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  1. @jkd_sd - Likewise... but a bit higher. 90, real feel 92, humid, chance of showers daily. Yesterday or day before, 94, reel feel GDH almost 100...
  2. @jkd_sd - Thank you. No one has ever put it that way to me before. I'll try to keep that in mind when it hits me, again.
  3. @Almha - You're welcome. Earlier you posted about the 20 lbs of weight and either exercise or diet. Sorry dear, it's both. Once again. No crash diet or starvation stuff. No insanity workouts. Start slow and careful, with both. So we covered exercise, but to clarify. 4 days a week are workout. 3 days are cardio and 1 day is yoga. 3 days are off days, (go walk a bit). 30 minutes for each session. So 2 hours total. Do this for a month. Don't worry about doing weight or strength training yet. Just get into the game first. Off days doing some walking and very light stretching if you're sore. Before each cardio workout do a 5 minute warmup stretch. Reduces injury, pain, and post workout soreness. To start try "steady state cardio", not HIIT. Basically we just want you to start "glistening" as you gals call it. So for diet. I think you know the difference between eating junk and not. So cleaner eating. Less processed food. Eat more real/fresh fruit and veggies. If you're not vegan then more white meat. Lots of chicken and turkey to get your protein up. Some red meat is also fine. So you get carbs (and fiber) with your fruits and veggies. You get proteins with the meat (and small amount of fat). Some avocado, walnuts, and other fats that are cleaner. Literally Google "clean fats". You can have a few unhealthy meals or what they call cheat meals. I don't like that term because i don't think it is cheating. I eat pizza once a week. It has carbs, fats, and protein. All of which I need. I just can't eat it every day or it will be a mess. You're a gal so I'll assume you like chocolate ( I have never met one that didn't 🙂 ). Yes it's ok, in small quantities. My gal eats a few peices with wine in the evening. It's not all bad until you suck down the whole bar... So for supplements. There are a ton and the health market is insane with stuff and much of it is without real medical fact or proof. So how much of that is needed to start is minimal. A basic multivitamin can't hurt. I use whey protein a lot. Mix with water, coconut water, almond milk, etc. Gives you a nice protein boost with other extras and is very clean. If you don't have money for the extras don't worry. Skip it for now. If you own a scale, give it to your neighbor, and tell them not to return it for a month! That's right. The scale is not the indicator of if this is working to get started. You may actually gain at first. The basic rule is weigh in once a week, same time, same day, before breakfast, on empty stomach. No more weigh ins. That scale won't make you lose weight. It can make you quit trying because it isn't telling you what you want to hear fast enough. All of the exercises you find on youtube are free so no cost there. Pick one, anyone, as long as it makes you move, and "glisten", preferably a bunch! If it's really basic it'll get boring fast. We don't care to get started. It's only a month or so to get you into the rhythm. Let me know what happens and some details about the workouts and diet.
  4. I'm glad yoga makes you feel so good. It makes me make faces that are as contorted as the twisting poses... It helps some with muscles and posture but mostly reminds me of how tight my muscles are and they don't want to be loose. So it doesn't help my mood much. BodyCombat usually does though. 😉 Walkies. That cracks me up. There was some commercial I used to see for this Brit woman who was a dog handler. She would grab the leesh, give it a tug, and say "Walkies" and start moving. The dog immediately followed. We went walking in the rain last night and it was actually nice. Since it's been 90 nad muggy here with a heat index of almost 100. That rain dropped the temps fast. A little rain never hurts. We have those darned hoomans over here on this side of the pond too!
  5. I pushed a normal down the stairs today. Not a big flight, but enough. You know they tumble, roll, yell, and cry just like us not normals. Yes I know that was awfully bad and rude of me but I was curious. I must say I did chuckle just a bit too much. I'm almost ashamed of myself, almost. But I do feel much better today. roflmao...
  6. @sober4life - Definetely part of it. Keeping up appearance and putting on a show so no one sees your weekness is part of our society. @Nightjar - Absolutely. It's been given this cool acronym, PTSD. Many associated it with veterans and the shock their brains took in combat. People who were physically hurt and abused had "trauma". People who were mentally abused by family, friends, and strangers are seen as both of the above but show no physical scars. @jkd_sd - I do believe some of this simply comes down to DNA as the explanation why we don't slip by the clutches of this depression beast and the rest do. Something in their brains accepts and moves on. Where we don't. We spin and dwell on it and can't let it go, because it doesn't let go of us. The so called normals don't understand this. So many look down on us and believe we should just get a grip. It would be nice if it was that easy wouldn't it? Some things I've learned along the way are part of how I define it. Just opinion. I was born with genes that had certain definitions that make up who I am and will be. Some I can control or change and some not. I had 2 parents who both had depression in different ways and for different reasons. They also dealt with it very differently. From that I grew up in a home that wasn't what we consider healthy. I struggled as teenager to figure out where to go. As I got older I learned to hide it really well so I fit in with the normals. Like many of you I built my mask that I could hide behind. So I would look more like those neighbors who seemed to be just fine. I managed to get married and have and raise kids. Always trying to be careful not to let my kids see the mess inside my head. Trying to be a good parent and break the cycle on my side of the family. It worked for the most part but one of my kids is a mess and I truly believe they inherited it from me. This makes me hurt and brings me to my knees just thinking about it. Later on life came to a head and imploded. Within 1 year I lost everything that was important to me. My brain finally broke the rest of the way. All the fight I always had, that chip on my shoulder as they call it, went away. What is left is not much. I have someone in my life who I love dearly but I'm not the best partner. She knew me long before the breakdown. She sees something but I can't get that person out, not for many days anyway. I've done several meds, seen several therapists, and it all seems to have limited value. I'm not sure if the wiring in my brain was always wrong or enough broke that certain functions are no longer right. I'm stuck spinning in this Groundhog Day that never ends. Normal people wouldn't get stuck here.
