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  1. Hello im new to the df. Im 16 (almost 17) and I started feeling depressed over the last year. I started having this feeling of no motivation to do anything and just generic saddnes. Even though I had this feelings for a year or so i just recently started considering that I am depressed. I think that I really started to feel down a couple of months ago. I have two think that I love doing, drawing and playing video games. Drawing and video games have been my all life, they are what i do 90% of the day. So back to topic a couple of months ago our internet started having problems and it crushed like every minute and i was really frustrated with it. So i told my parents that we need to fix the router and they told me something along the line of "its not that important, you can survive without your stupid games" and thats when I realized that my parents have no interest in anything i do on the computer. My all life is based around my computer and all the great things i have learened from using it and for my parents its just "stupid games". And then i also started thinking about my sketchbooks. I have about 20 sketchbooks and my parents never even taken a peek at them. And its not like I'm hiding them they are just there laying in my room. And don't get me wrong I dont think my parents are bad, hell, I think i am lucky to have them. But I just dont see them care about the things I am passionate about. I also have a lot of other thinga bothering me like not feeling like my friends care about me, not feeling happy generally, feeling like i am making up my feelings ,being angry at my self a lot and having a strong hate for my sister ( I might get in to that in another post ). But my sister is not living with us right now and all the other things dont bother me as much the last couple of days. So. What do i do ? And where do i start ?
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