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  1. Hey guys. I came out of depression few months ago but during the time I had problems whit motivation. I still work out but It seems really hard to keep up. Yesterday I stumbled upon this thing. I don't know yet if I find it helpful but what do you guys think? Regardless of the sensational style of it, it makes a lot of sense and has been on my mind since I watched it. Especially since notable figures like Einstein also had this belief.
  2. @Corbin you have crazy potential man. Saying that You can not do much is simply not true. Some people came from poor environment and saved few million people.
  3. Well, maybe instead of crying how bad humanity is, start doing something about it. Usually when people say these things they are part of the problem.
  4. Have you ever tried to pick up hobby and find like minded people trough that?
  5. Jump on fitness and connect whit local fitness group. Those people are really supportive.
  6. My highest point was when I was on plane. My lowest point was when I was diving deep while scuba diving.
  7. Welcome mate. If you need any help or someone to talk to I'm open for discussion.
  8. If you don't like this election then just try to think what you can do. Trump is just a man, just like you. Maybe you can bring some kind of impact, even if it is in your local community.
  9. Usually friends are defined by what you do. If you pick a hobby or some video game you will find friends that do the same thing.
  10. Read the whole thing. You had really bad life experience. Is there any way I can help you let me know.
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