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  1. You need to seek help! Whatever disorder you are dealing with, whether it is anxiety, OCD, etc..., is not controlled. Your obsession is a symptom of that. I have major depressive disorder that is VERY well controlled at this time and has been for about four years. When I reflect on my life prior to my depression being controlled, I am amazed at how my depression affected not just my mood, but my decision making, my choices, everything!!!! I'm glad you are acknowledging that what you are feeling is not "normal". Pay attention and go get help for whatever is going on!! Best of luck!!
  2. I would encourage you to seek out therapy. Your history of abuse is significant, and, although not an excuse for anything, does play a role in your actions. I agree with TopekaK. Do what you can to use your past in a positive way, but, first and foremost, you have a responsibility to take care of your own mental health. You are still very, very young and will now doubt face different periods of times of difficulty in your life because we all do. How you take care of yourself will be so important to how you handle these different periods, and making sure you are in good mental health will keep you from making any further decisions you will go on to regret. You have so much life ahead of you and so much change to come. Part of your retribution for your past mistakes is to make sure they're not repeated. Believe it or not, 3 years isn't really that long ago. You no doubt still have a lot healing to do. Best of luck to you!!!
  3. Hello! I'm new to this forum and looking for some guidance from people that have experience taking Celexa. To make a very long story kind of short, I have been taking Celexa for about 4 years. It has been an absolute godsend for me mentally. I take 80mg a day, which I know is a very large dose, but I cannot even begin to explain the difference it has made in my clinical depression and my life. I am also experiencing unexplained excessive sleepiness and fatigue. My primary care physician and I have done blood work and testing and ruled out any physical problems that could be the cause. My primary doctor has always believed that it is the Celexa. My psychiatrist, who prescribes it, doesn't really say one way or the other whether she truly thinks it could be. I know that Celexa is known for causing tiredness, sleepiness and fatigue. I have read about this on plenty of message boards. I can't really find anything from anyone who has taken it long term about whether this improves. I would think that if it is a side effect of the Celexa that it would have improved after four years. I didn't attribute the beginning of the fatigue to Celexa, because I was taking so many different things at the time that cause sleepiness and tiredness. All those other meds were stopped about 3 years ago, so they can be ruled out. Most people will even build a physical tolerance to sleep medications after a while if taken every day! Anyone have experience long term with Celexa and fatigue? I'm definitely at the point where it's affecting the quality of my life and causing situational depression, even though I feel my clinical depression is VERY well controlled. I need to address this if it is the Celexa, but I'm absolutely terrified to start, pardon my language, an absolute s***storm. I'm so scared of battling the beast of clinical depression again. ANY guidance or suggestions would be SO appreciated. Thanks!!!
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