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  1. Pintor, how do you feel the day after heavy drinking? More anxious?
  2. I think it's perfectly normal to feel that way. But I wonder, is it really you getting older that is depressing, or is it more to do with feeling like you've wasted time that you could have used better? It could very well be that you are coming to realize that you want to make positive changes in your life so to make better use of the time you have. Hopefully what you're feeling now will motivate you to make a better future for yourself. 34 is not old. You could turn your whole life around. My advice there would be to take some time to yourself and really think about what it is you want. It might take a while before you know. Do some heavy self reflection, and really try to focus on what you want to change and how you want to change it. I could help you with that. I recently went through something similar. Sometimes it takes many years of trial and error, as well as wisdom and experience, before you know how to get what you want. Your teens and your 20's are the years where you learn and grow. For all you know you haven't wasted any time at all. It could all just be part of the process of living. Also I'm not religious either. I don't think there's any reason to believe in an afterlife. I do not envy religious people, because frankly, I just think they're all wrong. And remember what the philosopher Auerlius said. Just try to live a good life. If there are Gods who are just, they won't judge you based on how religious you have been.
  3. I've noticed from some people an irrational amount of hatred against DT, and I don't really understand why. None of the hatred he gets is justified or warranted. No one seems to be able to articulate why exactly they feel the way they do about the man, and yet they harbor such intense negative emotions about him. I feel bad for people like this. You're expending and wasting your energy without any good justification. I don't hate anyone to be honest. Oh there are times when people annoy me, and I'm not the most outgoing person. But hate is a waste of time, unless there's some motive or determinative factor behind it that will drive you to do something productive. Ask yourself if your feelings are really justified, or if they just stem from unfounded emotions. One of my co-worker female friends was berated and bullied simply because she said she didn't hate Donald Trump. Imagine that.
  4. Actually yes, it's normal, but it's not healthy, at least not when it becomes habitual over a long time. It's human nature to be lazy.
  5. Remember that most of the thoughts that enter our mind, whether we're depressed or not, are the result of neurons firing off on a subconscious level, and they are beyond our control. Knowing this, if you find yourself accidentally thinking negative thoughts, realize that it isn't your fault. When you're depressed, negative thoughts will enter your mind on their own, and it doesn't mean you should feel guilty about them. It's the depression that is causing the negative thoughts, not you, and so it's not necessarily an indictment against your character. Also, some of your thoughts might not be as irrational and as ridiculous as you might think. There might be a lot of factors at play which cause you to feel a certain way that you just aren't yet aware of. So it might be that your brain is working exactly as it should, based on external factors that are causing it to react that way.
  6. 11/15/2016 So, one of the reasons they gave me for letting me go was that I need to talk to the audience more. They said I lacked the necessary charisma to front a band. Well personally I think this is a very weak and minor criticism to lay on me and certainly not worthy of being a good reason to let me go. The showmanship aspect of a musical performance can be easily fixed and improved. It probably only accounts for 10% of the job of the singer. What I do is train my voice every day. That's obviously the most important thing. If you don't have a good voice, who gives **** how good of a showman you are? If I'm going to see a band perform, I go to hear someone who can sing. If they have a good voice they have a good voice, end of story. I'm not shy with people. When I'm on that stage, I am fully confident and prepared to kick ass. I'm very focused on my work. I'm not going to sacrifice the quality of my voice in place of more of a warm, approachable persona. Yes I'm introverted and I'm cold. But when it comes to music I come alive and give 100% in every performance I do. Will say more later.
  7. I'm trying to move past this but it's hard. They really came off as a******s the way they went about firing me. They should have given me some notice, said something earlier, or something. Since I joined the band they never complained about anything. Isn't it kind of odd that all of a sudden they bring up a bunch of things to complain about?
  8. There are a lot of other people who feel the way you do because of the election. I'm not one of them, but I would suggest or try to point out to you that you might want to just ignore politics, as it usually isn't a source of happiness. You might want to come to realize that it doesn't really matter which candidate wins, because very little will change either way. You remember when Barack Obama said he'd make HUGE changes right? Well, he only made little changes. Just keep that in mind. We don't live in a dictatorship. Trump doesn't have the power to do a lot of the stuff he said he wanted to do. Not much will actually change because of this election.
