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  1. two more rejection emails. Keep them coming... The job market is good my ass.
  2. I thought about working for myself but the process to get myself established and even noticed could take months. The only thing I can think of that can be an odd job is scan film negatives or do illustrations... It's hard to ask for something so simple when where I am everything is all about tech jobs. I'm in Texas by the way in case other posters didn't know.
  3. so far two emails responded. One didn't have available position while the other didn't see me as a good fit (they also didn't have any examples of web work yet I emailed them anyways).
  4. Oh I've been messaging almost every agency I can find where I am today and the past two days. I received another email from one company that liked my work and will keep me in mind when they want to expand their team. I knew they didn't have any openings but I emailed them anyways. It wasn't much but man I needed that kind of email.
  5. I checked out Craigslist and other job sites but unfortunately since it's the last week of december, many or all of these companies are on holiday for the rest of the week so I'll have to wait until next week for any response (if any).
  6. That sounds promising. I am applying as a Web Designer and Developer. Some companies make it a bit unclear on what they consider junior, senior, and mid-level. Some don't even mention years experience required or preferred. I've been applying to creative and digital agencies and those types of companies have a tendency to not want to hire junior because they don't want to spend the effort or time to "train". I'm not an intern but then I am no 6 year experienced person.
  7. Unemployment is low? I already received my first rejection email from one company already. I thought Fiverr would help me get a start on selling my artwork since no one knows who I am. Does anyone know if two years of experience in any field is still considered junior level?
  8. Film Photography Trails, state parks and national parks doing character illustrations
  9. Ideally I prefer remote jobs but it looks like I'll have to apply for onsite web developer jobs in the meantime. I tried temp agencies and applying for retail work, the chance for getting in were even worse. I couldn't even get a job at the local grocery store.
  10. I wish I had self respect and self-confidence. It is very difficult to be positive where the slightest positive thinking will end getting beaten down again and again. I have used upwork before but it didn't really go anywhere. I really like to do some 3D modeling but that market is so detailed and small, there's hardly any work on it that is beginner friendly.
  11. I can do freelance. I've been unsuccessful in getting started on it. I wish there were better freelance sites where I am not competing with thousands of other people from overseas willing to do the same thing I'm doing but much much cheaper. I tried reviving my fiverr account but my account is disabled and on top of that I don't have access to their customer support. I tried creating a new account with another email and their login hangs indefinitely... Yay me.
  12. I have a resume, portfolio, and some other things lined up and a couple of connections. It’s the lengthy interview process that companies have that is making me nervous. It's as if they take their sweet time while I'm over here waiting on them like a sitting duck. For some reason in where I live, there are a lot of jobs but they tend to either give it to people who have senior level experience, out of staters, or computer science students. It's quite terrible. I wish I can be positive but it is also the holidays and everyone is out enjoying their vacations for the entire week. No matter where I apply, everyone is on vacation. It makes my mental state decline to the point of losing my appetite.
  13. I do web development and design and those jobs tend to take awhile since everyone is not active online around this time of year. So far I have applied to probably 5 or six jobs today and send emails to four people if they know someone that is hiring. I'm running out of jobs to apply for. As usual there are too many jobs that ask for multiple years of experience, even the minimum wage ones. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this happen.
  14. I no longer have a job. I'm the most pessimistic person and don't think I'll be able to get one until I am either homeless or dead. Can someone at least provide some kind of positivity and tell me if it is possible. I keep hearing months, but I don't have that kind of time.
  15. The problem is I can't seem to find another profession that may be enjoyable. I thought about design but even doing that doesn't bring any pleasure. I can't think of anything. I would hate to be stuck here but I don't know where else to go. I have created personal creative projects but while at the start it's nice but shortly after, I lose interest. I always read on "finding a great job" kind of articles, they mention to find someone that works in that field and is more experienced and either have them mentor you or pick their brain. That's the problem, I'm busy thinking I am the most inferior peasant scumbag that no one will want to speak to me. So I back down and end up daydreaming again about things that won't happen. Then I lose interest and go back to my pathetic job. There is no career counselor or career mentor I can visit. I graduated over a year ago. It seems the only thing I look forward to is illustration and going hiking, and take pictures on film. But that is something I do a few times a month. Everything else I am miserable with, I have to deal with daily.
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