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  1. Taking a med for any amount of time then going cold turkey is and has been proven to be very dangerous and irresponsible. Tapering off is the smart and manageable approach. Eve. Diet and exercise. Much like your tapering off the med now taper on to clean up your diet and slowly increase exercise. Use a tool to log your foods and exercise, I use My....Pal. It works well. Balance your carb, fat, protein. Cycle between some cardio variations and some resistance training. Stretch and try yoga or something to help with the muscle cramps and pains. Taking Cymbalta is also a pain killer in a sense so I'm sure some of your pains before were masked by it. I take 30mg and it works well for me. Better than any SSRI ever did by far. It also helps with my back pain from being fused. I don't have weight issues due to several reasons. Good metabolism is one, but, most important is diet and exercise. It helps with my whole body, not just weight. Good luck!
  2. Haven't been on in a while. Glad to see some of you up and moving around. I slowed down on exercise for a bit and I noticed the difference. Starting back into to the heavy stuff to get ready for spring. We climb indoors every week now. Got the mountain bikes setup, dirt tires on, and we went on a real trail for the first time in a while. Quite entertaining and sore after... Starting a new mixed cardio and weight routine we are making up together. Taking the parts we like from several routines and creating a new 30-90 system. Should be fun.
  3. Update: I've been on this combo now since August of 2017. It works very well for me. I don't get sleepy from the Cymbalta as the Ritalin kicks in right away. I'm still on the lowest dose and it works. Depression is very manageable and almost no anxiety attacks. Some bad days that I struggle through but far and few between. Not spending my days dreading being around, much more productive. Moving forward.
  4. Atomic Blonde. Charlize Theron. She rocks. The end! James Bond has a female counter part with a seriously bad attitude... Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, shooting, hand to hand combat, car chases, politics, spies, twisting plot, great soundtrack! Coming out on DVD before the end of the month. I'll be buying a copy. You don't need a movie theatre screen for the special effects but a big tv would be nice. My favorite movie so far this year.
  5. I have a Fitbit Charge 2 and I like it a lot. It stays charged for several days so maintaining it is not a problem. It doesn't read email or any of that smartphone extensions I don't want. It's a fitness tracker and works really well for what I need. It also has a GPS function so when we go hike or ride we can map out where we went, distances, ave speed, and heart rate, cals burn, etc... As a standalone for HIIT training I would rather use my Polar FT7 w/chest strap. That is more accurate than wrist based devices. The Fitbit also gauges sleep patterns and is handy for step tracking for walks and daily routine. It hooks up to your smartphone and their app works pretty nice. It can also pull data from MyFitnessPal and share info back. Since we track all our meals and watch our calories and nutrient balance it's nice to roll it up together.
  6. It took a good 30+ days for me to stabilize on the Cymbalta. My pdoc saw me after 30 then 90 to make sure it was working well, stabil, etc... 10 days is not enough time to give any med a fair test. I took Zoloft and didn't like it. Most SSRIs don't make me motivated at all. They make me drowsy and lazy. The Cymbalta has some drowsy effects but I was still motivated, just wanted to nap. I now take a light stimulant with it and no more drowsy. You could take a stimulant with any of these AD meds if your doc is ok with it.
  7. I'm on low dose Cymbalta and get the dry mouth part. Mainly at night so I just keep a bottle of water on the night stand. The angry part I get in spurts. I find being active and exercising burns off anger, frustration, etc. I think, just my theory, that the med is helping with the depression, anxiety, and all. That energy seems to get converted to anger if you let it. It needs another direction. For me it's exercise or sports. It needs to be something physical that helps me burn it off. You have to manage that. If all your friends are telling you you're always angry then that is a problem. When they're at the point they want nothing to do with you then I'd say your doc is wrong telling you to ignore them. A big part of depression tends to be disconnecting yourself from people. I believe connecting with people is a positive thing. Again just my theory.
  8. @Debbers Good to hear. I got shuffled out of a 20 year job and they had me doing something that was not where I wanted to be. They bought me out with early retirement to go away. Which is becoming more and more typical. So now I'm looking in other companies and dread it everyday. I hope it continues to work for you.
  9. Scooped up the remaining kittens, 4 of them, that are weened of their mom. Mom is ferrel, but kittens have lived on my back porch and my garage. Took them to no-**** shelter. They'll get adopted. They're trained to be people friendly and eat a mix of foods I give them and milk. So they're happy little kitties. Makes me feel good and bad at the same time. I rescued 5 more kittens from another ferrel female that also used my garage as a shelter and had her kittens under my rolling toolbox! They went to the shelter a week ago. Now I'm working with the shelter and SNIP program to get the momma cats and get them spayed/neutered. And the male cat that comes over is going to get snipped. Somehow the shelter roped me into their program as a foster home and got me working with animal rescue to catch ferrel cats and get them spayed/neutered, and shots, then returned. The county sheriff office works with them and several officers I know twisted my arm to help or else.... They all live my neighborhood and know where to find me... I hate those guys... ;-)
  10. @duck @JD4010 There is something about Costco that gives me a love/hate relationship. I go there every other week to stock up on the bulk items. Should take an hour. It invariably takes me 2 hours because I wander about. And I don't even eat samples so it's not that... Lol...
