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  1. I am sorry. Fat-shaming is very common. I notice it as someone who has lost a lot of weight. In high school I weighted 205 (I am a 5 foot 4 girl). I have since gone down to 170, want to lose more to my goal of 150. I notice I get less dirty looks from people and everyone is a lot NICER to me. I don't get fat jokes as much anymore. I am happy about weight loss except for the fact I am the SAME PERSON and it isn't fair I got those dirty looks 35 pounds ago.
  2. 2 months on Wellbutrin, and I've noticed a loss of appetite. I'm new to this pill, maybe if this has been talked about before you could let me know. I actually forget to eat. I've lost weight, (I was glad to lose a little) but a friend told me I looked pale, because of all the times I forget to eat. I get preoccupied, and food seems less appealing. Thoughts?
  3. I'm guessing quite a few of the people here are being addressed. I posted before because of a big huge daydreamy crush/wanting to be friends whatever-it-is with an actor named Matthew (more about the characters he plays than the actor himself who I don't know much about) but I have to say I this doesn't affect me as severely as some of you here write. Now it doesn't bother me too much. I enjoy this little crush, it is kind of fun. It keeps me occupied at work, daydreaming about being some guest character on his show. To Nothingatall- I'm worried about you. In your older posts, it really sounded like death threats against a REAL PERSON and that is NOT GOOD. Sorry.
  4. Hello, I'm calling myself 'Lovely Windy Day' in my username, because the hurricane, Matthew, is in our path, the southeastern USA where I live. I hope that the coast will be safe. Not worried about here, because we are inland and when hurricanes have struck in the past- we only get very high winds, but hurricane is less strong. What is bothering me more- is that the hurricane is named Matthew. And 'Matthew' is the first name of my celebrity crush, an actor. I'll just reveal his name. I'm cool with that. I don't want to marry Matthew, or am jealous of any girlfriend he has. I picture Matthew as an imaginary friend to talk to, which is extremely childish considering I am an 19 year old girl. Am I crazy, to have an imaginary friend (a movie and TV actor) who I pretend to talk to? I have a normal life with normal friends, college class, don't get me wrong. It's just strange I know, because this is something we ought to outgrow once we're 12 or 13. Well, it is good to get this off my chest. I have a crush on this actor Matthew, his name is on the news because of this freaking HURRICANE that is blowing and making it really windy here! I'm going to focus on the positive things, like many of you with 'CO's' have done. There's this old pop song that I just thought of, about it being windy, that makes me feel very happy. I've been listening to this song and watching the wind outside, singing it to myself, and picturing Matthew singing it with me. I hope you guys don't think I'm crazy. Here's the old song I have in my head right now, because it is so windy out and I'm worried about the people affected by the hurricane. It's called 'Windy.' Sing along with me!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPYT9Vyu62A
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