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  1. Because I often have a feeling that a doctor doesn't care about those things (except if it is a very serious depression, for example a depression which has not been treated for a long time or if it is bipolar or schizophrenia). Additionally, I am afraid that if I tell my doctor that "maybe there is a better way to treat me (more specific anti-depressant for my circumstance, but less of it)" she/he will not appreciate it, and to tell your doctor thing like "Now I am feeling totally ok, but I know if I stop treating my depression then it will come back because it has been like this for many years (depression returning)" is often seen as addiction, and it is not taken seriously :(
  2. I have a stupid question which I am afraid to ask. Is it ok to talk to your doctor about my treatment, and discuss a better way to treat my depression? (for example, tell the doctor that these anti-depressants didnt work, and those anti-depressants did but had some negative effects, etc. etc, and ask about alternative treatments.).
  3. Is it possible for a person to have a depression which is primary physically like sleeping all day, and later when not treated it becomes also emotional like suicidal, depression, etc.?
  4. I have noticed that anti-depressants do not help 100%, They help around 50%-75% if I take particle antidepressants which are specific for my depression (enough to get me up, but I still need to exercise and socialize to be fully not depressed). Do you have similar experience?
  5. sorry for asking, but I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. I always avoided relationships because I was afraid that I would hurt the other person, being depressed and all. However, recently I started to get back to normal life (caring about mental and physical health), and recently I met this girl who likes me, but she is very asocial. Is this a cruel thing to do to become friends first because she is very closed and very shy (I do not really know her because she is so closed even after 3 dates), and I want to open her up first so that the relationship in the long-run would not be awkward (no conversation and only silence)?
  6. I have noticed that I harm myself when depression starts, but I do it mostly mentally, such as staying away from people, failing classes, breaking up relationships,etc. Do people also experience this during depression, or is self-injury only physical?
  7. I went to two, I have very bad experience with the first one, and the second was a very nice person, but he gave me the answers to my problems which I already knew.
  8. I didn't because I don't feel comfortable sharing the actual problems that I am going through. I went to psychologists, and it was a bad experience for me.
  9. This might be a stupid question, but many people told me that anti-depressants are just a temporary fix for depression. And I have noticed that when I take anti-depressants, I find depressive things/ideas/events neutral or just sad, and they do not drive me into depression like before. However, I have been thinking if somehow I got rid of the things/ideas/events which I find depressive in the first place would I be "cured" or would my subconsciousness try to find new things/ideas/events that make me depressed?
  10. This might be a stupid question, but there are people who easily get depressed, and there are people who are depressed because of something very very terrible happened (for example: his/her family died, he/she lost everything job,house,etc.). My point which I am trying to make that I have observed that there are people who suffer from depression (major,bipolar,SAD,etc.), and they seem to be "weak", "selfish","disappointment of humanity" ,"self-centered" when you compare them to the people who suffer from depression after a huge trauma. The question is whether people who suffer from depression such as (major,bipolar,SAD,etc) which was not cause by huge trauma (such as death of a love one or loosing everything valuable:- house,car,job,etc ) might find themselves as "weak", "selfish","disappointment of humanity" ,"self-centered" when they are comparing themselves with people who went through huge traumas in their lives.
  11. 1) Is it possible for depressed person with major depression to experience mania or hypo-mania or other mood swings (without medication)? 2) Does each person experiences depression differently? Each person would suffer more from a specific part of depression's spectrum. So for example Person A would say that major part of depression is anxiety and not sleeping and weight lost Person B would say that major part of depression is sadness and loneliness Person C would say that major part of depression is sleeping/lack of energy and weight gain 3) if 2) is true then is it possible for depression to change overtime for a person? (for example from person A to person B and then to person C)?
  12. One more stupid question. Is it possible to mistake bipolar for SAD, and SAD for bipolar? Sorry for asking, but I was wondering whether it is possible to mistake hyperactive person with SAD as bipolar or person with SAD if his trigger is not 100% during the winter and autumn (winter till summer for example) as bipolar?
  13. One more stupid question, can depressed person be not 100% certain of the core reason why she/he is depressed?
  14. I have 3 questions about the cause of depression which I am not sure about. My first question is whether depression can be caused by itself and events make it worse? second question, is "being alive" or "being yourself" an event to cause depression? (just being aware of your existence and not the events which follow with being alive) third question, can depression be cause by something that a person is unaware of or doesn't find it depressive in the first place?
  15. So just to be sure. Would you say this is possible for a bipolar person to experience this? normal(sleeping 18-24h everyday for some period week or more) -> depressive(suicidal for some period week or more) -> normal(sleeping) -> normal(productive, not sleeping for some period week or more) -> maniac(do something very stupid like create business that makes no sense) -> normal(talking fast, productive) -> normal(sleep) ->depressive(suicidal) -> normal(outrageous) -> etc. This is just an example to see if I have good picture of bipolar people
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