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  1. I understand how u both feel. Beginning 2016 my luck started turning 2 sh**. Seemed everything, 1 after another was happening or going wrong. 2 be honest with u, I can't say it has ended. I had thought about a spiritual cleansing, having a priest bless my house, all kinds of stuff. The only thing that has changed is my faith (that I'm slowly getting back). That itself doesn't change anything, it just helps with the way I view n feel about things. I'm thankful I'm getting that faith back that was stripped away from me. Yea, LOA won't make everything better n certainly money won't be falling out the sky (boy I wish) but as 4 ME this has helped with my faith n 2 TRY 2 be positive. It makes me feel better. It may not work 4 all, but 4 those who hasn't tried it, it may help them. I hope y'alls luck improves, I know how y'all feel. Like I said, I don't wanna say it's over 4 me. :)
  2. Hello. From the beginning of 2016 up until here lately, I felt the same way. It seemed no matter what I'd do or how good I could be 2 others, things just could not go right in my life. I felt like Rumplestilkstin, but everything I touched turn 2 sh**! I have depression as well so as u may know that amplified every situation, so even the little things that most would just shrug off was devastating to me. I started doing some deep soul searching to hopefully find a reason deep within as 2 y I feel so horrible. After awhile, I found 1 very important thing missing. Faith! Faith in God (or a higher power), faith in myself, faith in humanity, faith about anything was gone! I was in a very abusive relationship for 2 years. During that time up until maybe 3 months ago, on the outside I knew how the abuse affected me. Physical; my body, mental/emotional; my heart and mind. But 1 thing the abuse done that I couldn't see or feel is day by day, hour by hour, every hit, every harsh word was stripping away my faith. Stripped me so far I was left with none. It took me 8 years 2 realize just how bad the abuse had affected me. Upon realizing my missing link, I've been googling, watching videos, listening 2 audio books, anything I could find 2 help me regain my faith. Upon my research I discovered something that b4 I lost my faith I had done but had no clue it had a name. It's called the law of attraction. Using this, u HAVE 2 have faith. It's not a magical witch spell or satanic thing. In fact it's even in the bible. Hence the faith part. LOA can also be explained by quantum physics so it's backed by science. I'm a work in progress trying 2 get back all my lost faith n hold onto the new. I am sharing a link that I feel could be useful 4 anyone on here. There are SEVERAL videos, audio books, and articles about LOA, so if this article doesn't hit home 2 u, Google it. I wish u all the best of luck! *link removed*
  3. Hello all. I have a question 4 anyone who may have been through this experience. I have applied 4 SSDI recently (with the help from an attorney), but I've never experienced this, nor do I know of anyone who has. My diagnosis of depression goes back 10 years. I've seen 2 psychiatrists, 1 psychologists, 4 family drs, and 1 hospital. I've been diagnosed as having depression, bipolar, ADD, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, short term memory loss, panic attacks, PTSD (recent diagnosis because an experience at my workplace I'd been at for 17 years), and 4 some reason, I'm not sure why, but also as having psychosis. please tell me why that may have been if anyone knows. I don't have delusions or anything. For anyone who may know, being my LONG history of me seeking treatment, what might my chances be? I've worked for 17 years up til October. My depression already had me at a low, low (it's gotten worse as I age), when I had 2 be out 4 2 months because pneumonia/depression, when I went back, I was harassed, and treated like pure crap. 2 the point I threw my badge on the bosses desk, said f*** it, and walked out! that's where the PTSD came from. But anyway, what's my chances with SSDI? Any input I would really appreciate. Thank u in advance :)
  4. Hello Lonesome Cowboy. I realize this is an old post, but I registered 4 this forum just 2 comment on ur post. Ironically, I had searched this bad luck thing on Google not 2 long ago. However, ur post did not show on my search results. Last night (because a situation in my life) I searched "how to comfort a depressed peron", guess what happened? Ur post was on my results. Yet when bad luck was my search topic, ur post did NOT show. Figures! I am thankful I did find it though. I can TOTALLY relate 2 what ur experiencing! I do hope by now ur luck has changed. I have said the same exact thing as u on a Facebook post about a month ago. Why me? Am I cursed? It seems there is an invisible force that is putting obstacles in my way at each and every turn! Unlike a large percentage of ppl, I DO believe in curses. As well I believe in God, angels (in human form), supernatural events, and psychic activity (2 an extent). It simply AMAZED me 2 read ur story. It was as if I were reading about my own life! I have