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  1. It's always been my favorite pie. Yes I understand dried out crust. I don't do store bought pies often. When we can find it and it looks good we buy a bunch. I wash it, cut it, bag it, and throw it in our extra freezer for when it's pie time! 😉 She hasn't done fresh rhubarb strawberry pie for a long time. The grocery stores around here most people don't know what rhubard is. Most of the people at checkout ask. And want to know what we do with it. The people who maintain the produce section let it get pretty nasty before someone realizes it died...
  2. @Atra You're welcome. We're all in this together. Facing depression and uncertainty is hard. We here get that. Exercise is the one aspect of my life that has kept me healthier than most, both mentally and physically. I truly believe if we can motivate everyone on here to get up and get moving, get some steps in, get out of the house, then it's mostly positive.
  3. Me too! My gal makes me one every few months if we can find the rhubarb.
  4. Made Bison burgers on the grill last night. Washed them down with a nice Pinot Noir. I don't know what the big deal is about Bison meat. It's ok but I'd rather have cleaner hamburg, like 90/10 and not take all the fat calorie hit. Bison was 80/20. At least it was organic, all natural, blah, blah...
  5. On week 8. Completely dosed down and off the Cymbalta. Surprisingly my mood is better and the withdrawal issues are dying down. A little more sensitive to some issues but nothing that I take anything else for it. Sleep is not as good at the moment. Energy level has increased and don't feel like napping. Feel more motivated. Couple more weeks and I go see my doc. If it keeps going like this I'm done with antidepressents, at least for now anyway.
  6. Yes it is! We're doing the same thing. We've been out at least twice/day for walks as much mental as physical. I even did Cize with my gal last night. Dance workout video. And yes this bony azz little white boy got moves!!! Lol...
  7. PBS - Animal Reunions. Damian Aspinall, Jane Goodall, David Sheldrick. Animal conservation folks who reunite with gorillas, elephants, cheetah, that they raised in capitivity until they could be released into the wild. Many years later they go back to the wild and find their old friends and reunite. It's pretty amazing how the animals don't forget at all and almost immediately come to see them. Which also destroys many archaic views scientists had until people like Goodall proved the scholars wrong. Good series.
  8. Beetlejuice. Haven't seen it for many years. Wow, 1988, I'm older than I thought...
  9. Fresca Strawberry soda water (new). (Nope hocico not coming to store in UK, sorry). It was slightly modified though. I added 360 Vodka, bit of real strawberry juice, 5 drops of rhubarb bitters, and ice cubes. We had 2 each then I fell asleep. I'm a cheap date...
  10. @sober4life - nope you had no say in it... 😉 @Nightjar - your yoga session is quite entertaining. i laughed like hell reading your mind argument... i do yoga and mostly my mind says - we're not doing that pose, remeber what happened last time!!! @Epictetus , @Atra, @Floor2017 - glad you're all getting in walks and a little bit of fresh air. @All - until they lock me down in my house i'm walking and so are my neighbors. We're all adult and responsible enough to stay the 6ft away from each other while still being polite and civil and not going stir crazy! Friday we got in our 15 miles ride. It was awesome and even the excess pollen couldn't take away the enjoyment. Quite a few people out riding. All cautiously distant from each other. We were a lot slower than our usual ride but we haven't been out there for a couple of months. Saturday was frustration day so we walked several times in bursts then came home and did Les Mills Combat. Lots of kick punch shadow fighting stuff. Felt good but shoulders are tight today. My gal went up to the attic where I have a kick/punch strike pad setup and she kicked the krap out of it. Better it than me... Lol... Today is a few short walks and some yoga in a bit. Without the crazy back bends.
  11. We had home made Jambalya last night. It rocked. Ate two full servings. We've got a few meals of leftovers to hit tonight.
  12. Orange Vanilla Coke. I think I'm liking this more than the Cherry Coke. 😀
  13. Dude! that's what I'm talking about. Some Oreos and Whey protein shakes. Oh yeah! We can get through the zombie apocolypse with that. And some good bourbon of course. Lol....
  14. Funny you mention that. Where we live we have the ATT close by. It's called the American Tobacco Trail. It's a mostly paved over section of the old railroad system. Some sections are like packed dirt roads. We ride that section on our mountain bikes. We're going tomorrow. I'm getting the bikes ready today. We can continue social distancing and get in a really good workout. About 15 miles round trip on the dirt section. We'll be wearing pollen masks because the pollen had gone crazy here. Yesterday we did 2 seperate walks through the neighborhood and around the lake. Got in a few miles and got to see some neighbors and chat, from like 15 feet away 😉
  15. As part of the self imposed quarantine experiment I'm 2 weeks locked in and haven't gone crazier yet... Current entertainment is a project I've been wanting to do for a while. I got a nice big Armoire from neighborhood sale for next to nothing. It's phyically in good shape but needs a little TLC and refinishing properly. Already done repairs, completely washed, sanded and stained a nice medium oak. Applying polyurethane now. Trying a new idea putting on the poly with a foam roller instead of a brush. It actually looks pretty good even though it is a very thin coat. No brush marks and little to no air bubbles. Oh well. Had my lunch break and back to the garage to continue on.
  16. The last person I know who had those cravings was pregnant... just sayin....
  17. The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury (6 episodes covering the major islands). If you're interested in Greece she gets off the beaten path into the parts of the islands tourists don't usually hangout. So you see a bit of Greek culture. I thought it was very good. Was originally aired on ITV network.
  18. Good news: Tampa Bay Bucs getting an awesome QB they desperately need. Bad news: New England Pats fans better get used to losing a lot...
  19. I was forced to read both in early high school and got the lowest grade I ever got in English class. I still have yet to figure out what that crap has to do with English. It sure wasn't written in English. Made no damned sense to me. Then again I have a lot of resentment still left.... 😉
  20. I remember when I was out there years ago. Took a sidecar down to Fishermans Warf. Then walked from there down hte line of piers to the bottom. Wasn't a healthy walk though. We stopped at numerous bars and ate and drank too much. It was great fun.
  21. Did 2 seperate walks yesterday. About a mile then mile and half. Still feeling a bit tired and sinus still not happy. It's pollen time so the allergy season starts early on top of this flu issue.
  22. I concur. Very good analogy. I'm tapering off also. I'm in week 7 and still have a while to go. Was told 2 months of taper and 1 month off. Then reevaluate where we are. Seratonin and norenephrine levels in the stomach/brain should normalize to whatever level is normal for you. 3 more months of monitoring to see if any wild mood swings or issues. So our plan is 3 months to ween the drug out and 3 months to see if I can tolerate no meds. This is by far not a hard and fast rule, it's just our approach.
  23. Chicago PD. This is my second time through the whole series. I don't know why but it's pretty much the only cop show I like.
  24. Could be both. There are some kickbutt workouts that are bodyweight only. I think people believe that bodyweight is much easier than free weights. In some cases yes and in others no. Doing a bunch of chair dips will seriously work your triceps. Especially if you raise your legs on a second chair so you can do deep dips. Triceps usually cause a fair amount of pain the next day when pushed. They're important muscle group though that needs to be worked. Good luck.
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