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  1. how do I delete my account? how do I delete a picture that got uploaded?
  2. myth


    does anyone know of the Macdonald Triad? it puts our social roles into 3 catagories.
  3. myth

    Low self esteem

    Low self esteem is a form of narcissism. It means you're trying too hard.
  4. myth

    Low self esteem

    OK. Let me explain. Why the hell are you putting yourself through hell? You are NOT that special. Think about it.
  5. Indifference to the world. Has a certain sting.
  6. what's worse, sadness or indifference?
  7. myth

    Low self esteem

    you're the best. the ****ing best. get over yourself though, you're not that important.
  8. I have this problem where I have a difficult time staying aware during the present moment, where I'm not fully conscious at certain times. I don't know where 'I go'. when this happens, my actions are very sloppy, or half-assed. like grabbing things in strange ways, and not in the full or caring way you should. sometimes I'm ok and I'm conscious of what's going on and I'm more concerned of what's going on. it honestly hurts. it feels like a part of my psyche has given up, I don't know how else to explain it.
  9. that vague feeling is my life. complete indifference. it's nice when the feeling to get ******* done comes but that comes and goes.
  10. myth


    stuck in a melancholic state of mind. this is a constant. I want to express it, but I don't want to burden others or be seen as having weaknesses to others, otherwise those are vulnerable aspects of my personality. I don't like 'complaining' at all, completely against the idea of it. what do I do?
  11. I used to think so deeply, the girl I had would shoot out shallow and inquisitive blows that went undetected.
  12. myth

    trapped inside my mind

    there's times where I just stop in the middle of things and say, "What the ****?" what the hell is this.. what am I doing. lol. how strange it is to be anything at all. odd thoughts.
  13. I've always been a deep thinker, contemplative about everything.. would wonder what fundemental things were, like what is thought itself, where do we come from, other deep ideas. I would get lost in it, trapped.. would have a hard time concentrating, thinking my train of thoughts were more important than what was going on outside of my head, as if it's more important. can anyone relate?
  14. myth


    I definitely am. it really is ironic because I'm aware of this, I know it's there, I just lack the expression for it.
  15. myth

    trapped inside my mind

    so people relate.. hmm.. what's the cure for deep thought? I try to have shallow thought but the idea of it cuts me in half.
  16. myth

    balancing spiritual and physical

    I suffer from a lot of inner turmoil. emotions too deep and profound for words. I lack the expression for what I feel inside. it's hard, trying to explain on the physical plane what you feel spiritually. I've tried self harm to help explain what I feel inside. it gives temporary relief, like the inside finally matches the outside. I'm still learning how to express what's going on.
  17. myth

    Feeling it almost everyday

    hey.. we can always talk. I probably won't get tired of hearing about it. feel free to send me a msg or something.
  18. myth

    don't belong on here

    it's ok man.
  19. myth

    Wanting to quit my job

    you have bad social anxiety and you work in a call centre.. that's the worst.
  20. I cut off contact with people sometimes. certain people make me uncomfortable to be around even though I may like them a lot. I just can only handle certain people. especially being suicidal. for me this means it's harder to deal with relationships, you feel like you owe people an explanation or something and words just don't cut it. maybe this is what he is going through. if so I get it. sorry you're going through this. sounds like you like him.
  21. myth

    And That's Okay

    neutral thinking state.. yeah. that's where I am now. nice post.
  22. myth

    Dead man walking

    I think it hurts the people around us.. it's probably traumatizing as well depending on the method used. it's a real sad place to be so depressed you wouldn't care about such things.
  23. this is rough.. sorry that you're going through this.
  24. myth

    Poop out after 2 weeks?

    yeah I had remeron just stop working. it was odd but not that odd. I just moved on. I've been on a lot of different meds, sometimes they lose their edge. sometimes it's just a phase you go through and your brain chemistry changes. hell, I think I get manic sometimes now.. this is new. brain chemistry changes with personality, I think
  25. myth


    this hits right on target.