  11. Low T is very real and easily resolved in this day and age. Go back to your doc and get the testosterone and needles and do the injections. I'll give you real feedback on it. It does cause depression when your T-level gets too low. It affects several things, including sex. It is not the miracle cure for libido, erections, and orgasms. It is required to get your body back on the right track. Hormones play a crucial role in men and women, don't discount them. Now, here's several years of experience. The creams they offer that you slather on everyday. They're expensive and I found they didn't work that great. I got pellets embedded in my skin that slowly dissolve. They were good for 3-4 months. Very consistent, but require you to go to the docs office and you'll get cut to do it. A bit painful but worth it. That is expensive here in the US and many insurance companies are balking on it. Not sure about CA. The cheapest, most effective, method is still the old school, self injection of a metered dose. It has some high and low but pretty steady. You can do it weekly or bi-weekly. There are videos on Youtube on how and where to self inject. It is easy and no big deal. Unless you can't deal with needles. I'd learn to get over that quick for the benefit. The benefit. My level doubled on T so that it is now at a strong level. It wasn't a miracle cure for anything but it did improve my depression, libido, erections somewhat, and overall energy level. I have some ED so I just take a blue pill when needed. My depression today is based on several life events all colliding at once that even testosterone doesn't help. I have that under better control. If I stopped the shots and let my t-level drop my attitude will go right down with it. Warning. Increasing testosterone requires a bit of monitoring. You need to get your blood drawn 2-4 times a year to be sure you are at a proper level. Not too low and not too high. Going too high is bad. Roid Rage is real and can happen. I had one incident with the pellets once where some dissolved quickly and my t-level tripled. It got really ugly for a bit... Other than that no real side effects from it. Watch your dose closely!
  12. So you should be. Mixing Cymbalta with pain killers will already enhance the effect and increase the drowsiness. I used to take hydrocodone as needed for back pain. I'm fused in lower back and the hardware makes my bones ache and some days a hydro was needed to just "turn it off". Cymbalta, for me has been the best depression med by far. It's also helped make my back pain very low key. I have a touch of fibro in one leg and it helps with that a bit too. I'm on 30mg dose and have been fine with it except the drowsy low energy part. I don't even want to take a hydrocodone now. Don't need it. I was also told to be careful of how often I take Advil for general aches or colds. So if your pain killers are like the ones I have had they are all mixed with either generic tylenol or advil. Long term use can cause problems with upper/lower GI. I take Vistaril for anxiety attacks. My pdoc likes it and it is low on the addictive scale. Taking that with Cymbalta adds to the drowsy effect. Stack that with pain killers and you compound the Cymbalta and pain killer. That is with hydro, oxy, or any of the codone/contin family. If you're on morphine for pain then just the mix of that with Cymbalta is risky, adding something like Vistaril would be flat out dangerous. I wouldn't go along with it if it were me.
  13. I've had the genetic tests done and they do help. But blood tests are absolutely necessary. If he has a phobia about needles then sedate him and do the blood draw. I would consider that a better approach than trying random drugs because he is afraid of needles. Almost every SSRI and now SNRI med I've tried has 1 common side effect for me. Tired, lack of drive, difficult to get moving. It is inherent with these meds. Ask his doctor to consider adding a low dose of stimulant to offset that effect. Once my doc added a small stimulant taken with the depression med that tired and unmotivated feeling has calmed way down. Getting approved to take a stimulant here requires and EKG, blood and urine tests. So you're still going to need to get that blood draw done. If you can get one blood draw done then draw plenty of samples and get every test done that the doc thinks could help. A full panel would be great since it might find something in the screening that neither of you would have ever thought to look for.
  14. Did a genetic test and found that Wellbutrin is the drug I shouldn't take at all. It pointed out the severe backfire that happened on it. SSRI all made me drowsy and mixed issues with sex. The SNRI, Cymbalta, has mainly turned off depression, literally like a switch flipped. Go figure! Cymbalta makes it difficult to orgasm but not impossible. My gal is on Wellbutrin and has been for years. It stabilizes her and she has almost no side effects. She went on Lexapro once for a month and her ability to orgasm just stopped. When I took Vibryd I had that problem by month two. Lamictal I did ok on but it was mediocre for depression. Seems fixing depression requires some amount of pain regarding sex. Such a crappy deal for anyone who is sexually active.
  15. After 1 week of augmenting Cymbalta 30mg with Ritalin 5mg. I'm not feeling tired during the day and that slow unmotivated feeling is very manageable. So far so good. Hoping to continue on this path. Only side effect from adding Ritalin is you start to feel when it is wearing off, "the witching hour". Got a little agitated and irritable but now I know it's coming and adjust.
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