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  1. Jesus, I'm so sorry to hear that, my apologies for you and your family, take your time and yes, don't stop looking for help, about me, I am always here to talk, don't doubt it please. Take care dear.
  2. Thanks for your kind words @PraiseBrownies, you have my support and best wishes too, take care.
  3. Just psychiatrists, the last one told me to visit a therapist, but still haven't made an appointment, it's funny sometimes how we care and worry about others but don't let them get in into our problems.
  4. Thanks a lot @MaddieLouise, I really appreciate your words and I understand very well what you say, the thing is I cannot assimilate it, assimilate the fact someone feels bad or sad because of me, and I don't man the decision to finish with my life because I assume they're going to have a hard time dealing with it... it's so confusing. Be well.
  5. I see, that story happens a lot, but you shouldn't give up, specially because it's for your own good you know, I suffer from depression and other stuff since I was a child, and it wasn't until the last year that I started to look for help, it's not easy, but I do it for myself and because I don't like to try to **** myself and fail in a bad way. I'm sure you are a strong person, specially because you are here by your own, without help, but you need to look for some, it's not healthy being alone. And if it is useful for you, I'm here to talk anytime you want or need to. Take care.
  6. Idk, therapy, meds for coping with your problems, anything that can help.
  7. I bet you'll do it great, being on stage.
  8. I try, but sometimes mirrors dont help at all, greetings.
  9. Sleeping always help, you disconnect from everything or almost everything when you're sleeping, or at least it works for me.
  10. Feel tired and sleepy, fat and ugly :(
  11. Im sorry about your situation, you all are having a hard time, but a question, you say you have medical problems, but do you receive Medical help?
  12. I'm not sure if the title is okay, what I am trying to say is that I have a family and a boyfriend who support me, but I don't think this is fair for them. I want to die, sometimes I think the best thing I can do is going away from everyone in order they don't have a bad time if I disappear from this world. I don't know what to do, I look for help but it seems nothing can help, the suffering increase with the time and I see how I hurt my family and bf too everytime they watch me in a bad situation.
  13. "Don't tell someone to get over it. Help them get through it" ~Sue Fitzmaurice.
  14. tired and rundown
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