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  1. I had a good experience with that combo for a short while.
  2. This is a normal side effect for Cymbalta. You can take a medication called "glycopyrrolate" to help ease the sweating.
  3. Strange. I've personally never heard of that from Latuda, but that doesn't mean it isn't a thing... lol. I'm more on the side that it's continuing depression. Thanks! I hope you're doing well too! Hydroxyzine could contribute, but more likely it could help you feel better because you're getting better sleep and it has 5-HT2A antagonism.
  4. Interesting. Latuda isn't well-known for causing that flatness you're speaking of, but it's certainly not out of the question. Hydroxyzine is definitely pretty sedating for many people. Make sure you are taking the Latuda with food (at least 350 calories of food) to ensure its absorption. My pdoc always prescribes it to take in the evening with supper. I hope it works out for you. :) If you continue to feel flat, you may ask about going down to 20 mg perhaps...
  5. Seems like your tapering is getting easier, am I right? Keep us updated!
  6. He needs to either get back on the fluphenazine (Prolixin) or switch to something else if the blurry vision is really bothering him. Something less anticholinergic, perhaps. I recommend trifluoperazine (Stelazine) if he's going to take a first generation antipsychotic, but it can be hard to find a pharmacy that can get it since it's kinda rarely prescribed and not many companies make it anymore. Haloperidol (Haldol) is an okay temporary to get by, as it's VERY strong, but rates of tardive dyskinesia are highest probably for this antipsychotic. Fluphenazine is basically Haldol without the bad side effects (it's a phenothiazine though as opposed to being a butyrophenone like Haldol).
  7. Nope, no problem mixing the two. Pepcid is in the same class as Zantac, just with less side effects and less drug-drug interactions. It's about time they pulled Zantac... Good luck with Pepcid! IMO, it's the best H2-histamine antagonist antacid. You can get this prescribed by your doc and it's way cheaper.
  8. Many illnesses increase inflammatory markers, and depression is thought by many to be an inflammatory disease in the first place. Increased inflammatory markers can lead to depression, and certain people are very sensitive to this, like when they get sick, and so they subsequently feel depressed. By now you must be over your illness, so if you're still depressed, I'd pay a visit to your doc/pdoc.
  9. Seroxat (paroxetine) can have this effect on people. Sounds like you need to try an SSRI with a more mood-brightening and stimulating effect, like fluoxetine or sertraline, or even an SNRI.
  10. Latuda can be stimulating (or agitating) at low doses (20-40 mg), so if you feel that way, your pdoc may increase the dose to 60-80 mg, or even 120 mg if needed. The max dose is 160 mg, but that's for schizophrenia. Good luck with Vraylar, I just got off it because it was making me feel more depressed. Start at 1.5 mg and keep it there as long as you can if you're taking it for depression. Also, too much Lamictal can make you feel flat and emotionless, which can be mistaken for depression, so unless you take it for seizures, you may discuss with your pdoc taking less Lamictal. Just an idea.
  11. Actually, this could mean that you are a poor metabolizer of either CYP1A2 or CYP2D6, liver enzymes responsible for metabolizing Cymbalta. Either that, or your serotonin transporter (SERT) genes are such that you are sensitive to serotonergic drugs. Why not try 20 mg for a while, then try the every other day, and so forth? Best of luck titrating off of it! It can be a doozy.
  12. Psychedelics mainly work on the serotonergic systems, so it could be that you have downregulated your 5-HT2A receptors especially (the main receptor psychedelics work at to produce hallucinogenic effects), which is actually a good thing. The fact that your antidepressant isn't working as well as it used to has me baffled though. I honestly don't have an answer to this. Have you tried escitalopram (Lexapro) before? It's basically half of the molecule (the good half) of Celexa (less side effects and more potent). Any other SSRIs tried? You might benefit from a beta-blocker, especially one like propranolol (Inderal) or pindolol (Visken). These relieve the somatic symptoms of anxiety (like chest pain, stomach queasiness, etc.) Pindolol actually can help accelerate the response to your antidepressant via 5-HT1A antagonism or low instrinsic activity partial agonism (functional antagonism). 5 mg is usually all that is needed, but sometimes 7.5-10 mg is needed. Propranolol is also great for anxiety, not so much for depression, which actually can be a side effect of it. Most people in your situation maybe only need 10 mg twice daily as needed or 20 mg twice daily as needed. I personally don't, but one of my best friends does, and he said that from his experience, psychedelics and serotonergic drugs do not mix well with each other (unfortunately, IMO... not trying to encourage psychedelic use or anything...). MDMA's effects are actually is rendered null by serotonergic antidepressants (anything that has serotonin reuptake inhibition), and can be lethal to take with an MAOI, so there's that. LSD is the same way. Psilocybin I'm not so sure about. Are you sure you're not bipolar?
  13. So God is non-binary according to this minister, if I have that terminology correct. Or androgynous? I think non-binary is neither nor, and androgynous is both at the same time. Makes sense to me. If s/he/it is omnipresent, omnipotent, etc., then it would be everything relating to sexual traits/secondary sexual traits as far as we know. Regardless of sex/gender/whatever, I believe God is God, and even believe there may be multiple Gods. I'm agnostic, so I don't claim to "know" who or what God is. I believe God is beyond our capability of comprehension because it is an infinite being—here forever before and will be forever after humans. That's just my opinion. I grew up Christian, but because of circumstances beyond my control, and a very toxic church environment, I stopped going to church and my religious orientation changed. Thank you, I truly felt safe and reassured as I was going through a difficult time when I felt that presence. I wish to feel it again whatever or whoever it was. I really hope bible verses are not going to be thrown at me for what I said. These are just my beliefs, and I wish for them to be respected just as I respect all of your beliefs.
  14. I think I saw this post on CB, but I'll go ahead and respond to it again. I used to get benign rashes all the time on Lamictal. I went to the doctor the first time I got a rash freaking out about it being SJS. He smiled and assured me it wasn't SJS. SJS has a distinctive appearance with splotchiness on the skin and severely inflamed mucous membranes. If you want to know what it looks like and have a strong stomach, use Google Image Search to see what SJS looks like. Note that these will mostly be advanced cases that have gone untreated for a while, "a while" being very relative as SJS progresses very quickly. All this being said, as has already been said, take any rash very seriously with Lamictal, as a benign rash could easily turn into a malignant one. Hope you're doing okay on the Lamictal!
  15. I have felt a presence that I felt was divine. It was a motherly, nurturing presence. Not sure if it was god or an angel.
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