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  1. I went to the DMV and got my car registered. Even though there was a line out the door due to 6ft distancing. I got it done in about 20 minutes. That was not bad at all. Went to the pharmacy to get my meds and they had some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol so I scooped some up. Made up several small batches of my homemade cleaning solution. Picked up a few new masks to replace a couple of heavily worn ones. FU Covid! Went for a nice walk in the rain with our pooch. She could care less it's raining so we had a good walk. Now it's time to have a quick snack and do a workout.
  2. Yeah that's pretty much what I believe they want out of it too.
  3. Who me? Naw, I'd never do that. Depending on the dog you can get one now and it'll be fine. We take her out on walks and it's been in the 30s at night and 40s during the day. She thinks nothing of it. We don't have snow or anything though. We walk around our area and through a park so she gets some changes. We're taking her down to the pond pretty soon. There are walking trails around it. Then we'll take her on some short hiking trails and see how she does.
  4. Yesterday did 45 mins of weight training, squats, power cleans, power press, and push ups. Oh what fun... Plus 11K steps. Taking the dog out regularly so she can get used to long walks. She's coming hiking with us in a month or so. Got to get her in BAMF shape too! LOL... Today will be a short cardio blast followed by some stretching.
  5. Well here's a thought for you on that. You're a decent person. You love animals. The fact you have depression, anxiety, issues and so on. They don't seem to affect your ability to live alone and take care of yourself. So taking care of a dog is not that much to add to your plate compared to the big reward of having a companion. We are fostering an older dog, she's 7. We love her to peices already. We're keeping her. We have earned her trust and she likes being with us. We love her, feed her, take her for walks and to do her business. She stays in the house for the most part and hangs out with us. She's happy and safe. That's about all a dog needs. Older dogs get left behind as many want puppies or younger dogs. Neither of us want the aggravation of puppy training. BTDT... This dog is trained, obedient, and chilled out. We make a good match. So if you foster one to test the waters or do a try and buy (which shelters will do) then you're most likely saving that dogs life. You don't have to have a perfect home or a perfect life. Just be the decent person you are. Really, that's all that matters. You might even find out that the dog is actually saving you, not the other way around.
  6. We are fostering a dog now. The intent is to adopt if it works out. Try being a foster if you need to do a test first. You can do it. I know you can.
  7. Is it because they're trying to hide a flaw, or wrinkles, just don't know how to put it on right for their face? I'm kinda curious too. Done right makeup looks great and lets you gals get different looks depending on the color schemes you use. My gal goes easy most of the time and honestly I really like the Urban Decay makeup. They have some awesome colors.
  8. I cook meat and fish on the grill outside. Even in the middle of winter. I just like doing it that way. I'm sure you can adapt it to your oven. I would not pan fry steak unless it is the really thin stuff. Here's some important lessons I've learned. The less you touch or mess with it the better it cooks. Sounds simple and silly but it works. DO NOT - poke holes in the meat or make slices into it. Leave it as 1 piece. Any poking and cutting just lets the heat and juices out. You don't want that. When I cook a burger it gets flipped once to even out both sides then a last time to drop the cheese on it for a minute. Steak gets turned once to even it out. That's it. I see no reason to not cook it the same way in the oven. You adjust the time before you flip it to the desired final way you want it. Well done, with meat, usually ruins it. It's called shoe leather. I usually do pink in the middle. So it's cooked more than enough to cover food poisening concerns but not so much you dry it out. If I grill tuna or pork chops I treat it much like a steak that cooks for less time. Whitefish I put into tin foil and test it by using the edge of a fork to see if the peices fall off with a little pressure. I keep the grill between 350-400 and get the best results. After reading lots of books on outdoor grilling I've come to that simple conclusion that less is more.
  9. I'm proud of both of you!!! You are stronger than you believe and can do what you need to do. Treadmill, walking, yoga, fixing up your house, selling it, moving, dealing with family, etc...
  10. That was sad. Mayfield just sat by at the end and watched KC defense stuff him. Then their backup QB helped them get by. Mahomes in concusion protocol for a while... My boy and the Bucs took out the Saints in the 4th quarter. Made me happy. I'm good now. I don't expect them to win anymore games. I'm thinking the Packers are on to the big dance with the Bills. My gal is a big time Packer and Rodgers fan and I wouldn't mind seeing the Cheeseheads win. I'll never hear the end of it if Brady pulls next weekend out... She is a big time football fan, way more than I ever was. She's the carzy one screaming at the TV during plays...
  11. That's a mighty tall order. Considering they're playing the Chiefs. They all look like they should be good games this weekend. I'm a Brady fan and I'm just hoping the Bucs beat the Saints. I don't expect much more out of them. My prediction is the Bills win the superbowl over the Chiefs.
  12. First round had a lot of shocking happenings. Even the teams that won, that were odds on favorites, stumbled, and almost blew it. Steelers was the absolute worst game though. This weekend should get really entertaining. With all the Covid issues with these teams and their lack of practice anything can happen. US Figure Skating chamionship started yesterday. Good distraction for a few days.
  13. Yes we would be happier. We've gotten too connected in my opinion. We're creating the Matrix. The hardware tech companies are the enablers. The scary ones are the online companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc... Their tracking and predictive systems are dangerous and serve to manipulate the public. As was noted in that movie about Google, we are the product. Google and Facebook and the like sell us to the companies peddling their products. Marketing has gotten so out of hand it's ridiculous. I don't use my smartphone to read forums and newsgroups. Don't play video games on it. Don't watch movies on it. It's a handy tool I use for phone calls, text messages, calendar, camera, navigation, logging meals and workouts. Other than that it sits on the table doing nothing. Any internet I do on my desktop or laptop and only for a limited time each day.
  14. Ok that was the funniest thing I've read so far in this whole tragedy called Trump... Agree wholeheartedly too!
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