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  1. Well, admin sounds like a jerk. Find a new group, follow the rules. Facebook is a big ocean ready for fishing.
  2. I've had a bit of scotch. I seem to exist in the space between awareness and ignorance, languishing in things I want and may never have. The seconds drift by like deafening crashes of a cymbal. It is here, with a frightening presence, I am the most comfortable. The silence of these walls a chorus raging against this typhoon of ruminating thoughts and endless doubts. This knowing smile on my face a testament to the coming years, the unending fears.
  3. Regrets, night sweats Occasional thoughts of suicide Green light, I'm okay Feeling fine, just a little dark time Old habits die hard And I've lived so fast And I know it's a long way down Tempting me, tempting you Tempting us in all we do Can't make a move Show me a sign What is your will? It's a.. long long way Between sin and sacrifice DevilDriver Sin and Sacrifice
  4. For the price of two cigarettes, got a banjo performance when I went downtown.
  5. Down the creek
  6. I will live the life I want to live Help me, Jesus, I can't Give what they want me to give Onto lost highways I stray Going deep into the shade (a point of contention, no lyrics list this line in particular so I'm going by hearing) Towards the sunlight Where no one dares to wear a face All colors blend Into sunlight Colorblind - Vision Of Disorder
  7. Find out what you are and see it Find out who you are free it Find out who you love and need it Find out what you can and be it That's what's up, that's what's up Shabazz Palaces - FInd Out
  8. We're alive somewhere else Still asleep someplace new We're ahead of our time Floating through.. The sky is falling down The night belongs to you Deftones - What Happened To You?
  9. What comes next?
  10. Trying to get through Paradise Lost by John Milton.. the language seems almost impenetrable at times, though.
  11. Keep your head above Though you are always sinking There is land ahead
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