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  1. Countries have always put forth more effort on other issues like cancer research, but what a lot of people dont realize is that it can be just as bad
  2. How is Zoloft working for you all now? First week and a half for me was terrible with anxiety and no appetite and I had that before starting, third week in I felt like myself and could eat more and only suffered a tight throat, the next week (this one) I crashed and feel back to square one my doctor then increased me to 50mg, can't eat, crying spells that lead to panic and hopelessness my doctor just don't feel any better this is the second day on 50mg
  3. Hello, how is Zoloft suiting you so far?
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if you could share if Zoloft helped fly and how long it took?
  5. How long until you felt evened out? And if you could describe what the feeling of evened out feels like? My doctor increased my dosage yesterday to 50 mg, for a couple of hours after taking it it felt elated then once I got home I CRASHED severe anxiety and hopelessness and cried the entire day, thought I may have to be put away last night then took xanax and felt better. Today I have severe anxiety still, no appetite but trying to force water and an upset stomach and feeling kinda panicky...
  6. Hello thanks for sharing your experience, could you possibly share how long it took for sertraline to work?
  7. Depending on whether or not sertraline makes you sleepy would be that deciding factor. May I ask how have you been on sertraline?
  8. hello, i have been looking at these forums for awhile now as it has given me some hope but decided to put my experience on here to see if i could get some more support. october 23rd i was placed into the hospital for a panic attack, was sent home with xanax .25mg as needed. As a child i has separation anxiety from my mother and home as a child and social anxiety in high school, didnt like to go to parties and normally was an introvert and a homebody. My anxiety was never severe, made me sick to my stomach sometimes but going home always helped or doing something i loved. A week after my panic attack my boyfriend asked if i could come over (back to the environment where i had my panic attack). this set something off in me and from that day on i had been waking up with a nervous stomach and anxiety that was constant throughout the day. i did not eat for a week and a half and was shaking and has rushes of adrenaline and crying not knowing why this was happening. a week passed by before i went to a therapist and she recommended i be put on zoloft (sertraline). i went to my general practitioner who is a nurse practitioner and she prescribed me 25 mg of sertraline that i started on november 5th. before then i would take xanax when anxiety got really bad and that would make me feel normal for about 4-5 hours till i fell sleep then anxiety and panic would set in the next morning cycling every day and not wanting to be alone. but i try to stay away from xanax only when its really needed. anyway, the start of zoloft was kinda rough insomnia first night, waking up a lot at night, increased anxiety and depressive thoughts, jitteriness, feeling numb, muscle twitching, looser stools but not extremely still solid, headaches. the only side effects that continue now are the occasional headache and sometimes im a little shaky and muscle twitches but not as much anymore. after about a week and a half i remember sitting on the couch and calmed myself down way quicker than usual, then i started being able to eat small things, sleep all the way through the night, appetite slowly coming back but still not normal i just dont gag at the sight of food, i was able to concentrate better, and even go out to the gym and do errands and go black friday shopping. the 13th i was able to dress up and go out and eat a full meal and have a good time but upon waking up the next morning i felt anxiety and sadness again,then this past week my anxiety and depressiveness and crying spells almost diminished except the only annoying thing was a tight throat but i wasnt counting down the hours till i was able to go home or bundle up with a heating blanket. i felt very close to normal, not completely but the closest yet. then this sunday i woke up and it was like i was back to square one, i woke up with extreme anxiety and crying most of the day couldnt eat, was dizzy when standing, was out of it and felt like i could sleep the entire day. yesterday i was able to go to school and work and distract myself for the most part and was able to eat a whole plate of pasta and a bowl of soup, now today started out ok, but throughout the entire day its like an emotional rollercoaster, i will get anxiety waves and depressive waves of feeling so sad and hopeless and crying, then i would try to think of something i would look forward to to pull me out of it and it would work for a little then another wave would hit and so on. Now i am in bed and relaxed and feeling pretty good just a little it of a tight throat but nothing bothersome. some little tiny anxiety waves hit me but nothing doing something i like like watching youtube videos cant fix. Is it normal to be on this emotional roller coaster before the zoloft levels out? this is day 24 on 25 mg and i also heard 25mg isnt even a therapeutic dose? i feel like its kinda helping but very patchy and im on this rollercoaster but the sadness was worse than ever today. i am going to see my GP tomorrow for an update and idk if i should up my dose or stay on this one?? any success stories would help, no bad stories please. also my cousin has had success on zoloft, but she didnt have relief until she reached 150mg. also on november 5th i went off birth control after 4 years thinking that could have been causing it and i got my period last on november 1st and finished that pack, could this dip be from my period possibly coming???
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