also gotten the same response as u, "think positive", "it will be ok", "ur not cursed" etc etc. A friend had also advised me 2 watch a movie for advice, "The Secret". Which at some point, I used my humour and positive thinking. But at some point, u get tired of fighting. The problem with the positivity thing, which some obviously doesn't understand, is that when u have a run of bad luck back 2 back, u are simply 2 depressed by all the circumstances that has fallen ur way to be mentally able 2 do that. Heaven 4bid having depression (I have as well, bipolar/depression) that makes it even harder. I will give u insight into my life, so u will better understand my situation. I've been a single mom since 2004. I have 3 children, which I've raised by myself, though I did get a lil' child support from their dad. I bought a home in 2012 (by myself which is great) for a great price. I can't honestly say I have bad luck all the time, but when u have a constant run of bad luck, it is hard to remember the good. U worry about the last bad thing that happened, b4 u can fix or even process that, here comes something else! It's all like a pile of bricks piling on ur shoulders. At some point, ur gonna collapse. Just this year, I started off with financial issues, I almost wrecked my car (started Jan/Feb), my well quit working, we had no water, I replaced the regulator, it worked, then stopped again. Replaced the regulator again, worked, then quit. Replaced the entire breaker, worked a lil', got in the shower, got soaped up, quit working AGAIN, I couldn't even rinse off! Had 2 dry off with soap still on me! I finally had 2 call a plumber (which I couldn't afford) that charged around $80.00 just 2 diagnose the problem. It was the wiring that ran underground 2 the house. 2 have it rewired was going 2 be $200-$400! We were blessed tho that the gentleman ran the wire 4 us anyway (free of charge) we were only responsible 4 burying it. Maybe a month later (if that) when it began 2 get hot, I turned the air conditioner on, wouldn't u know.... IT DID NOT WORK! Got Morris Jenkins out here (another $80), they said the compressor was shot. Got a 2nd opinion (a lil' cheaper), they said the same. The compressors shot. It had a 5 year warranty on it, which we had been here only 4 years, I called the manufacturer, they said the installer of the original unit did NOT register it, therefore the warranty was void! The cost 2 repair the unit, $3000. The price 2 replace, $5,600! Fortunately, though it's costing me $13,000.00 finance charges and all, the last AC ppl worked with a company that financed for ppl with bad credit. Got that replaced, stuck with a new $225.00 monthly bill, when my finances already sucks! Then, I began 2 feel like Rumplestilskin. Only everything I touch turns 2 sh**! FF a lil', my daughter began having major depression/suicidal idealations, I was worried 2 death about her, and I missed a lot of work 2 be with her. Which I would do anything 4 my kids. After that, I got sick (worked 3 months this way) I couldn't hardly breathe. Went 2 the Dr, found out I had double pneumonia! Missed 2 weeks work, went back 2 work for 4 days, couldn't stay awake. Even walking I felt I was going 2 collapse. Fell asleep a few times driving. Last time (on a Friday) I dozed, woke up on the other side of the rd with cars heading my way, I said no more. No way am I gonna risk hurting someone. I stayed out of work, my mom took me 2 the ER. The Dr there treated me as if I was a drug seeker because my meds showed on a drug test. Yet nobody there bothered 2 ask wt meds I was on. I finally got in with my Dr. They put me out another 2 weeks! I went back 2 work on my job (I wrote the job description), was there 2 days, began being harrased by not 1 boss, but 2 bosses! I knew wt was going on, they were trying 2 force me 2 quit or building up 2 fire me. They took me in the office, was reprimanding me 4 job performance (keep in mind that I wrote my job description cuz I was the 1st on it) and not doffing stuff that wasn't there! I've worked 4 this company for 17 years. Never had a reprimand! Only once 4 my hair (it was 2 long), that was a verbal warning. I got tired of the treatment, that was the final draw, I threw my badge on their desk, told them good luck finding somebody who really gives a f*** about the job n I walked out. Now I'm jobless! Rewind about 10 years, I'll make it short, this post is really long, I lost my kids 2 their dad (he made me look like a monster 2 dss), DSS didn't want my friends around cuz their influence, I had 1 friend left 2 be there 4 me, Mark; my boyfriend cheated on me, then left me at the same time, I lost the relationship with my dad, had 2 battle with DSS n ppls lies, then low n behold, my friend Mark, the only 1 I had committed suicide! I was completely alone!!! This year n the year I lost my kids is/was horrible years! U know 1 thing they both have in common? They both end in 6! 2006 and 2016. To make my story even more ironic...... my divorce (NOT agood thing) with my kids dad was declared, finalized, and signed by a judge on 06/06/06......
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