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  1. We did our usual endurance run on the tobacco trail. 15 mile loop. Our time was slow but it's after doing weights 2 days ago and both of us were sore. Still plugging away at it though.
  2. Thank you sir for what you do. Be safe. We need all of you to help us, as usual.
  3. I lost my mom this past October. I knew it was a downhill ride in the spring. I started doing as much with her as I could. I already visited her a couple of times a week every for the past couple of years. She was having serious dimentia / alzheimers. Her heart was shutting down. I was glad when it finally happened because her quality of life was shit. No other way to say it. I would take her to the museum or the theatre or big floral gardens and stuff that cost time mostly, not much money. She was wheel chair bound the last several months. We did a bunch of stuff together. She knew it was on the home stretch too. Do what you can and when you can. The dying part doesn't suck as bad if you know you did something and she stops suffering. I miss my mom but I'm glad I said screw work and other stuff I'm going to take her to see and do this stuff. It's important and her and my last chance with her. I don't have any other words of wisdom to comfort you. I think doing what you can should be the comfort in itself. It is for me. I hope it would be for you.
  4. 2 weeks off the med and so far so good. Some weird anxiety and empathy moments that freek me the f*&k out. The rest is all positive and dealing with depression is no worse being off the med. I'm also back to seeing the first therapist I ever went to.
  5. I like your initial post. It delivers a bit if sarcasm and reality check. I laughed quite a bit. My theory is that this whole pandemic is really a plot done by the introverts against all the extroverts. They know the extroverts are all going to lose it during this isolation period so they can take over the world... We'll see how it plays out... In all seriousness though. I've already talked to a few people who are close to me. They are struggling with being locked up in hte house. I've given them a handful of ideas to help get through it. I stay in contact with them more than I ever have. Help a few people here and there without getting too involved and they won't know you're one of the crazies trying to help them through this. Maybe they'll get it, maybe they won't. Small steps.
  6. We did weights last night for the first time in a couple of weeks. Dropped back the weight some but increased the reps. Upper body went well but lower body is definetely sore today. Tomorrow I suspect I'll really feel it as the plan is to do a short set with more weight and only the compound moves. Tonight is yoga for 30 mins. My quads and hams are tight and sore.
  7. The salesman was an azz. Don't do that to yourself. You are better than that. For as much as you like to walk get some good shoes for you for your health. It's not about the salesman winning. Forget that. It's about you. 👍
  8. @sober4life - Good on the mowing, should make a good cardio workout with some strength training if your land isn't flat. I used to have an acre on a sloped lot so it was quite entertaining... Bummer on the shoes. Yes on the cheap part. I tend to spend a bit more on my shoes, especially sneakers, just because of the support issue. Maybe get some padded insoles or ortho style to get you better support. Just rip the junk liner out of them. ???
  9. Yep and don't stick your hand in that door that spits out the grass either. Oh wait, we put a lock handle up on the throttle so if you let go of it to do something really stupid the motor and blade will have stopped... Yep, we're protecting ourselves from your frivolous lawsuit... Lol... Both high school and college should be mandated by law to have every student take at least 2 years of common sense in each of the 2 institutions. Then 2 years in the last part of college on, how to do your laundry, pay bills, clean your house, cook food, and wipe your own a.. Because God knows what the world needs now isn't love, and least not first. It's some basic common sense.
  10. Well I beleive our president and support the whole lockdown approach. His only concern is about you and me, not big business, or his personal gains. We're fortunate we got him instead of Hillary!
  11. Short term memory and age and depression meds... Not a good combination. I find writing down task lists for the day helps me stay focused and I don't bounce around doing part of one thing then part of something else and not getting stuff finished.
  12. Got in a good hour workout doing Les Mills Combat. Fun and gets out frustration. @Nightjar - Girl you crack me up...
  13. Funny, we went for a ride in the sun then peddled our tushes off in the rain and mud to get home! Dancing in the rain sounds a bit more fun... Lol...
  14. Took a couple off from working out and just did short walks. Today we did some cardio for 30 mins then took a short walk before bedtime. It was nice and comfortable out. Back has been sore lately. Been doing a lot of carpentry work out in hte garage and my portable bench is too low. It's ******* me working on projects. Going to have to build my own bench custom height 😉
  15. It's always been my favorite pie. Yes I understand dried out crust. I don't do store bought pies often. When we can find it and it looks good we buy a bunch. I wash it, cut it, bag it, and throw it in our extra freezer for when it's pie time! 😉 She hasn't done fresh rhubarb strawberry pie for a long time. The grocery stores around here most people don't know what rhubard is. Most of the people at checkout ask. And want to know what we do with it. The people who maintain the produce section let it get pretty nasty before someone realizes it died...
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