. If you've made it this long without any that's great. It's a nasty little plant.
  3. I used to get it every year when I lived in my old house. It was a ritual showing up at the docs office with it. It suks. Since moving into a townhouse I no longer work on the property, hence, no poroblems. Not sure how I did this one. Last night was weights. Good workout. Upped one of my sets by a another 10lbs. Slow steady progress.
  4. I eat 5-6 meals a day if you want to call it that. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are obviously the main 3. Inbetween I have morning, afternoon, evening snack. This could be a protein shake or bar, nuts and fruits, something light. It puts enough in me so I don't feel hungry between main meals. Keeps your body burning fuel. I do better on this system than old school 3 squares-a-day approach.
  5. My first game machine was pinball. Like as in a standup, real, pull the plunger, shake it, press flipper buttons, and get free games if you get a good score. It was made by Gottlieb, in the USA !
  6. No one expects you to drop 12lbs in a day. You're not nuts, you're just being nutty right now... Lol.... Don't worry about being perfect, be perfectly you, and everyone else can deal with it, or not.
  7. Hart of Dixie on Netflix. Silly soap opera about a big city doc goes to small southern town, hates it, loves it, stays, and they all live happily ever after, amidst much small town drama and entertainment. I have no idea why this show atracts me, but it does. I must be getting sappy...
  8. Well I got into poision ivy and it got it to me. My body doesn't handle it and I break out quickly. See doc, on prednisone for 2 weeks. Already a few days in. I have plenty of energy. No surprise. I've been doing doubles for workouts so I upped my weigths and added stretch after. Then for cardio an hour minimum so I can get tired enough to sleep... Started doing this hybrid workout scheme temporarily. It's a 1 hour session but incorporates 2 different workouts. 30 min each. Body weight + cardio, cardio + stretch, core + cardio. Mixing them up. NJ, they did frog in the hip openers, I didn't! I did childs pose with open hips. Much better.
  9. I have high energy and anxious and shaky inside. Not from SAD though, poison ivy, react badly, see doctor, take prednisone... The upside is I'll get a lot of stuff done for a week on the prednisone before I crash from exhaustion...
  10. Yup. There are a couple of pizza places that make ones we think rock. The rest not interested. Don't buy grocery store pizza anymore. We buy the shells in thin and thick crust. The meats, cheeses, and veggies are all fresh. Only prepared part is the sauce. We make all kinds. Eat half of one and put the other half in the fridge and eat it a few days later. Eat much cleaner and fresher and we get to experiment with cheeses and meats.
  11. Well thank you for thinking about me and my dilemna. I like your solution a lot. Definetely feels good with arms extended and opening hips a little I can feel. That frog pose for some reason feels like I'm going to snap parts. This is a much more gentle approach to it. I'll be adding to my cooldown stretch post workout. Will try in the morning since my back is usually tight or sore after I wake up. That most certainly deserves a big
  12. Hope mini lion is ok and his mom is not so freaked out... Full session good. So is "hoovering" mean lots of planks in your full session or running the vacuum cleaner?
  13. Compared to the regular Knob Creek this tastes extremely smooth and easy to drink straight up. It's really good as a mixer with cider also.
  14. Did weights Tuesday and step cardio last night to try something different. Step cardio/aerobics is a nice steady state workout and does burn quite a bit of calories. No big moves that stress your joints. Was nice but not as much fun as the MMA (mixed martial arts) stuff we do or Tabata.
  15. Splenda and its friends are all junk to me too! Sadly they are in diet soda and plenty of other "sugar free" things. The sad part is there are studies that have shown it causes weight gain because of how your body deals with it. Since trying a modified diet of carb cycling we tried a few things you might consider. Monk fruit or Erythritol. Monk fruit has no carbs. Does not raise blood glucose levels. It is natural and comes from a fruit. It is super sweet and you only need a little. Erythritol has carbs but they count as zero and pass through your body causing no increase in glucose levels. Both have little to no side effects. There are very rare cases but in general very safe. Stevia is a popular substitute but it does come with some warnings and issues. The research is not conclusive on whether it does or doesn't affect blood glucose levels or high/low blodd pressure. I use Stevia as my 3rd choice and only in coffee. Monk fruit works great and Erythritol is a close second. We also use those for baking instead of real sugar when we can.
