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  1. High Functioning Depression? I'm usually not depressed, but there are times in the middle of the night where I wake up, and feel like absolute . Its moreso I just don't really enjoy anything, and I don't really get exicted about anything. Then there's "I feel like almost everyone doesn't like me, and they are talking negatively about me." I have tons of self-doubt, and Im so so self critictal about myself. I also have a really bad memory, and can't remember where I put things. The worst part? I'm so irritable to the point of where every little thing bugs me. I But... I'm motivated, and I tend to do a lot(and... if I don't I feel lazy.) Applied to 5 jobs, send in volunteer application, and I work out(5-6x times a week.)
  2. What are the symptoms? Im thinking I could have it, but I don't know...
  3. Hello, I just came here for support, because I'm struggling, don't know if it's depression. So, I'll ask in another forum. Anyways, I'm huge animal lover, especially dogs & cats. I'm an avid photographer, baker, and I love being outdoors(hiking, biking, sometimes running.) so that's me!
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