  7. We've been working out together for quite some time. Earlier on we used to workout seperate because of the types of workouts we liked. Then we decided to compromise and find something that we can do together, mostly... So indoor workouts we do about 75% together. Outdoor we do the same almost always. We workout at least 5 days/week. That's why we didn't workout together as much in the beinning. I was doing extreme hiit trying to ki11 myself, literally. Since then I've backed off it because it didn't work as an ongoing regiment. You need weights, cardio, stretching and you need rest. Along with that you need a balanced diet. No crazy diets. Manage it with a simple formula and log it. You can learn a lot with some simple plans and tools. So you're in a small space and need some workouts. Well I just happen to have a few ideas... 😉 You can Google them also. Start with "prison cell workouts" and "confined space training". Basically if you have the space to rollout a yoga mat. You're good. You must have a TV or laptop that you can get a mat infront of. There are tons of free workouts on youtube and many other sites. So no cost. Start out easy and aim for 3 days with 30 min sessions. 1 day dedicated to stretching (yoga, pilates, etc.). That's 2 hours for a week. Very doable. Walk on days that are off days. No marathon, just get steps. Good luck!
  8. Expand your neighborhood if you need to find more. Somewhere in your preferences I believe you can set 5-10-X miles radius. Once the pandemic settles down, much like a few months after New Years, all the people who promised they would exercise this year will do what they do. And you'll get good stuff cheap 🙂 Right now trying to buy dumbells on NextDoor is next to impossible.
  9. You're welcome. Yes I do my workout schedule even when I'm really down and/or really sore. I also have some hardware in my back and it digs in the bones and bothers me some. I don't put the effort into the workout like I would when my mood is better though. So I feel your frustration about walking and having an audience. Most of my workouts are indoors off the tube. Walking around the neighborhood I don't worry about what people see of me. The other times I'm riding my bike on a trail so I'm fairly hidden. Hopefully your yoga mixed in with some breathing exercises at least lets go of some of the tentacles. I'm with you on this in most parts. It's a big struggle. I think most of us know on here that if we just sit still and brood it gets worse. I start to spin too much and have to move and do something to help break out of it. Hope your sessions and Bowie movies are making you smile, at least a little... 😉
  10. We've talked about this. You and I, and many others, survive with exercise. Don't cut that out. It helps fend off that evil little bastage waiting to pull you down further. Keep being our Yoga Ninja Gal!!! Hope you get out of that spiral soon. I went down that hole again a few weeks ago. I'm back out for now and pushing on. You can do it.
  11. @Tymothi - New sure they get pricey. I have a 5 year old Specialized XC bike. It's still a force of nature and runs great. Lost about 75% of it's value I'm sure... Look on NextDoor. You can find used bikes in your neighborhood. Don't shy away from that. You can get a good used bike that will fit in your budget. You might have to do a few adjustments or replace brake pads or tires. Nothing horrible. Plenty of youtube videos on how to maintain them. Good luck.
  12. Josh Rose (Not a big Rose fan. It was ok as far as those go.) My theory. Wine is either white or red. Any other color means someone messed up. 😉
  13. Carb Cycling So I've been researching this as a weight loss plan for my gal. We already eat pretty clean most of the time. Yeah we still have pizza and drink liquor, but not much else. We log our meals and keep our numbers in calories and macros. So carb cycling is an interesting concept and there is a lot of data to backup its value. We're going to make a modified plan as their numbers for Low and High carb days are a bit over the top. Especially with someone who has been tested pre-diabetic in years past. We now have her numbers for that in really good place. So we don't want to screw it up. Have any of you tried it and what did you do?
  14. Getting quiet in here... We're half way through my gals new workout program. She's dropped a few pounds and wants to drop about 5 more. The workouts are a great mix and they're all on demand so we have all of them whenever we need them. We're working on diet changes coming soon. We eat pretty clean now but want to try something else. I'll post that in the diet thread. One of the new routines is a weight routine based on high rep, lower weight, time under tension. I must say it's working. Leaner muscle and no bulk. She is doing doubles on most days. I do sometimes but don't need that. Rumor has it that we can climb outdoors in some of the state park mountain areas. We're considering outdoor rock climbing now instead of indoors since this damned Covid has screwed that all up.
  15. Ok I'll fess up. I really liked the 3 little witches, Charmed. I've seen all the episodes, many times. And have the whole thing on DVDs.
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