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  1. I also used Sertraline with Bupropion for a while and I did get a noticeable energy boost.
  2. I'll have to give this a look
  3. I've never found any meds that helped with my anhedonia, tbh. I'd be happy to try one, though.
  4. Been rainy the past few days but it's pretty clear and sunny now
  5. When I stopped effexor I had really bad mood swings, but it only lasted a week or two for me, for what it's worth.
  6. I've done nothing because I'm sick, lol
  7. My ex had bipolar and while a lot of the symptoms seem to match up, really only a psychiatrist can make the diagnosis.
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about simulated violence but I generally try to trust people to distinguish reality and fantasy. And if they can't, I'm not sure how we could stop it anyways.
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