  16. Did a 30 minute HIIT workout. No pushups or burpees so no pushing on the shoulder. Felt pretty good. Went to the mall to get supplies and groceries then stopped at the wine store. Got all our stuff for the week. Also got in 10K steps walking around since the mall is spreadout. We park in the middle and walk to everything. Good day all in all.
  17. @Nightjar - Thanks Nj. I'm following your approach more these days. Doing lots of mixed yoga/stretch routines. Not pure yoga but close. Have a seperate upper and lower routine so I can apply the one I need more at any given point. It does help. Unfortunately I have a rotator cuff issue. Not really the rotator itself but the small muscles that are attached to the shoulder joint. Some people don't understand as they get older that they might have to go easy on some things... Not me of course. I'm well behaved and follow the rules...
  18. Haven't kept up much lately. Done bunch of walking. Hurt left shoulder and have been recouping. Lots of easier cardio and stretching. Spent more time working on my car than working out.
  19. Funny. I'm clear across the country and that's just about what I was going to say! I think we are officially in fall. It's nice, no AC, windows open, fresh air.
  20. On the DNA thing. Not so sure I buy the conspiracy theory on the DNA. If the government wanted it they would already have enough. Too easy. They take all hospital, doctor, and so on blood test info and compile it. In order to do DNA research they don't need all the populations info. A select amount is all that is needed. Other than looking for really obscure stuff. I worked on a project several years back that was tied to a company in Europe doing DNA research. They were mapping the human genome. My job was to get the computer storage necessary to hold all the data and set it up for their use. The amount required was so ridiculously large that the project got scaled down. The technology on cpu power and storage density and speed has increased now to a level that it is reasonably workable but still would cost ridiculous amounts of money. Not the kind of dollars you can just hide under the rug, whether you're government or private sector.
  21. Just an opinion from my approach after making mistakes on a very large and expensive project. You're not going to hide from it so don't bother trying to keep a low profile. Go head on. Don't just apologise for messing up. Explain what happened, why it happened, and what you realise you will do moving forward so you don't repeat it. Just saying sorry and taking punishment doesn't help you or the company. Always make sure you know what happened and how to not repeat it. That is the difference between messing up and learning. Either that helps restore some faith in you or it doesn't. Good luck.
  22. Weight day. I think I'm enjoying weight day more than most other workout days, except mountain biking. Had a good day. Doing better at squats, clean & press, tricep dips. Our climbing gym has reopened with very limited capacity. Climing routes are less and very spread out to keep you 10ft away from each other. Masks are required at all times, including when you're on a climb. Hand sanitizers all over. Only downside is they don't clean the climbing routes often enough. So still on the fence about going back at the moment. It suks, we love climbing and were in there 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours at a time. Great workout, great community, enjoy most of the people there.
  23. Not exactly today. Doing it all week and finished last night. I got some carbon fiber wrap and wrapped the wheels on my car with it. So now my wheels look like they are made of carbon fiber. Came out pretty good. I did our other car last month to try the idea out and we liked it enough that I did mine. Hers is a white runabout and did dry black and min dry grey. They both have reflective grey as the second color in the pattern. So they catch your eye in the sun but look deeper when there is less light. The good thing is whenever you get tired of it you can just peel it off and go back to original.
  24. Weather was cool and dry this weekend so we went out on the flat trail to do some endurance riding. Spent a couple of hours. Did one really good sprint to the other end in 35 minutes. About our best time. Took a rest and did a calmer ride back in under 45 minutes. Was definetely pumped after the ride out but it caught up to us on the way back. We should have stretched at the other end after we had a snack but we didn't. We just wandered around on foot for a bit checking out all the other people. Was quite busy at the other end of the trail. Lots of bike, hike and run people moving in and out. Good day overall. Can feel it in my knees and hips today. Going to walk for a bit and do a small project I'm working on.
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