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  1. I agree. I missed my last appointment but i definitely need to talk to my psychiatrist
  2. Thank you. I know that deep down but my mind just cant believe it no matter how i try. I used to have a therapist but i havent been in about a year because i felt it wasnt helping. I have a psychiatrist i go to and she has me on lithium and lexapro. Nothing seems to help or make me feel normal enough to feel like a good mom
  3. Im new here but not new to depression at all. I remember being down and sad and feeling alone ever since i was really young. I use to be able to sleep for days if i wanted to or give up on everything including breathing if i wanted to but now i am a mother of 2 young kids. Trying to fight the tears with no explanation and the extreme out or the blue irritability for no reason is harder than ever now a days. I'm use to no one else understanding me or what its like for me inside my head but to have your babies looking up at you confused to why you are crying all the time... its heartbreaking. I love them more than life and thats why some days i feel like despite my love for them and their need for me.. they are better off without me. Thats my story. Thanks for listening
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