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  1. Hi. I'm a 35 years old guy, who has been obsessed with different celebrities along the past 10 years. And everytime, the same thing happened. I couldn't stop thinking about them, following them on the internet, and getting depressed by knowing that I would never be able to be part of their lives. But the more that happened, the more I started to see the pattern... These actresses were not the love of my life, they were just my current obsession. With time(and therapy), I started to know more about myself, and this lead me to notice WHY I fell in love with these women: I'm atracted to cute girls with innocent faces, pretty smiles, and full of joy. That helped me a LOT, because now I know that when I fall for another actress(like I am falling right now), it's because of these characteristics(and not because she is a perfect, angelic human being, like I thought before). Understanding that I have a type, and that she is not really special(since I know there are other people out there with these characteristics), makes it easier for me to let her go, and get over my crush/obsession. Therapy helped me a lot. Not only with this, but with many other problems(like low self esteem). I still have these problems, but I'm working to overcome them, and little by little, succeeding. Seriously, if you're able to, get professional help. It will change your life!
  2. Yes, it all comes down to low self-esteem in the end. But improving your self-esteem takes time, and if you are obsessed with the life of another(famous) person, it's pretty hard to live your own life and improve yourself. I know that because I am(or was) obsessed with an actress, but I'm slowly getting over it(thank God!). So if you are obsessed with an actor/actress and want to get over it, here is some advice that I hope will help you: He/she is not perfect, they just are presented that way to the public. "Oh, but I watched all his/her interviews and he/she is so honest, hardworking, down-to-earth, and nice" you say. Well, have you ever heard of PR/Image managers? Here is a small text I found on the internet: "Typically, a star’s image manager is supposed to do everything she or he possibly can to ensure that the client appears to be the most honest, hardworking, down-to-earth and decent person in an industry not really famous for these virtues. Duties include deciding which channels or publications the star gives interviews to, telling the star what to say in those interviews, ensuring that the media does not ‘misquote’ the star or come up with a negative story, etc." They even tell their client how to act in public sometimes, as this other small text I found on the internet, about a celebrity, shows you: “By the way, it goes that Vicky has not turned into a wretch – she just stopped smiling in public after her image makers had advised her to do so. Their point was that the smile did not make her face attractive. What do you think about it, should Victoria follow their recommendations?” Hell, there is even a technique to “smile with your eyes” to make their smile look more genuine! And guess what? Every big name actor/actress/singer/celebrity has a PR/Image manager. That's something pretty normal among the 'stars'. "Oh, but he/she is so pretty!" you say. Yes, I'm pretty sure the makeup they use during their movies, interviews and events make them look much more beautiful than they really are. That's the reason makeup was invented, you know. Try finding some(rare) pictures of him/her without any makeup, to see how they really look like. You will be surprised of how many of them look like avarage people. At the end of the day, most of what you see is a constructed image to attract people's attentions. It's not real, and you shouldn't waste yout time admiring this publicity stunt. Remember those things, and try to stay away from everything related to your celebrity crush and everything that reminds you of him/her. Sooner or later, your obsession will be gone.
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