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  1. it's not a therapy for me but when im feeling really sad, the moments when depression strikes the hardest, for no reason, i usually write weird thoughts that popped up in my mind, literally everything in my mind... burn that piece of paper and go to sleep. but i would say what you wrote isn't as crazy as you thought.
  2. I can relate somewhat, although i dont hang out much but when i do it's that "little happy me" showing out instead of my really depressed self. After hanging out i feel even sadder. so i avoid doing it altogether
  3. i like chat since the beginning, since i can talk trash there without people telling me to just disappear. and now i'm just lonely :/
  4. i found your situation kind of similar to mine , im 17 and depressed for about 3 years or less, i too like drawing and video games, have no dream or future goal, a brother whom i admire but could never be as good, harsh parents who beat me when i was younger, social anxiety keeps me from blending in with peers,.... maybe i can relate somehow. anyways, welcome to DF
  5. this site is for you, me and all other people from around the world to express their mental health problem, all members (not the troll ones) will have sympathy towards you and will not judge you as long as you don't advocate things like suicide, *******,....etc. So please don't hate us like you do to the people you are talking about because no one is here to hate or judge you, you can freely cry as much as you want if it makes you feel better :)
  6. He didn't beat me out of hatred, he wasn't drunk either so i thought it was normal. My parents don't believe in depression so they would just tell me to get over it if i tell them. I frequent the forum's chat so it's not so bad
  7. My english isn't good, i hope you guys can understand. Ive been feeling sad for no specific reason for about 3 years, i also don't have any interest in anything in life, things seem so boring. I feel like im my parents disappointment because i'm not as academically good as my older brother, whom is everyone's favorite, and im just a insignificant kid who lives in that house. A shut-in with social anxiety like me bullied by my cousins starts all my sadness. Fear is what i mostly have when i was 7 to 12, my dad taught me lessons with sticks and belts or whatever in his reach but i was so afraid i didnt really make out what he said to me because i was screaming in my head. Nowadays they put on their disappointed face whenever they see me pretty much. I have suicidal thoughts nearly everyday now but im such a coward. Why am i so useless and stupid, i almost wish i got abused so i can just put all my rage and sadness into a knife and end my life. I know that there are a lot of people out there who has worse situations than i do, perhaps im too selfish and craving for attention like a little kid? I apologize if so.
  8. Come to the forum's chat section, won't be disappointed
  9. Hi guys, i'm new and my English isn't great, sorry. I don't blend in with people well, because of social anxiety, therefore i don't really have friends. I don't know if it's just me or something else cuz i'm always bored and sad. I have no interest in doin anything. i'm not being avoided or hated or anything, mostly because I avoid people and i have no problem with that. Again i'm just bored and i'm sorry if this has nothing to do with depression.
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