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  1. Recently I tweeted to my CO just a friendly message saying "hope all is well have a great weekend!" and he liked my tweet out of the other replies so that made me happy :)
  2. @HopelessRomantic2011 Yes! I just finished watching Prison Break. It's great! And from what I've seen he's really nice to fans and takes pictures with them and interacts with them on social media. Unlike some celebrities. But still you're right about meeting in person. I have no idea what I would say if I met him. I do have social anxiety and never met any celebrity in person before. Actually today was pretty bad. I can't stop thinking about him and checking his social media. My heart keeps racing. I know this sounds crazy and weird but is it normal to think that you too should belong together? Even though I know it would never happen of course. @Audrey822 Thanks for the welcome! And about the images. I mean it is all just acting right ;)
  3. Hello! I have recently developed a bad obsession with an actor. (Robert Knepper) I've seen a ton of youtube videos about him and tried to find out everything I could about him. It's pretty bad because he's 57 and I'm 20. I've even tried searching his family and ex wife on facebook. I found his ex wifes facebook and found out where there son plays hockey. Unfortunately I don't live near there. He's in California and I'm in New Jersey. Even though I wouldn't go! It upsets me because he never comes to the east coast. Even when filming it's always on the west coast. Also I always get jealous when I see him kissing other actresses in shows. :P I just wish I can meet him. I keep replaying videos of him and searching his social media. I don't want to stop but its k illing me knowing I have no connection to meet him. The only way would be a convention next year in San Diego, California, which I would have to fly to. It's only a panel to get autographs but I would rather meet him somewhere else in person. :( I'm thinking about sending him a letter for an autograph so we'll see. A little about me I don't have any friends and never had an actual boyfriend or talk to anyone. I spend my free time watching tv shows and obsessing over them, especially him. It's just getting bad knowing I'll probably never meet him.
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