  9. Right now I don't have Microsoft Office. I'm in serious need of writing down my thoughts and getting them sorted out. I figure I could use this forum to vent and post what's going on in my life. Today, out of the blue, my band fired me. I have been singing for them for the last six months, and since I started with them they have only ever had positive things to say about me, and were very happy to have me. Last I talked to my guitarist he said he had plans of getting back together with his old singer, who originally left the band a while back due to family reasons. It appears that they want him back now, and so that means that I have to go. They gave me a few reasons why they wanted to let me go, reasons that sounded pretty weak in my opinion. As I said, this news came totally at random today, and there were absolutely no warning signs for it. I wish they would have called me and invited me to discuss the situation in person. Actually I don't know exactly what is going through their minds. Actually, they cancelled our last two band practices because they had other things going on. After two cancelled practices in a row I got the feeling that this band wasn't really on the ball and that we weren't going to go very far. Because of their jobs and their families, we can only get one practice in per week. For a band to be successful, I think that we need to practice, bare minimum, twice a week. When we only have one weekly practice and they cancel it due to other obligations, that gives me the impression that they aren't as devoted as they need to be. I've been trying to get them more on the ball and push them forward, and then I get this ****ed up message that they are dismissing me. I was quite depressed before I met these guys. Once I joined this band I became a great deal happier in general. Most of my life has been a struggle of finding the right musicians to play with, and around this area it's extremely difficult to find what I'm looking for. Finding them, I felt it was like an answered prayer. And now it's over. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm wondering how exactly I should handle this. Should I blame myself, for something I either did or didn't do? Should I feel guilty? I do want to say one thing for sure, and that is that I really, truly feel that when it comes to living a happy, successful life that I put forth 100% effort to make it happen. If I should fail, how can I possibly blame myself? What more can I ask of myself if I'm giving it my best? Lastly, because it needs to be said. I am easily a better singer than this other guy they want to bring in. I've listened to their studio recordings, and even on those recordings, the guy is not able to stay on pitch. They must have some hearing problems if they can't tell that. I've made recordings that came out sounding better than that without the use of any in-studio editing of any kind.
  10. Who is it? I'll dig up a bunch of dirt on him and maybe that will help you to stop your crush XD
  11. If you are being bullied in school, it's probably in your best interest to FIGHT. The amount of confidence and respect you'll get will trump whatever punishment the school gives you for fighting. And if you win, it will stop the bully for good, and also deter anyone else from picking on you in the future. So if you are being bullied in school, here's what you do: Step 1: Start weight training. You'll want to bulk up and gain strength. Building muscles is a great way to feel more confident about yourself, but most importantly, you'll need to be physically stronger than your opponent if you want to beat him. Weight lifting is also great for fat loss. If you want some additional motivation I would recommend blasting some old school Metallica or Megadeth while in the gym. It will get you pumped and from a technical point of view it is a superior form of music. Step 2: Train with a heavy bag. Buy a boxing bag and some gloves, and find a strong, sturdy place to hang it from. If you can't hang it in your house, go outside and use a tree. Then have at it! Beat the hell out of the bag and imagine it is your bully. I would recommend several months of daily training before you can be ready to fight. If you're unsure how to throw a punch, check out some boxing videos online and see how the pros do it. Boxing is one of the best aerobic sports you can do, and burns an INSANE amount of calories. You will be faster, quicker, and more agile than your opponent if you do this. Step 3: Meditate. In order to win a fight you have to have the right mindset. You are preparing for battle. Find the warrior spirit inside of you and bring it out. You are probably feeling fear and trepidation and THAT'S OK. Remember, courage is not the lack of fear, but it is the willpower to stand up and fight in spite of fear. Try to transfer the fear you have into RAGE. All of your fears will go away once you actually fight and WIN. Chances are your opponent will not be mentally prepared as you are, and that will be key to victory. If you do these three things 5 days a week for about 3 months, you are guaranteed to win. You won't regret it either. This will develop character that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
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