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  1. Hello, everyone! I don't know whether the issue I am going to share is something to get anxious upon.But still, being a mother , I can't tolerate my kid being depressed all the time. He is 11yo. And he has got a broken tooth at the front portion of his mouth( after a fall from his cycle a few months before). And for this reason, he is very hesitant in opening his mouth in front of people. He hardly speaks in front of girls. Even if I asked him the reason, without answering me, he just walked away. On understanding his embarrassment, I decided to get it fixed for at least he could talk without hesitation. I fixed an appointment with our dentist at Toronto for a broken tooth restoration procedure. But my husband is facing a financial crisis at the moment and for that reason,he is just ignoring this.. He even added that there is no point to bother about this at this very small age. I don't know how to handle this situation. Those who can give genuine inputs, please help me.
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